Using boosts and tools in Match Masters is probably one of the most complex decisions in-game that high-level players can use to turn the game in their favor. There are many opportunities to use them during a match, but we second-guess ourselves on whether we made the right decision, and there are times that we realize there was a better time later on. The biggest problem for beginners is simply knowing when and how to use these items to maximize their advantage.

How to Use Boosts and Tools in Match Masters

The existence of boosts and tools allows for flexibility when trying to beat opponents. It will enable players to create openings that eventually lead to good combinations or get them out of horrible situations. Unfortunately, the game only offers a limited number of boosts in-game, and tools can only be used once per match. With such limited chances to use them, let’s take a look at how to use boosts and tools so that they won’t let you regret using them in your games.

Using Boosts

Boosts are unique tools players can choose at the beginning of their matches. Depending on the type of boost, they offer special effects that players can use to destroy multiple tiles at the same time to score a lot of points. Boosts require players to charge up a certain number of points by destroying the specified tile color on the charge bar. Once the bar has been filled, players can activate the boost to use its effect, which doesn’t consume a turn count during the round.

How to Use Boosts and Tools in Match Masters

The best way to use a boost is whenever you charge up your bar completely. Of course, try to get as many match-4 or greater on the board before activating this effect to get free turns. However, don’t think that other better opportunities force you to save your boost effect since you never know how this tool can affect the state of the board. That’s why players always need to try and charge up their boosts whenever they’re stuck, only being able to play match-3s.

Collecting Boosts

Boosts are extremely powerful tools that can win you the game. However, these only have limited uses depending on how many you own. Luckily, boosts are only consumed whenever you lose or forfeit a match. That means that you can stack up boosts you own by winning your matches consecutively and avoiding trying to quit games that you might still have the chance to win. If you run out of boosts, there are other ways you can get more to continue playing.

How to Use Boosts and Tools in Match Masters

Boosts are acquired as a reward for completing various tasks, events, and missions. You can also purchase boosts at the store using the coins given as a reward whenever you complete a match or by purchasing premium currency using real money. Take note that there are different kinds of boosts and you can unlock more through a variety of ways but the most common method is to get a high rating in the competitive mode. Once you unlock these boosts, you can start collecting them via the rewards system.

Using Tools

The tools are available for every player once they complete the initial tutorial of Match Masters. Tools are helpful because they allow players to alter the state of the board to their advantage and usually get them out of a sticky situation. Unlike boosts, tools can only be used once per match, so it’s recommended that players be smart about using these items efficiently. These are primarily used to activate special combos, which you can learn more about in our  Special Combos.

How to Use Boosts and Tools in Match Masters

Every player has access to two tools whenever they start a match – Hammer and Shuffle. These two have different effects and aren’t usually used together unless they create an exceptional situation that calls for it. Since their effects are relatively simple, most beginners don’t see the value in what they do. However, higher-level players understand that using these tools at the right moment can get them ahead of their opponent to secure victory.

  • Hammer

The Hammer tool is the most simple tool in the game. Its only effect is that it can destroy one tile of the player’s choice, claiming the tile without consuming a move turn during the round. While its effect is basic, it’s very versatile in how you can use it to create an advantage by manipulating the board state. An important thing to keep in mind is that you can also use this to destroy special tiles in the game to activate their effects without the need to match them with other tiles.

How to Use Boosts and Tools in Match Masters

Other uses for the hammer tool are to create openings, such as destroying a normal tile to allow for a match-4 or greater combo that will enable you to chain it with other effects. It’s not recommended to use it just to detonate one normal tile or even one special tile without getting a follow-up move once you consume it. The biggest mistake that most beginners make is using it whenever they see an isolated Arrow tile that doesn’t detonate any relevant tiles in its direction.

  • Shuffle

The Shuffle tool is a powerful tool that players don’t usually appreciate. Its effect may seem like a complete waste because what it does is randomly rearranges all the existing tiles on the board. This can ruin the state of the board if used incorrectly. However, the truth is that this tool is handy since it gets players out of terrible situations that the game has placed them in when they can’t make any relevant moves that will set them far ahead.

How to Use Boosts and Tools in Match Masters

Remember that before using the shuffle tool, make sure to claim any match-4 or greater combos to maximize the points you get. This tool should only be reserved when the only action you can take on the board is getting a match-3 that isn’t the color of your boost. A perfect time to use this tool is when the board is filled with special tiles so that you can get a chance to get a special combo when you match two special tiles together.