Monster Super League is a hero collector RPG that features an enriching turn based gameplay experience that will make you re-live your nostalgia for older titles such as Pokemon. Developed and published by Smart Study Games, the game has been out for over 7 years in the global market, garnering an interest of over 10 million+ players. It features a plethora of features and unique elements, with the most notable one being the ability to summon and collect over 600+ unique Astromons. Monster Super League is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Monster Super League – Guide to Enhance and Power Up Astromons

In this short guide for Monster Super League, we will be explaining all of the different methods that are available to players in order to take their Astromons to the next level by enhancing their combat power. Naturally, it will also directly help you in your progression as a party of strong Astromons is going to be key when taking on stronger opponents. Battles can be quite strategic in the game, but your base combat power is going to triumph even if you lack strategy. Without further delay, let’s take a look at all the methods to boost your Astromons.

Levelling Up Astromons

The first time you acquire an Astromon in the game, the tutorial will start and tell you about the basic ways to power up an Astromons. One of the best and easiest ways to get tons of power for your Astromon remains to be simply levelling them up. Each level will increase the stats of Astromons in terms of Attack, Defense, and HP. Some Astromons are gifted with higher base stats than others, due to difference in base rarity. Levelling up requires you to have ample amounts of experience items in order to directly increase their levels. On the other hand, you can also take the Astromons you want to level up in campaign mode battles to give them experience. Both ways are great,  but the former way is more faster and time efficient while the second way is more resource efficient as you are spending only your energy.

Monster Super League – Guide to Enhance and Power Up Astromons

Evolving your Astromons

Evolving your Astromons in Monster Super League is another great way to give them more power directly. Evolutions are innate and unique to each Astromon. These evolutions can be done up to a maximum of 2 times, with each evolution causing a massive boost in stats as well as physical appearance change to make them look more mature and vivid. Some Astromons can also acquire new unique abilities that are significantly powerful upon Evolving the 3rd time. Each Astromon has 3 forms – Evo 1 (Base Form), Evo 2 (Medium/Tertiary Form), and Evo 3 (Final Form). 

Monster Super League – Guide to Enhance and Power Up Astromons

It’s important to note that evolution doesn’t happen out of thin air, it requires a lot of resources and patience. Hence, we would advise players to carefully choose which Astromons they want to evolve. Evolution takes into account fodder of the same rarity and star level. For example, if you wanted to Evolve an Evo 1 Astromon, you would require 3 more copies to be fed into it to take it to Evo 2. 

Ascending your Astromons

Ascending your Astrmons is also an essential way to get them powered up. Ascending simply means to Star-Up or Grade-Up an Astromon. Each Astromon has a base grade assigned to it but each Astromon can be taken up to 6 stars at maximum. This does not change the fact that higher base grade Astromon will always remain superior than a lower base grade Astromon, even if both of them are at 6-Stars. To ascend an Astromon, you will firstly require that particular Astromon to be at max level for its grade. Secondly, you will require fodder of the same grade. For example, if you want to Ascend a 3-Star Astromon, it should be at Level 30 and you should have 3 copies of any 3-Star Astromons. The fodder Astromons need not be max level as well. 

Equipment for Astromons

Equipment in Monster Super League are in the form of “Gems”. These gems, just like Astromons, are available in different rarities and offer a wide variety of stats to the Astromon once equipped. These Gems are quite important as you can make a mediocre Astromon super strong if you have the suitable Gems ready to equip on them. Gems also have variable stats, as higher the rarity of the gem, the more substats it will have. Higher the star value of the Gem, the higher will be the main stat. Avoid equipping gems with Flat Stats, such as Attack, on Astromons. Use % based Gems, such as Attack%, HP%, etc. 

Monster Super League – Guide to Enhance and Power Up Astromons

Players can enjoy Monster Super League even more on a bigger screen with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!