Want to know how to master the mid lane in Mobile Legends? In this guide, we’ll offer you all of the tips you could ever possibly need to know about how to win in mid.

We’ll first take a look at some top picks for mid lane heroes. After that, we’ll go over the basics of how to play in the mid lane successfully, and we’ll then go into detail about how you can master mid lane and use your skills to dominate the game.

The mid lane can be one of the most rewarding lanes – you get to play on a lane by yourself and you also get the opportunity to get fed and carry the game, much like you can with the marksman.

Alright, without further ado, let’s get started with our guide on how to win on the mid lane in Mobile Legends.

Choose a Good Mid Lane Hero

The first part to learning how to be good on the mid lane is to learn what champion to play as. There are two different options you can go for. You can either go for a mage that can deal a lot of magic damage from afar, or you can go for an assassin that can jump in and out of combat to do burst damage.

The option you choose is down to how you feel about the different types of mid lane heroes. We’d suggest trying the three listed below and then picking out a favorite.

Once you’ve picked out your favorite, learn to master that hero by playing it over and over. The better you get at a single champion, the quicker you’ll be able to master the mid lane.


Cyclops is a mid lane mage hero that’s relatively easy to master. With Cyclops, you’ll have a variety of long ranged attacks you can do, which will make farming in the mid lane easier than some other options in this guide.

With Cyclops, your passive will make your ability cooldown go down each time you hit an enemy.

Cyclops’ first ability is Stardust Shock. With this, you can fire out two shock waves, each dealing magic damage.

With Cyclops’ second ability, Planets Attack, you can create a sphere around you that will increase your movement speed and damage any enemies within the sphere.

Finally, Cyclops’ ultimate is called Star Power Lockdown. With this, you will create a sphere that locks onto the targeted enemy and deals a massive amount of damage. The enemy player will also be rooted to the spot for 2 seconds.


If you’d rather jump into the action, get up close and personal, then jump out again, Hayabusa will be the hero for you. Below, we’ve listed an overview of Hayabusa’s skills.

Hayabusa is relatively easy to play once you understand how his skills work, but quite difficult to master. Hayabusa’s passive is called Ninjutsu Shadow Heal. With this, Hayabusa will regain health each time he gets 4 consecutive hits on the same hero.

Hayabusa’s first ability is called Phantom Shuriken. With this, Hayabusa throws three shurikens out in front of him. Each Shuriken deals damage and lowers enemy movement speed.

Hayabusa’s second ability is Quad Shadow. With this, Hayabusa turns into a shadow and can dash back and forth. You can deal physical damage against enemies whilst in Quad Shadow, and each consecutive hit to the same hero does more damage.

Finally, Hayabusa’s ultimate ability is called Ougi Shadow Kill. With this, you lock onto an enemy, disappear and then deal continuous damage to the enemy and regain health.


Finally, our last suggest mid hero is Kagura. She’s a mage that can be quite hard to master, but her skills give her a lot of survivability during fights.

Kagura essentially has two movesets. One moveset for when she is holding onto an umbrella, and another moveset for when she detaches from the umbrella and places it somewhere in the game.

With Kagura’s passive, Kagura can gain a shield whenever her umbrella item is connected to her.

Kagura’s first move allows her to move her umbrella to a selected location. It does damage and lowers the movement speed of any enemy in the way of the umbrella’s path.

Kagura’s second ability removes any movement-impairing effects from Kagura and leaves the umbrella trapped where she was, giving Kagura free movement. If the umbrella isn’t connected to Kagura, she’ll move to the umbrella and deal damage to enemies along the way.

With Kagura’s ultimate, she can deal magic damage and knock back the nearest enemy if she has the umbrella attached to her.

If Kagura doesn’t have the umbrella attached to her, she will create a link between a target enemy and the umbrella. If the enemy doesn’t escape from the link within 3 seconds, they’ll be dealt damage and be pulled in towards the umbrella.

Choosing Your Hero

Once you’ve tried these three heroes, pick a favorite and then learn to master them as you play. You can then start to consider the tips below to become the ultimate mid lane Mobile Legends player.

Early Game: Farming Tips

Just with any role in Mobile Legends, the only way you can get an advantage in the early game is to farm minions. To do this, simply kill more minions than your opponent and you’ll outlevel them and earn more gold.

Mobile Legends Win Mid Lane 2

Sound easy? Well, if you’ve ever played a MOBA, you’ll know that it’s not easy. You can get better at it by trying out the two methods for farming we’ve listed below. One method is useful for when you’re playing as a mage, and the other method is useful for when you’re playing as an assassin.

When Playing As A Mage

  • Only use your auto attacks to farm minions (Save your energy for fights)
  • If the enemy comes closer to attack a minion, use your abilities or auto attack to damage them
  • If you’re up against an assassin, you’ll have the opportunity to deal a lot of damage over time by hitting them from a distance

When Playing As An Assassin

  • Pay attention to where the opponent is. Make sure that you can hit the minion and kill it without the mage being able to damage you.
  • Stay as far away from the minions as possible and only go in to attack a minion when its health is low enough to kill. This way, you won’t take unnecessary damage from any long-ranged opponents you may go against.

Keep following these tips until you are able to damage your opponent enough to make them recall or are able to kill them. Once you’ve killed your opponent, you can follow the guide below.

Mid Game: Ganking Other Lanes and Pushing Your Tower

Mid lane is great fun because once your opponent is dead or has left your lane, you can go get kills on the bot lane or top lane.

As soon as your opponent on the mid lane leaves, you should quickly go to another lane to help the other lanes out. If you’re lucky, you may be able to pick up a kill for yourself too.

Before you move away from your lane, clear the lane of enemy minions. This way, players on the enemy team won’t be able to see you leaving your lane on the minimap. It will also stop your tower from being damaged by minions.

Mobile Legends Win Mid Lane 3
After you’ve cleared your lane, take a look at the mini map. You want to find an opportunity to go to a lane that has the enemies pushed up close to your team’s tower. On a lane like this, you’ll be able to attack the enemies before they have the chance to get back to safety behind their own tower.

If none of the enemies are pushed up on other lanes, you can instead focus on attacking the enemy tower on your own lane until the enemy mid laner comes back.

Late Game: Assassinating Players To Turn Fights In Your Favor

Once you’ve destroyed the first mid tower, you’re pretty much free to walk around the map and assassinate players. You’ll be able to deal a lot of damage in a short period of time by using all of your abilities, so look out for opportunities to attack enemy players that may already be low on health.

If you kill another player on another lane, make sure to help your teammate push the enemy tower whilst their opponent is dead.

Mobile Legends Win Mid Lane 4

You can then keep roaming to other lanes until all lanes are winning. At this point, you can push a single lane all together as a team and fight your way to victory.


Thanks for taking the time to read through our guide. Want more tips? Make sure to take a look at the rest of our Mobile Legends guides here.