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Automate Repetitive Moves in Rise of Kingdoms on PC with BlueStacks Macros

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Conquest games like Rise of Kingdoms are known for having relatively simplistic gameplay, but also for requiring tons of patience and consistency in order to develop your towns. In these cases, it’s not a matter of executing complex military maneuvers or making split-second decisions, rather than slowly working towards developing your military might, a task that could take weeks, or even months to complete.

All throughout your career in Rise of Kingdoms, you’ll be slowly constructing buildings, researching new technologies to further push your civilization forward, training new troops, and developing your town, in general. However, all of these tasks take a lot of time, especially in the later levels. It’s not rare for an advanced player to spend more than 24 hours to complete a single high-level project.

Nevertheless, while the said projects are in construction, a good player will never shirk responsibilities such as gathering resources, pillaging other players, and any other tasks, to ensure that they maintain a surplus of building materials at all times. Unfortunately, these tasks are meant to be boring by design, only requiring minimal player input, and sometimes taking a long time to complete.

If only there was a way to skip these menial tasks so you could focus only on the fun parts of the game…

BlueStacks Macros for Rise of Kingdoms

…But wait; there is!

With the addition of the BlueStacks Macros in client version 4.140 or higher, we just added a powerful and versatile new tool that will revolutionize the way you experience Rise of Kingdoms, as well as any other conquest game*.

*Some games do not allow the use of Macros, please check for availability inside the BlueStacks UI.

What are Macros and How Can They Help in Rise of Kingdoms?

In a nutshell, Macros are sequences of commands that you can record using BlueStacks, which you can then bind to a button on your mouse or keyboard, and reproduce them at a later time with 100% precision. For Rise of Kingdoms, this means that the most tedious aspects of managing your town can effectively be recorded into a macro, and automated on subsequent occasions.

BlueStacks Macros for Rise of Kingdoms

Farming, battling, training, researching; with the right mindset, and a bit of creativity, everything can be automated using our BlueStacks Macros. However, keep in mind that this feature is unavailable for certain titles. If you’re playing one of the said titles on BlueStacks, you’ll notice that the Macro button is missing from the right panel. But don’t worry; once you switch to a compatible game, it’ll reappear on your panel, ready for use.

To get you started with Macros for Rise of Kingdoms, we decided to create a list with several examples and suggestions. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find some awesome ways to use the Macros in Rise of Kingdoms with BlueStacks.

What’s more is that we have even shared downloadable Macro files for most of these scenarios. All you have to do is Download the Macro, Import it into your BlueStacks (Make sure the version is 4.140 or higher) and Start Using it! Yes, it is really that simple. Here’s a quick video that tells you how to do this:

Scenario 1: Skip the Intro Tutorial 

Download this Macro here

With this macro, you’ll be able to:

  • Complete the intro tutorial with a single click
  • Useful while playing the game from multiple accounts

In case, you have been wondering what all the civilizations are all about and would like to try them out first hand, we have a very simple solution for you. Just setup multiple game accounts with BlueStacks Multi-instance, create a macro for the entire tutorial and keep running it on as many accounts as you like to breeze through the tutorial with simply one click.

Now, if you like, you could also start recording the macro after the civilization selection stage to allow you to try out different civilizations at once.

Let’s go step by step on how we can create this macro:

  1. Launch the Rise of Kingdoms App and wait for it to load completely.
  2. Once you’re ingame, start recording the macro.
  3. Go through the intro tutorial as you usually would and continue recording everything.
  4. Make sure to have a buffer of a couple of seconds after every crucial step to account for different loading times on slightly different game setups.
  5. Once you are done with the tutorial, stop recording.

Voila! Your “Skip Intro Macro” is ready for use.

Scenario 2: Automating Login and Harvesting Resources

Download this Macro here

With this macro, you’ll be able to:

  • Log into the game automatically upon opening BlueStacks.
  • Automatically harvest all the resources from your production buildings.
  • Get a quick start to your day in Rise of Kingdoms.

BlueStacks Macros for Rise of Kingdoms

One of the pivotal aspects of any conquest game is having enough resources to perform your tasks. At the beginning, this is pretty easily achieved as you’ll be given more than enough resources to start out. However, if you want to keep a surplus of materials in your storehouses, you must diligently increase your production, starting by always harvesting your materials before the production buildings’ storages are full so that they can maintain 100% uptime.

With this particular macro, we can not only automate harvesting resources from all your production buildings as soon as you log into the game, but we can also have BlueStacks log you in automatically once you boot up the client. In other words, all you’ll have to do is run BlueStacks, and our emulator will launch Rise of Kingdoms and harvest your resource buildings as soon as you’re logged in.

Let’s go step by step on how we can create this macro:

  1. On the home screen, start recording your macro, and then click on Rise of Kingdoms to launch the app.
  2. Once you’re ingame, simply harvest all your resource buildings with the recorder running.
  3. After harvesting, stop the recording, give the macro a name, and bind it to a key.
  4. In order to have this macro run as soon as BlueStacks starts, make sure to tick the checkbox that says “Execute macro when the player starts.”

Once recorded and properly configured, BlueStacks will log automatically into Rise of Kingdoms, and harvest all your resources buildings, saving you some time in the process. Keep in mind, however, that this macro is very dependant on your city layout. If you make changes to the layout of your town after creating the macro, you’ll need to recreate it using your current layout.

