When you start playing MARVEL Future Fight, it won’t take long before you notice just how large your number of options really is!! It also won’t take long to notice there’s a good chance your team could be better. So the main question quickly becomes, “what’s the best team”?

The downside is that there is NO such thing in Marvel Future Fight. The upside happens to be the same thing!! The thing is that the game updates to include new characters. Once that happens, any given new character could provide a whole new set of skills that can tear apart other teams and aspects of the game. It also means that whole new setups can be created to counter the newer characters too from previously available characters. Don’t forget how the type table works!!

So now the question quickly becomes, “what’s the better bet when there is no best team”? This is where having multiple teams and team building comes in. So now it’s all a matter of building those teams. Just remember that gaining characters is your concern. Some characters can be a lot harder to gain and upgrade compared to others.

Marvel Future Fight Agent 13 Biometrics

It seems like Agent 13 shouldn’t be a problem to get. For the most part, it’s not that big of a problem at first. Trying to get her to 6 stars takes a lot of biometrics. It’s no different than many other characters. Now let’s make it worse!!

Marvel Future Fight Sharon Rogers Biometrics

Yes, Sharon Rogers has biometrics in the Store. But some of that buying is based on getting random biometrics. So the short version is; good luck getting character biometrics for those based on random biometric gains!! Now let’s add to the problem!! Certain biometrics are very difficult to get. They are worth it but it won’t be easy. The point being, when you start playing Marvel Future Fight, you will need to choose carefully who you start with. This is all part and parcel of building your teams.

So what are the recommendations for starting a team?

When you first start playing, you’ll be given some characters. Aim for characters who can handle being in a crowd due to the AoE of their skills and/or the piercing effect of their basic attack. An excellent choice happens to be Hela. Her basic attack pierces with a decent amount of distance, she has summons (again, note the “s”), pretty nice AoE in her skills, and her leader skill boosts energy attacks.

Marvel Future Fight Hela Leader skill

The above screen shot shows Hela’s leader skill at level 6. It will increase in levels along with a character’s mastery. All leader skills apply to all members in the current team. Make note of this when making your teams and deciding who the leader will be.

As we all know, the game keeps on adding new heroes from time to time, check out the updated list of Heroes in MARVEL Future Fight for 2019 here.

What should you base your teams on when building them?

There are multiple things to consider when building a team.

Basic attack types and the leader skill

The 2 types are physical and energy. Mixing the types could work but it really depends on who the leader is in that team. Some leader skills will increase HP for all team members. Others would increase defenses. And as showing above with Hela’s leader skill, some will increase physical and/or energy attacks.

Marvel Future Fight Captain America Stats

When you check Captain America’s stats (or anyone’s stats) you’d see their basic attack type. That’s how you find out which basic attack type a character is. But in most cases, it’s pretty easy to guess!!

Star Count

The number of stars each character has determines another team bonus. So if you have 2 out of 3 characters with the same star count, you’ll get another bonus. The more stars each character has that matches the other 2, the bigger the bonus will be.

Heroes vs. villains vs. personal favorites

Any fan of Marvel characters might start thinking they should have a team of entirely heroes or villains. You need teams with both. You will end up using teams of both anyway. You can base a leader on your favorite Marvel character but beyond that, you have to get very picky depending on who it is.

Team Bonuses

As much as possible, you’d want as many team bonuses as possible. The only way is to find out which characters work with each other the most is to click the Team Bonus button found in the upper right of the My Team screen.

Marvel Future Fight Team Bonuses Hela

At first it will show you the currently activated team bonuses (if any). The middle tab shows the team bonuses for each character even if you don’t have the character. The All tab just overwhelms you!! The best bet is to click the leader of your team and start there. In this case, it’s Hela. Scroll down the list of characters that work with her to provide bonuses. You should aim for the leader and only 1 other character in the team bonus set. Then base things on what characters you have or can get and upgrade fairly easily.

Based on the above screen shot, Thor, Loki, and Angela are available to make a team with Hela as the leader. So why not use a full team that simply offers 3 bonuses directly? This is where the “mix n match” shows up!! The trick to it is the second character. Click on it and see what else can be matched in a team with the leader AND the second character to gain more bonuses.

So what works well together?

Take the example team in the screen shot below.

