Merge Mansion is an awesome merge game that combines some of the progression elements of the match-3 genre with the gameplay mechanics of other merge games. The result is a story-driven game where your purpose is to clear and explore an old, run-down estate, by using the different objects and items you receive from combining elements on the playing board. In this sense, instead of spending time completing a number of different levels, your goal here is to merge elements to create the items needed to clear your way through the mansion and progress through the story.

Merge Mansion Tips and Tricks to Rapidly Progress and Level Up

This distinction is precisely what helps Merge Mansion to stand out among the rest, though it’s also precisely what could make it a bit confusing to get into. In that sense, if you’re looking to progress quickly, without struggling with learning the basics, we recommend checking out our Merge Mansion beginner’s guide. And if you still want more info, we’ve prepared this guide with a few more useful tips and tricks for this merge game.

Play on BlueStacks to Get the Best Experience

While this game is designed to be played and enjoyed on your phone, you can get the best experience with it by playing Merge Mansion on PC with BlueStacks . Our Android app player lets you enjoy this game on your large computer monitor, and with the best mouse and keyboard support that lets you easily drag and drop elements with speed and precision.

Merge Mansion Tips and Tricks to Rapidly Progress and Level Up

Instead of playing on a small phone screen, play Merge Mansion on PC and enhance your gaming sessions with the plethora of tools that our emulator offers.

Tap on Objects to Learn Their Upgrade Paths

More often than not, you’ll be prompted by story missions to create specific items in order to progress. What the story doesn’t tell you outright, however, is how to obtain the said items, nor what objects you need to merge to get them. Luckily, the game does give you a valuable tool to determine this by yourself, in the form of a little blue button with an exclamation mark right beside the item’s name. 

Merge Mansion Tips and Tricks to Rapidly Progress and Level Up

Whenever you’re tasked with delivering an item, you can click on the blue exclamation mark to get a full breakdown of the item’s upgrade tree. Afterward, all you need to do is merge the base items until you get to the required level. Keep in mind that you can check this info directly from the mission screen, as well as by clicking on any element on your merge board.

Prioritize Cleaning Your Board

One of the first things that you’ll probably notice when you first take a look at your merging board is that it’s quite messy. In fact, just like the mansion that our protagonist is exploring, the merging board where we spend most of the time combining elements to create others is also quite dirty and in disrepair. And this wouldn’t matter for the most part, except for the fact that the tiles in your board that are filthy and occupied are effectively blocked, as its contents can’t be moved, which greatly limits the amount of playable space in your board.

Merge Mansion Tips and Tricks to Rapidly Progress and Level Up

Luckily, cleaning up your board is very simple; all you need to do is combine the element within with another similar object. For example, if a blocked tile has a Gardening Glove (Lvl. 1), you could simply place another Gardening Glove of the same level to create some Gardening Gloves (Lvl. 2), while also cleaning up the tile in question. This will let you remove its contents, and also open up more space to fit more elements on the board.

One of your priorities in this game should be to clean up your board to make it much easier to combine and create new objects. However, cleaning up your board goes hand in hand with your story progression, which brings us to our next point.

Prioritize Story Over Cleaning

If you’re like us, then you probably have a bit of a fixation on cleaning up your board. After all, if there are valid combinations available, it’s very tempting to just merge these elements to optimize the space in your board. However, this might not be the best course of action, especially when you consider the story missions.

Merge Mansion Tips and Tricks to Rapidly Progress and Level Up

Despite having complete freedom to merge and combine as you see fit, the best way to progress in Merge Mansion is by completing the main story missions. These missions often request all sorts of objects, including low level items and materials, in order to complete them. In this sense, if you’re simply combining all your items nonstop, you’ll eventually end up with a ton of high level materials, and not enough raw items to create the items required for the story missions. For this reason, and especially if you’re just starting, we strongly suggest holding onto all the items in your board, and merge only the ones that are necessary for progressing in the story, to maximize your progression.

Farm and Merge Experience Stars

There will eventually come a moment when you can’t progress any further due to insufficient materials, as well as when all your source items are on cooldown. In these moments when you can’t progress any more, we suggest spending some time merging the remaining elements on your board, if you still have any left. This is because, whenever you reach an item to level 5 and above, you’ll automatically spawn a blue star that, when used, instantly grants you a specific amount of experience.

Merge Mansion Tips and Tricks to Rapidly Progress and Level Up

These stars are called “XP Level” in-game, not to be confused with the actual experience level of your account, which will increase as you complete missions and gain experience. Nevertheless, these blue stars are very important since they can give you a significant XP boost, letting you level up very quickly, but only as long as you actually take your time to combine them—we don’t recommend consuming stars when they’re low level since they give only scraps of XP, compared to a properly upgraded star.

Leveling up your account is important as this will give you access to new features, as well as important boosters that can further expedite your progress in Merge Mansion.

Merge Mansion Tips and Tricks to Rapidly Progress and Level Up

That’s it for our guide with the best Merge Mansion tips and tricks. Feel free to leave your own pointers and information in the comments below!