Marvel Future Fight is an Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) from Netmarble. In order to play, you first have to assemble multiple teams of characters the game offers. Each team can be set up for different purposes depending on who you place into your “main” team. From there, you play through the various parts of the game with your “main” team handling most of it. Naturally, you have to upgrade various aspects of your teams and their members. And yes, there’re a good number of things to upgrade. So, how do you get through all this with as little difficulty as possible? This guide will show you various tips and tricks to help you with exactly that.

First and foremost is the downloading

Once you have Marvel Future Fight installed and running, you’ll have an initial download for the game’s updates/patches. This is typical for most mobile games. But throughout your gameplay, you’ll notice the game downloads extra content every so often. To skip out on that, and try your best to do this using a Wi-Fi connection, download all the content.

Marvel Future Fight Download 1

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the main game screen or click the basic account info in the upper left corner of the same screen. Either way will bring you here as showing in the above screen shot. Click the Option tab and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see the Download button to click on as showing above.

Marvel Future Fight Download 2

Once you do, you’ll see the message pop up as showing above. Click the Ok button and let it complete the download. Once it’s done, the only other downloads you’ll have to do are for any and all future updates.

The Bluestacks Key Mapper

As you could see from the screenshots above, this is being played using Bluestacks. One of the advantages is that you have a key mapping setup. This allows you to place a virtual screen tap anywhere on the game screen and assign a keyboard key to it. So any time you press that key, that’s where the tap will take place. The fun part is that it’s a set once and use as much as you like a deal even if you switch back and forth between window and full-screen mode.

Marvel Future Fight Key Map

As showing in the screenshot above, there’s a default keymap already setup for Marvel Future Fight in Bluestacks. You can keep it and use it as is, change it all you like, or remove it entirely!! It’s entirely your choice because it’s a fully customizable key mapper.

So which characters make for the best team?

There’s the problem. There is no such thing as the best team in this game. Sure, some can get awfully close to seeing that as reality. That would be until their team gets defeated!! The good news is that there are some characters that can really work wonders, especially for those just starting out. When you’re first starting out, you’ll get rewards to get characters. Do note that you should NOT stick with just heroes or villains. You will end up with teams that have both.

Marvel Future Fight Main Team

Even though the team showing in the above screenshot isn’t fully leveled yet, it works surprisingly well in multiple parts of the game. Then you can also see Agent 13 and Angela in the characters list at the bottom. If Angela was placed into this team, there’d be another bonus showing on the right for having a full 6-star team and all of them being universal type. If Agent 13 was placed into this team, there’d be no universal team bonus.

To further the point of “who you place on your teams is important”, click the Team Bonus button on the right.

Marvel Future Fight Team Bonus

According to the main team, Thor and Hela are included. Hela is the leader so the team will use her bonuses. Click the Team Bonus per Character tab and in this case, scroll down and click on Hela.

Marvel Future Fight Team Bonus 2

Showing in the screenshot above is what you get when you team specific characters together. So a team of Hela, Thor, and Angela offer up four bonuses in total. But with a team of Hela, Thor, and Odin, there’re only 3 bonuses. Do note that you’ll have to switch characters from time to time to be able to play in the Epic Quests.


The cards you gain from the Dimensional Rift are also very important for building your teams. Even though you might have the same card, you have to check the differences because of the star count and level of the cards.

Marvel Future Fight Cards

The screenshot above shows a 2 star, level 2 card. Take a look at the bonuses for it on the right.

Marvel Future Fight Cards 2

Now here’s the same card at level 6. Check the bonuses on the right again. When it comes to cards, upgrade them as far as you can before you equip them. It’s not so cheap to remove them!! By the same token, anything that you can remove from a character won’t be done so cheaply.

An Alliance

You can join one which is the recommendation for those that really are just starting out. If you’ve been playing for a while and have built up enough gold to cover things, you can always try to make one. In any case, get into an Alliance as soon as you can.

The Lab

The main trick to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab is to upgrade the anti-matter generator first and foremost. You can upgrade the other parts later. The idea is that you want the generator to produce as much as possible for use.


It’s a good idea to fill up your friends list with as many higher-level players as possible. Be sure to send them points each day.

Marvel Future Fight Friends

As showing in the above screenshot, you can also include your Facebook friends for extra crystal bonuses (FB is optional stuff). But even with the In-Game Friends section, it’s not difficult at all to fill up your friends list. The characters your friends have can be used at various points in Marvel Future Fight.


It won’t take long to find out you can run out of energy very quickly!! This holds especially true for those that use the Clear feature throughout the game. Just remember that you get a free energy refill once per day from the Store. However, you can’t use it if you have full energy or more than full energy. You can still buy energy from the Alliance Store and the Store using other resources if you’re at full energy.

Marvel Future Fight Energy

If the free energy refill is not available, you can buy it for crystals but that’s not recommended. Use your friend points instead and/or buy energy from the Alliance store.


Always check the Challenges section to see what you have to do to gain the available rewards.

Marvel Future Fight Daily Quests

You can gain energy, crystals, and etc. as rewards for making sure you complete the Daily Challenges. Don’t forget to collect the rewards on the left when you can. Also be sure to check the Daily Trivia tab and play it. It’s really not difficult at all and it’s very beneficial to you.

Daily Missions

When you’re first starting out, make sure you complete the daily missions on whichever highest level you can.

Marvel Future Fight Daily Mission

The recommendation for most players is to go after the Gold and EXP Chips. If you needed other materials for whatever reason, you can always play in those sections for the day. However, you only have 2 chances to play in the Daily Missions each day.

The Game Modes

This is where you’ll be spending as much time playing as you should building your teams!!

Marvel Future Fight Mode

The Story mode is pretty much the most important part of the game. You have to get as far as you can as quickly as you can. This is to unlock other parts of the game. Note the difference between Auto Repeat and Clear. With Auto Repeat, your selected team will repeatedly play the same map over and over. The Clear feature is a “sweep” function with instant results/rewards. You won’t get character EXP for using the Clear feature. Both setups will use Clear Tickets.

The Special Missions are for various rewards used to build up characters.

The Challenge section has the Villain Siege which is part of the Daily Challenges.

The Arena

Here’s where all your PvP and Alliance battle content is located.

Marvel Future Fight Arena

The Timeline Battle is the main PvP content of Marvel Future Fight. As you’ll find out, if you already didn’t, it won’t take long before you encounter what appears to be a stronger team than yours. There will be many occasions where your team can still win. Again, the importance of who to place on your team!! It’s only a matter of you seeing it with your own eyes when a “lower level” team wipes out your team with just their first character. And yes, you’d be very surprised how often this can happen!!

Marvel Future Fight Alliance Battle

Also in the Arena section is the Alliance Battle. This can be some fun!! It’s a single team survival mode against many mobs. The importance of who to place on your teams also includes those with AoE effects. Of course, those characters have to be available for you to use well too!! You won’t last long at all if you place level 1 or level 3 characters onto a team for this game mode!! The sad part to the Alliance Battle is that you only have 1 chance at it per day. If you’ve used your characters for other Alliance-related parts of the game, they won’t be available until the next day for Alliance Battle.

The Co-Op

The Co-Op part of Marvel Future Fight can be some fun too. It’s a “test your damage” mode against other players. All 3 players involved in these battles will be against a boss of one type or another. Whoever scores the highest amount of damage will gain the highest rewards.

Hope you enjoyed reading this guide and find the tips and tricks mentioned here helpful.