For many players, the support role isn’t that appealing. Most players want to jump into the action, bag a load of kills, and claim the glory when they take the win.

Truthfully though, support players are the unsung heroes that help bring the entire team to victory.

In Mobile Legends, playing a support hero is all about initiating fights and helping your ally marksman get as many kills as possible so that they can go on to win the game.

In this guide, we’ll offer you the best tips for playing a support so that you can guide your team to victory.

One of the greatest things about the support role in Mobile Legends is that it’s far less taxing on the brain – you don’t need to focus on farming or helping other lanes to begin with – all you need to do is make sure you are there to back up your marksmen when they need the help. Knowing when and how to back them up is another story though, and we’ll explain how you can do this below.

Playing Support Early Game

As a support player, your main objective to begin with is to ensure that your marksman doesn’t take too much damage. At the beginning of the game, your ally marksman will be on the bottom lane with you and they’ll be focusing on killing minions to get more gold and experience.

Your job at this point in the game is to essentially take the brunt of any damage that comes from the enemy marksman and support on the same lane as you. You can use your abilities to push players away or stun them so that when they do try to attack you or your marksman, they are stopped.

Mobile Legends Support 2

It’s very important that you do not kill any minions this early in the game. You should be letting your marksman get the minion kills because it will help them to get the gold they need to overpower the other players.

Playing Support Mid Game

Once the marksman has gotten a few levels from killing minions, you can start to use your abilities to initiate team fights on the bottom lane. All supports in Mobile Legends have skills that can either knock enemies into the air, stun them, or push them.

Most supports also have shields and heals that can help to keep your marksman alive for longer. With these points in mind, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below to help you win the mid game in Mobile Legends.

  1. Use any aggressive abilities you have to initiate a team fight.
  2. You should always initiate a fight on the enemy marksman. Kill them first and then focus on the support.
  3. Use your heal or shield ability as much as you can when you’re in a team fight to keep your marksman alive for as long as possible.
  4. Your ultimate ability can be used to guarantee the marksman the kill, but it’s usually only worth using once your marksman has already got the enemy marksman down to half health.
  5. Make sure you choose the Healing ability at the hero select screen so that you can have extra healing potential whilst on lane.

Mobile Legends Support 4

Throughout the mid game, you should be focusing on trying to get the best opportunity to start a team fight.

Just make sure you’re aware of the other lanes – if any enemies are missing, they may be coming down to gank your lane. If you do get ganked, it will be your job to make sure both you and your marksman get out of the fight alive.

What To Do As A Support In The Late Game

If you follow the tips we’ve listed above, you should be able to help your marksman get an edge over the enemy marksman.

Once you’ve done this and a few kills start coming in, you can then help the marksman to push your tower. At this point, you can then go to other lanes to help them push their towers too.

When everybody leaves the laning phase, there will be more opportunities for group fights. As a support, it will be your job to initiate fights. This is where it really pays to be a skilled support.

Mobile Legends Support 2

You need to be able to use your aggressive skills to initiate an attack on another player to start a fight. To make sure your team wins the team fights, follow the tips we’ve listed below.

  1. Only initiate a team fight when you have the numbers advantage or there’s an equal number of allies in the fight as there are enemies.
  2. Try to initiate the fight by using a stun or similar spell on a marksman or assassin. The team needs to focus on killing the high damage dealers first. Once they’re dead, you’ll have an easier time taking down the rest of the time.
  3. Starting fights as a support hero is important, but you must not engage too aggressively. Make sure that your team is ready to back you up.
  4. Sometimes this will mean waiting for the right moment instead of trying to push through enemies to get at the enemy marksman or assassin.
  5. Whilst the team fight is ongoing, you need to try your hardest to keep enemies off of your marksman by using your aggressive spells. You can also use your heals or shield spells to keep the marksman alive for longer.
  6. If the marksman dies, you will lose a lot of damage dealing potential, and at this point you’ll need to disengage from the fight in most cases.
  7. In some cases, your assassin may still be able to win fights for you – if the assassin has more kills than your marksman, you may need to shift your priorities and offer support to the assassin in team fights instead.

Thanks for taking the time to read our guide on how to be a master support player in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll now be able to carry your team to victory by offering support to your teammates.