Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero is an vertical side-scroller Idle RPG that see’s you role-playing the magical witch Ariel as you take up the request to save the continent of Flotia from the clutches of evil. Imbibe your environment with magic, and set forth on the righteous path you have chosen in this magical fantasy RPG. Enjoy luxurious rewards as part of the pre-registration campaign that is currently active for all new players joining the game. Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.      

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero Beginners Guide – Master the Elements of Nature

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero follows the path of an Idle RPG, which means the content gets progressively harder as you play the game due to the limitations of constant influx of resources being imposed on players. This is akin to any live-service game, and not specific to this title. Players can spend their time to learn the gameplay systems and core mechanics in the meantime as they wait for more resources to regenerate. This will help them get an edge over their competitors, although Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero is a purely PvE-oriented game so players can take their own sweet time. In this beginner’s guide for Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero, we will be going through such core game systems and explaining them in detail for new players and veterans alike, in layman language. 

Understanding the Gameplay Mechanics

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero is an Idle RPG, where players have little to no control over their character’s movements. The main protagonist, Ariel, is the only playable character until you unlock Spirits to accompany you in battles, but that will take quite some time as Spirits unlock after clearing main chapter 9-1. The gameplay is conducted in a pure automated side-scrolling fashion, where players can only observe what is happening on the screen and not being able to do anything to control the tide of the game. Players can help in easing out the process by making the right preparations for the battle, by using different methods. 

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero Beginners Guide – Master the Elements of Nature

One of the most important methods to prepare before any engaging battle is to activate the combat buffs. These buffs can amplify your strength, defense, and damage dealing capabilities for a fixed duration of time. Players can find the buffs at the top left-hand side of the main screen, right under their nickname. The buffs require a certain amount of Rubies to activate but they are definitely worth the expense as they can help you climb a ton of stages. Further, these buffs can be extended for a fixed duration of time by spending more Rubies. Make sure to activate them before starting your adventures. 

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero Beginners Guide – Master the Elements of Nature

One more thing to note is that players have full control over what Spells they want Ariel to hold during the battles. Depending on the nature of enemies, players can choose the most favourable spell to counter the enemies. This is also very helpful in boss battles, and dungeon battles where you need a good mix of both AOE-targeted and single-targeted Spells.

Understanding the Summoning System

In Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero, the summoning system is quite different from the rest, as you do not pull for new heroes/characters but for Orbs, Costumes, and Magic Spells. Yes, the game is not your standard run-of-the-mill gacha game as it also does not have a pity system. Players can make use of their collected Rubies to summon. Take a look at the official rules for the summoning system:

  • When summoned 11 times, a bonus summon is added equal to the number of summon levels.
  • If you acquire a magic that has already reached or can reach MAX, it will be replaced with another magic.
  • Only magic that can be infinitely strengthened appears in Bonus Summon.

Magic Circle, Flame Shard, Hellfire, Angel Ray, Thunderstorm,

  • Increase Magic, Increase Health, Detect Weakness, Destroy Weakness
  • In Bonus Summon, the reward increases from 2x to 10x with a certain probability.
  • Gold and Spirit Stone acquisition increases by magic summon level X5%, and an Add. 50% when reaching level 10. (100% increase with magic summon level 10)

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero Beginners Guide – Master the Elements of Nature

Keep in mind that summoning for equipment such as Orbs and Costumes gets to be extremely inefficient after you reach higher stages in the gear dungeon as you cannot obtain Orbs and Summons above Level 15 from the summoning system. 

Daily and Weekly Missions

Let’s take a look at all the daily missions along with the rewards associated with them:

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero Beginners Guide – Master the Elements of Nature

  • Defeat 100 monsters
  • Clear the Stage 10 times
  • Help the character grow 1 time
  • Clear any Dungeon 1 time
  • Challenge the Warped Dimension 1 time
  • Challenge the World Boss 1 time
  • Complete 5 Daily Quests

Understanding the Different Currencies

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero has a ton of different currencies that are crucial to collect if you’re looking to progress efficiently in the game. Having a thorough knowledge of what each of them does will also help you make smarter decisions, aiding to your progression. Here are all of those resources along with notes on where to find them and where to use them:

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero Beginners Guide – Master the Elements of Nature

  • Ability Point – Ability Points are one of the most important currencies to acquire in large quantities. It is primarily used to increase the level of your main character. Players can get more Ability Points through Idle rewards, in-game events, quests, main story chapter clears, playtime rewards, and more areas. 
  • Rubies – Rubies is the premium currency of Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero. They are quite scarce when it comes to acquisition, especially after you move out of the early game stage and the first-time quest rewards disappear. Rubies are primarily obtained from events, pre-registration rewards, daily quests, normal quests, and first-time clearance of main quests. Rubies are used for multiple reasons – summoning Orbs, Costumes, Magic Spells, and purchasing from the Mystical shop.

We recommend playing Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero on a PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse for a 60 FPS Full HD lag-free experience on a bigger screen.