Scenario 3: Automating the Upgrade of Resource Buildings

With this macro, you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically issue upgrades to any of your production buildings, regardless of your base layout.

BlueStacks Macros for Rise of Kingdoms

At the start of your career in Rise of Kingdoms, you’ll be issuing upgrades left and right to increase the efficiency of your town. Your production buildings, above all others, are a top priority to ensure you generate enough resources to sustain your efforts. In this sense, you’ll be focusing on upgrading these buildings over others when you first start playing this game.

These first few upgrades are very fast, and finish in a matter of seconds, which means you’ll be clicking on the same menus multiple times, a task that can get boring very fast. Luckily, through our BlueStacks macros, you can simply automate these tasks and let our emulator handle them for you.

The effectiveness of these macros are heavily-reliant on your city layout and camera position. In order to ensure the camera is in the same spot every time you run the macro, we’ll need to exit to the world map, and then go back into your city by clicking map/city button twice. After this, we’ll ensure that your camera is in its default position when we run the macro. Alternatively, you could also consider adding these transitions to the macro itself to automate the process

Let’s take a look at how we can achieve this:

  1. Start the recorder and click on the world map/city button twice to reset the camera.
  2. Navigate to your production buildings. If possible try not to move the camera to ensure the macro works properly.
  3. Click on the upgrade button and issue the corresponding upgrade
  4. Once done, stop the recording, give the macro a name, and assign it to a button on your mouse or keyboard.

Every time you want to issue an upgrade, all you’ll have to do is press the corresponding button. Make sure to properly name your macros so that you can always tell at a glance which building each macro is supposed to upgrade. Trust us; once you have 3 or 4 of these macros, things can get a bit confusing if you don’t practice proper labeling.

Scenario 4: Attacking Barbarians on the World Map

Download this Macro here

With this macro, you’ll be able to:

  • Exit to the world map and scout for a suitable barbarian group to attack.
  • Once the target is identified, the macro will automatically send your troops to attack.

Simply import this script into BlueStacks and start using.

BlueStacks Macros for Rise of Kingdoms

Another important aspect of Rise of Kingdoms is dealing with the encroaching Barbarian threat on the world map, which is something you’ll constantly be doing during your adventures. To deal with these dastardly foes, you must first find them on the map, and then order your troops to march. Fortunately, this is another task that can be easily automated using a well-placed macro. Let’s dive in and see how we can achieve this.

  1. On your main city screen, start recording and click on the world map icon.
  2. Once on the world map, open the “search” function and search for the nearest Barbarians appropriate for your level.
  3. With the target located, order your troops to attack the wandering barbarians
  4. Once your troops are marching, stop the recording, give your macro a name, and bind it to any button on your keyboard or mouse.

In Rise of Kingdoms, you’ll have to constantly perform trivial tasks to ensure the longevity of your town. However, the fact that these tasks are monotonous and boring doesn’t make them less important. With our macros, however, you can leave these chores to BlueStacks while you go ahead and focus on more pressing matters.

Scenario 5: Gathering Resources From the World Map

Download this Macro here

With this macro, you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically exit to the world map and search for the nearest gathering point.
  • Assign a platoon to gather resources from the said location.
  • Once done, the macro will automatically return you to your city.

Simply import this script into BlueStacks and start using.

BlueStacks Macros for Rise of Kingdoms

We already mentioned how producing enough resources to fund your tasks in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the most important aspects of the game, which is why you’ll always want to grab as many resources as you can find. One of such methods to score some extra materials is by gathering them on the world map. However, just like with attacking barbarians, this is yet another task that can be automated with a macro. Let’s explore the how-to behind this awesome process:

  1. Go to your city screen and start recording.
  2. With the recording running, exit to the world map.
  3. Using the search function, find the nearest gathering spot for your desired resource.
  4. Once located, click on the gathering point and send out a platoon of troops to gather from that point on the map.
  5. With your troops on the way, click on the city button to return to your base, and then stop the recording. Remember to give your macro a name and a key assignment.

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are 5 types of resources that you can gather from the world map. We strongly suggest creating a macro for each resource type so you can automate gathering that specific type of material with the press of a button.

Scenario 6: Claiming Your Three Daily Silver Chests

With this macro, you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically access the tavern and claim your daily chests.
  • Exit to the city screen to continue playing as usual.

BlueStacks Macros for Rise of Kingdoms

Every 24 hours, you’ll have access to three silver chests that can contain many different items, including champions. However, you’ll need to wait 5 minutes between claiming each chest. This task is more of an added bonus as you could easily finish it manually with just a few clicks. However, if you’re feeling lazy, you could simply let BlueStacks do it for you with a macro:

  1. With the recorder running, click on the world map/city button twice to recenter your camera.
  2. With the camera now in its default position, click on the tavern building, and then on the “recruit” button.
  3. Once inside the tavern, click on the button below the silver chest to open it.
  4. After receiving your rewards, click on “confirm” and exit the tavern.
  5. Stop the recording, give your macro a name and a key.

While not strictly necessary, automating the method for claiming your free chests is a great way to use our BlueStacks Macros.

These are just five macros that, while very simple, can significantly improve your experience with Rise of Kingdoms. Your creativity is the limit when coming up with innovative ways to use this feature. If you have any cool macros to share, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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