The primary objective in MapleStory M is to make your character as strong as possible in order to sufficiently combat the Black Mage as well as his Black Wings. 

In this guide, we will talk about the different ways of making your character stronger.

Levelling Up

The most basic way to upgrade your characters is through levelling them up. This is simply because levelling up increments your character’s basic stats such PHY ATK (physical attack), PHY DEF (physical defense), MAG ATK (magical attack), and MAG DEF (magical defense). Levelling up also rewards you with skills points which you can then use to upgrade your character’s skills. 

Upgrading Your Character in MapleStory M

In order to level up, you must earn EXP. You chiefly earn this by completing the game’s quests. Doing this will reward you with plenty of EXP, as well as other rewards such as Red Mesos, the game’s main currency.

Upgrading Your Character in MapleStory M

Quests aside, EXP can be earned by killing enemies. Enemies infinitely respawn in the game so this entails a perfect opportunity for farming EXP and Red Mesos too. With BlueStack’s scripting tool, you can create a script that is designed to make your character attack enemies without the need of pressing any buttons. In this guide (Scripts, Presets, and More – Tips and Tricks for MapleStory M), you can take a look at a sample farming script which you can modify to meet your farming needs. 

Upgrading Skills

In the beginner’s guide, we have discussed how skills can be quite powerful and important when it comes to fighting enemies with ease. 

Upgrading Your Character in MapleStory M

You can makes skills more effective by levelling them up with skill points. This will increment the stats of the skill, allowing them to deal more damage to enemies for instance. Some skills will also last longer before wearing out when they are upgraded. Do note that most skills have level caps.

Upgrading Your Character in MapleStory M

Another important thing to note is that skill sets are separated into different level ranges. This means that you gain access to certain skills depending on your character’s level. For example, you are only limited to several skills while your character has not reached Level 30 (this is the Level 1-30 range). Once your character does reach Level 30 (the Level 30-60 range), they then get access to more skills to their arsenal. 

Upgrading Your Character in MapleStory M

What is cool is that you can assign skills from different level ranges to the four skill slots that you have. Hypothetically speaking, you can have an Active skill from the Level 1-30 range and also another Active skill from the Level 30-60 range. Keep in mind that just because a skill belongs to a lower level range, it does not mean that that said skill is already immediately inferior.

Each level range has their own skill points. This means that the skill points that you earn while your character is Level 1-30 can only be used to upgrade skills from the Level 1-30 range. Every skill point that you earn past Level 30 can now only be used for skills from the Level 30-60 range. 

As a general rule of thumb, only upgrade the skills that you utilize the most so that your hard-earned skill points won’t be put to waste. 

Forging Armor and Equipment

The Forge is where gear receives its preliminary upgrades. You can access this in the game’s menu. The Forge has a myriad of options to upgrade gear but for this guide, we will only focus on four of the most important ones. 

Upgrading Your Character in MapleStory M

  1. Levelling Up Equipment

  • Your gear receives it preliminary upgrades by levelling up. Polish is used as material for increasing a gear’s level and this is earned by completing quests. 
  • Mysterious Weapon Refining Powder is used for weapons while Mysterious Armor Refining Powder is used for wearable gear. Refining powder comes in various rarities. The rarer the powder, the greater the points given to the weapon. Using rarer polish essentially means that you will be able to level up gear faster but not for long because rare polish is – well, rare.

Upgrading Your Character in MapleStory M

  • Red Mesos are spend whenever you level up gear. You may notice that there are Red Mesos and regular yellow ones. These two are very similar to each other with the sole difference being that the yellow Mesos are used for Trade Stations and the in-game Shop. The game will always spend Red Mesos first so you don’t have to worry that much about the amount of yellow Mesos you have.

Upgrading Your Character in MapleStory M

  1. Rank Up

  • When your gear reaches its max level, the only way to keep increasing its level is to rank it up. Each of your character’s gear has its own initial rank.
  • Rank Up Stones are used for this process and you can purchase these through from the in-game Shop. Moreover, plenty of Mesos is also required so it is best to rank up a weapon that you truly like in order to make the purchase worth the resources. 

Upgrading Your Character in MapleStory M

  1. Enhancement

  • You can enhance your gear with a Star Enhancement Level to further toughen them. 
  • The enhancement process is not as straightforward as levelling up and ranking up. Instead, it works more like a lottery.
  • After spending Mesos to begin enhancement, you only have a chance of getting an upgrade. At first, your chances will be extremely high – in fact, your first enhancement will have a 100% chance of success – but this will lessen and lessen as you keep enhancing (it will also become more expensive too). 
  • The game will give you estimations of the state of the weapon after the enhancement. It could be stronger, degraded, destroyed, or maintained.
  1. Fuse
  • Fusing is an alternative to consuming Rank Up Stones. Here, you must use the same two max-levelled items in order to fuse them together into one stronger item.