Marvel Future Fight Thor Green Goblin

Of course, the first question would be “why”?!! If you look at the team bonuses on the right, the list is awfully short!! As it turns out, Hela and Thor provide some bonuses. Green Goblin isn’t fully built yet but if he was, there’d be a better star count bonus. And do note that with Auto Play+, Green Goblin can really whoop the skirts off opponents in the arena!! He just has to be built up properly like any character would. The main upside here is that all 3 characters have an energy based basic attack. Hela’s leader skill will provide an energy attack boost.

Marvel Future Fight Hela Thor Angela

The above screen shot shows a much better team with Hela as the leader teamed with Thor and Angela. In this case, the 6star bonus is there and another bonus is there because Hela matches with Thor and Angela separately. But there is a problem. Angela has a physical based basic attack. She won’t get Hela’s leader skill damage boost. So now Angela has to rely entirely on her upgrades, her items, and their upgrades.

Marvel Future Fight HTA Team Bonuses

Even though the bonus list looks pretty nice and it is, with Angela on the team, she’s going to have a harder time.

MFF Hela Thor Loki

So when checking Thor’s team bonus list (second character in the team), you’d notice he can team with Hela and Loki both. Now you see a fourth bonus included on the right. Now we have a team with all energy based attackers and each character can provide a bonus by being on a team with the other 2 characters.

Marvel Future Fight HTL Team Bonuses

Now that’s a much better set of team bonuses!! Of course the star count bonuses will increase when all characters on the team are 6 stars each. In this case, it’s Loki who isn’t at 6 stars yet!! But you can see that Hela teams with Thor and Loki separately and Thor and Loki also team. That’s the aim when building teams.

Marvel Future Fight Dr Strange Santana Hellstorm

Again, a nice set of bonuses but the team still needs to be fully built!!

Marvel Future Fight Dr Santana Team Bonuses

There’d be 9 bonuses in total if all 3 characters were 6 stars each.

Great but how about when the team members are physical attackers or you have a different leader skill?

Of course, we don’t want to be one way about these things!! It’s the same idea as above. The leader skill is only the basics of it. A physical attack boost leader skill can be used no different than an energy based booster. Here are some examples with other leader skills.

Marvel Future Fight Cap America Thor Rogue

Here we have Captain America as the leader and teamed with Thor and Rogue. The same ideas were used to build this team as the teams above.

Marvel Future Fight Cap Am Thor Rogue Team Bonuses

Captain America teams with both for a triple bonus. Then Captain America teams with the other 2 separately as well. So if all 3 characters were 6 stars, it would be 10 bonuses in total. Then Captain America has a HP boost leader skill. So a team like this, even though the attack types are mixed, can work well. In this case, Captain America and Rogue have an advantage over Thor due to the double physical attack boost (physical and All Damage boosts). So what can be done to fix that?


One method would be to swap Thor with Wolverine.


It’s only 9 bonuses in total but the team would have all physical attackers. You end up with different bonuses which results in a double skill cool down effect. The other bonus is with Captain America’s leader skill (HP boost) which works very well with Wolverine’s 4star passive skill (percentage based HP regen).

But for something a little different towards leader skills, try Sharon Rogers as the leader teamed with Captain America and Agent 13.


Again, they all team with each other but only 2 are physical type attackers.

 MFF Agent 13 Cap A Team Bonuses

It’ll come out to 10 team bonuses when all team members are 6 stars each.

 MFF Sharon Rogers Agent 13

But instead of Captain America’s HP boost leader skill, Sharon Rogers’ leader skill offers a 25% chance for any team member in use to gain damage absorbing shield. The bonuses of this setup give you a double-dodge boost instead of a double skills cool down boost. If you wanted a higher cooldown instead of dodge, you can swap Sharon Rogers with Agent 13 for her leader skill. The damage boost applies to all team members as “All Attacks”. So even though Sharon Rogers is an energy-based attacker, she will still get the bonus.

As mentioned, there is no best team in Marvel Future Fight. Netmarble got the job done right. This was mentioned as both the bad and the good news. The reason that this is the good news is that there are so many options for team builds that it’s ridiculous!! But it also ensures that you do have opportunities to counter what appears to be the best team. Anyone can claim all century long that their team is the best setup. That would be until they run right into a counter for it that wipes them out and makes it look easy!!