When you play MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight, you’ll come across four different currencies/resources that you’ll need to continue expanding your MMA empire. First is cash which you can use to buy practically anything for your gym such as equipment and coaches. Second is credits which is a premium currency that you can use to buy special items. Third is focus points which you can use for a fighter’s mental training. And fourth is prestige which allows you to unlock higher-tier gym equipment or facilities. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get these resources so you can start expanding your gym and strengthening your fighters.

Win Fights

In the game’s campaign, you can earn cash and prestige by beating opponents. The more powerful the opponent is, the more rewards you can get from beating them. However, making your fighter win is not easy and it requires plenty of training but more importantly, a well-formulated strategy. 

Analyzing an Opponent’s Statistics

Before starting a fight, you can view the opponent’s stats. These are very important to look at to tailor your fight gameplan.

How to Win Fights and Earn More Resources in MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

The left column shows the opponents likelihood of successfully committing certain strikes. Additionally, it also displays the total amount of strikes that they have historically done. Both variables need to be considered to determine what your fighter should defend themselves from. For example, if the opponent has a high success rate for punching and has historically done plenty of punches, then you need to ensure your fighter is defensive against punches.

The right column shows the likelihood of the opponent defending a certain strike as well as the total amount of that strike that they’ve successfully blocked or avoided. This information is important to determine what attacks your fighter should focus on. For example, if the opponent has a low probability of defending elbow strikes and has historically defended few of those, then your fighter should focus on elbows.

You must not just focus on one absolute strength and weakness of an opponent though. Analyze their other statistics and formulate two hierarchies: one for “most likely attacks” (at least three statistics) and one for “most defended attacks” (at least three statistics). 

Preparing a Gameplan

You are given many gameplan parameters to tweak your fighter’s style in the round. Adjust these parameters based on the opponent’s statistics to create a good gameplan. The parameters you can tweak as well as its options are:

How to Win Fights and Earn More Resources in MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

  • Approach – affects the initiative and damage of strikes
    • Very defensive – greatly reduce all damage taken; gives the opponent the most initiative
    • Defensive – increased defenses against strikes and takedowns but decreased initiative and damage
    • Balanced – attacks and defenses are treated equally
    • Offensive – increased combo chance, initiative, and damage but more vulnerable to takedowns and strikes
    • Offensive All-in – increased initiative and damage but greatly reduces energy regeneration and makes you more vulnerable to enemy attacks
  • Transition
    • Get off the ground – prioritizes escapes and transitions off the ground
    • Neutral – the fighter adapts their stance depending on the situation; standing stance is the default
    • Takedown – takedown attempts are prioritized
  • Distance
    • Normal – the fighter will maintain a moderate distance from the enemy
    • Clinch – the fighter will try to get as close as possible; good for wrestler a close-quarters style fighters
  • Focus Defending – sets what attacks the fighter should focus defending against
    • Can be set to Balanced, Submission, Takedown, Knees, Punches, Elbows, Low Kicks, and High Kicks

How to Win Fights and Earn More Resources in MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

  • Standing Attack Focus – sets the priority of attacks that the fighter should do
    • You are given 10 points that you can distribute to Punches, Low Kicks, High Kicks, Elbows, and Knees. The more points there are, the more prioritized that strike is during the fight.

How to Win Fights and Earn More Resources in MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

  • Ground Attack Focus
    • You are given 10 points that you can distribute to Submission and Ground n Pound.
    • Submission – suited for strong wrestler fighters with submission skills
    • Ground n Pound – the fighter seeks takedown attempts and strongly maintains that position

Campaign Progress Rewards

Aside from cash and prestige, you also earn “campaign progress points” whenever you win a campaign fight.

How to Win Fights and Earn More Resources in MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

When enough campaign progress points are collected, you can redeem campaign progress rewards which contains plenty of cash, prestige, credits, focus points, as well as other useful items like stamina boosters and knowledge scrolls. You can increase your sources of campaign points by having more fighters from different weight divisions participate and win in campaign fights.

Daily Division Rewards

When you unlock professional league fights, your fighter can start participating in ranked tournaments and they can earn passive income depending on their rank.

How to Win Fights and Earn More Resources in MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

There is a total of 16 division ranks in the professional league. These are: Rookie I, Rookie II, Rookie III, Amateur I, Amateur II, Amateur III, Veteran I, Veteran II, Veteran III, Pro I, Pro II, Pro III, Champion I, Champion II, Champion III, Grand Champion. Depending on a fighter’s rank, they earn daily cash rewards (you also get credit rewards in higher ranks) passively. Additionally, they can also earn bonuses on damage, health, mitigation, and initiative.

A fighter can rank up by attaining trophies. These trophies are earned for every win in a professional league match. Note that the fighter loses trophies when they are defeated in a match.

Gym Income

Your gym passively generates cash and prestige every hour. Cash can be collected from the gym’s front door whereas prestige can be collected from each gym equipment and decoration.

How to Win Fights and Earn More Resources in MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

You can increase your cash earnings by purchasing a bigger gym facility with a bigger cash stash. Moreover, you can immediately gain 50% more of the cash earnings by watching an ad (often 30 seconds long). You can increase your prestige income by upgrading gym equipment and decorations. Having more of these items around your gym also provides more sources of passive prestige.

Daily Objectives

Daily objectives consist of a set of challenges that span for an entire day. Completing those daily challenges can earn you cash, prestige, and activity points.

How to Win Fights and Earn More Resources in MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

Upon collecting 50 and 100 activity points, you can open vaults that unlock bigger rewards.

  • 50 points – 500 Cash, 1 Fight Club Ticket, 2 Knowledge Scrolls, 10 Credits
  • 100 points – 1,500 Cash, 200 Prestige, 2 Fight Club Tickets, 1 Focus Points, 20 Credits

The daily challenges consist of easy tasks such as fighting a certain number of professional league and campaign fights as well as completing training sessions for your fighters. It is good practice to focus on completing these daily tasks when you first log into the game per day.