As we’ve mentioned on multiple instances in the past, creating powerful decks in MARVEL SNAP is often the key to victory in this awesome new CCG. However, while putting together strong meta decks is important, actually collecting the exact set of 12 cards that these builds require can be exceedingly important. Moreover, considering that meta decks often revolve around one or two specific cards, there’s a lot of wiggle room to improvise if you have an incomplete set.

The Best Cards in MARVEL SNAP (Updated November 2022)

While knowing about the meta decks is important, we can’t understate the importance of the individual cards in MARVEL SNAP. By knowing which cards are good, and which are sub-par, you can have more tools to improvise whenever you can’t complete a meta deck. In some cases, you can even use this knowledge to create your own new metas. 

With that being said, in this guide, we want to talk about what we think are the best cards in MARVEL SNAP, so that you can consider them if you’re putting together a new deck or build. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking for a quick list of recommended builds, make sure to read our top 7 meta decks in MARVEL SNAP, or our more recent top 5 meta decks for MARVEL SNAP, the latter of which has been updated for November 2022.

1. Nightcrawler

Special Feature: Can be moved once after the card has been initially placed.

The Best Cards in MARVEL SNAP (Updated November 2022)

This one is a great card that everyone should keep in mind, mostly due to its versatility. After all, while Nightcrawler is fairly weak on his own, sporting only 2 power, he has a very low energy cost, with players being able to deploy him on turn 1, if they choose to. The best part about this card, however, is that you can move him once after initially placing him, which gives you some leeway to dominate other locations whenever the enemy grows complacent and puts all his cards into other locations. This skill can also be used in locations such as the Sanctum Sanctorum, which are permanently closed and prevent players from placing cards within through normal means.

One additional perk from using Nightcrawler is that you can also use him to sneakily activate the special effects of other cards, such as the ones that require a certain number of cards in a specific location. As such, if you wait until the last second, you can actually surprise your opponent by moving Nightcrawler and activating a special effect, stealing the win from their grasp.

2. The Infinaut

Special Feature: The strongest card in the game in raw power.

The Best Cards in MARVEL SNAP (Updated November 2022)

The Infinaut is a fairly straightforward card with a very simple use: He has the strongest power in the entire game, clocking in at a whopping 20 power for 6 energy cost. This power and energy cost means that Infinaut is usually reserved for turn 6. However, his largest drawback is that, in order to deploy him, you must have not used ANY cards in the previous turn. This severely limits his usefulness in most builds, but goes exceedingly well with Sunspot, a 1-cost card that receives +1 power for every unspent energy point in each turn. 

With the Sunspot x Infinaut combo, you can offset the fact that you won’t be able to place any cards on turn 5, which will transform into a nice +5 power boost for the former. In particular, if you use Sunspot fairly early in the match, you can really rack up his energy boosts through the match in order to boost your control of a location, and finish the enemy off by unleashing Infinaut at turn 6 to conquer a second location and win the match.

3. Angela

Special Feature: Gains +2 power whenever another card is placed at her same location.

The Best Cards in MARVEL SNAP (Updated November 2022)

Angela is a mainstay in most meta decks in MARVEL SNAP, and with good reason. Like Sunspot, Angela is a unit that receives increasing power boosts as the match goes on, but with an arguably better approach. Instead of having to cut on deployment and use unspent energy to power her up, Angela simply gains +2 power whenever you deploy any card in her same location. And with a low-cost deck setup, she can gain an easy +6 power throughout the match, for a total of 7 power at a 2 energy cost.

Angela is especially useful in aggro decks, or low-energy decks, as she can attain her full potential when used alongside other units in the same location. And while her potential isn’t as high as Sunspot’s, she’s much better for aggressive decks.

4. Green Goblin

Special Feature: Has negative power and will be placed on the enemy’s team when revealed.

The Best Cards in MARVEL SNAP (Updated November 2022)

If you’ve ever played another card game called Gwent, Green Goblin would be the MARVEL SNAP equivalent of one of the Spy cards in the former, acting as a card that is automatically placed on the opponent’s side. However, while in Gwent you have to offset the extra power that Spy cards offer to the opponent, Green Goblin is much more effective as his power is negative, which essentially diminishes the opponent’s hold on a location. And not only that, but since Green Goblin will physically move to the enemy’s side, he essentially takes up a space that otherwise would be dedicated to another card, which can interrupt certain combos and setups.

Green Goblin indirectly gives the user an automatic +3 power, unless the enemy can somehow nullify his negative power once you place him on the board. Regardless, the fact remains that this card can throw a wrench into lots of strategies, which makes it into an awesome one to have in most decks.

5. Patriot

Special Features: Gives +2 power to any card that has no effect. This effect is ongoing.

The Best Cards in MARVEL SNAP (Updated November 2022)

Patriot is a pretty good card for straightforward offensive decks that don’t want to rely on any gimmicks or complex setups in order to take the win. This is because his effect, as mentioned above, gives +2 power to any other card that doesn’t have a special effect, allowing the user to overwhelm the enemy with relatively simple cards. For this reason, this card is the centerpiece for a specific meta deck simply dubbed “Patriot”, which we’ve covered in another guide.

However, even though his special skill shines brightly in decks that have cards with no effects, he can be paired with a few notable units here and there, in order to amplify his offering. For example, if you deploy Mystique right after using Patriot, you can essentially copy the latter’s special effect, doubling the power increase to cards that have no effects.

6. Deadpool and Death

Special Features: Deadpool is always returned to your hand when destroyed, with his current power doubled. Meanwhile, Death has -1 energy cost for every card destroyed in the game.

The Best Cards in MARVEL SNAP (Updated November 2022)

The Best Cards in MARVEL SNAP (Updated November 2022)

This last entry is a double whammy just because they go very well together. 

In the case of Deadpool, this is a quirky card that requires adequate setup in order to use correctly, mainly because you need to actually destroy him as many times as possible in order to boost his power. And while Deadpool starts out with a meager 1 power, every time he is destroyed, he comes back with double his current power. In other words, if you destroy him three times, he will come back with a total of 8 power, but with the same energy cost of 1.

Deadpool combos nicely with Death since, while very powerful, the latter can’t be used through regular means, since she has an energy cost of 9. However, for every card that is destroyed in the current match, this cost is reduced by 1, which is why she goes so well with Deadpool. 

Suffice to say, when using these two in tandem, they need to be in a deck with plenty of cards with destruction effects, including ones who can specifically target and destroy Deadpool as much as possible. Some of these cards include Killmonger, Venom, Deahtlok, and Carnage, to name a few.

And that’s it for our list of best cards in MARVEL SNAP. Of course, these are only just 7 out of hundreds upon hundreds of cards available for unlocking in this game. In this sense, feel free to share your own favorites in the comments below!