Neural Cloud by Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd’s is scheduled to be released globally on 21st November 2022 according to the iOS App Store release date. Having just completed their first closed beta test for 10,000 participants, the game is ready to be rolled out as a finished product. Neural Cloud is going to be available as a free-to-play title on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Tired of farming the same stage all the time on the same type of maps/stags? Well, Neural Cloud aims to attract those players with its non-linear gameplay and progression system that is never seen before in mobile SRPG’s. You can also Play Neural Cloud in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly! 

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

The storyline of Neural Cloud takes place in an apocalyptic future as a sequel to the events of Girls Frontline. The dolls are abandoned by humankind and left on the verge of suffering and pain. The Exiles is a place where these Dolls have been living for quite a while until you, the protagonist seeks them once again to put an end to their misery. The Dolls were abandoned due to system integrity failure. The Player’s role-play as the protagonist who is in charge of the secret and underground mission “Project: Neural Cloud” where he must uncover the secrets behind this mysterious message and bring forth justice to both humans and dolls alike. 

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

In this beginner guide for Neural Cloud, we will be taking an in-depth look at some of the major systems of the game that will help new players make some fast progression early on after starting a new account. Keeping it as new player friendly as possible, this beginner’s guide might be repetitive for veterans of the genre who are experienced in playing games like Neural Cloud before. We highly recommend players make their own decisions by taking reference from this guide as Neural Cloud itself is a non-linear game that asks for more decision-making and tact rather than following a laid down path. Here are the different sub-topics being covered in this guide:

  • Summoning System
  • Battle System
  • Upgrading your Dolls
  • Beginner Tips

Understanding the Summoning System

Neural Cloud is going to be a hero collector game that makes use of the gachapon mechanics to give players a chance of summoning their favorite characters, called “Dolls” in the official game terminology. As usual with these gacha games, the Dolls that are of a higher rarity have a lower chance of being summoned while the Dolls that are of the lowest rarity have the highest chance of being summoned. Here are the different rarities of Dolls and their rates:

Here are the different rarities of Dolls and their rates:

  • 3-Star Dolls – 3.6% probability of being summoned
  • 2-Star Dolls – 18.6% probability of being summoned
  • 1-Star Dolls – 77.8% probability of being summoned

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

Players need to summon these Dolls on different summoning banners using different summoning currencies. Here are the different summoning banners new players will see when they first go to the summoning menu:

  • Special Search Summoning Banner – This is a 1-time only special summoning banner where players are guaranteed to recruit a 3-Star Doll in the first 10 summons they do on the banner. Players can do the summons using the paid currency Quartz only as part of completing the tutorial. This also makes the re-rolling process easier as players are guaranteed to summon at least 1 3-Star Doll. Keep in mind that not all the 3-Star Dolls are going to be a part of this banner.
  • Normal Search Summoning Banner – In this summoning banner, players can summon 1-3 Star dolls using their Advanced Retrieval Instructions. This banner contains all the Dolls available in the game except the latest added ones and limited ones.
  • Event Rate-Up Summoning Banner – In this summoning banner, players can summon 1-3 Star dolls using their Advanced Retrieval Instructions. This banner features the new Dolls that are added to the game with a higher rate up to be summoned.
  • Paid Only Summoning Banner – In this summoning banner, players can summon for 1-3 Star dolls using their Quartz.

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

Here is a brief overview of the different summoning currencies used:

  • Advanced Retrieval Instructions – A rare currency that can be acquired through pre-registration rewards, daily missions, weekly missions, events, and new player missions. Used for summoning on all non-paid banners.
  • Quartz – A paid currency that can only be acquired by doing microtransactions in-game. Used in Paid summoning banners and Special Search summoning banners.

For the joy of free-to-play players, Neural Cloud also features a pity system for the unlucky ones. Players are guaranteed to summon a 3-Star doll when they go 60 pulls without summoning one. Hence, the 60th pull on any summoning banner is guaranteed to be a 3-Star.

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Understanding the Combat Mechanics

The combat system of Neural Cloud is as straightforward as it gets for tactical RPGs. Players are required to form a formation of 6 different dolls to begin the fight. For the sake of team building, we recommend players have at least 1 type of Doll in every formation. Hence, players should aim for having at least 1 Guard, 1 Sniper, 1 Specialist, 1 Medic, and 1 Warrior in their formations. This helps players get the first-time rewards and they can be on the same level. On the other hand, this formation limits the player’s capabilities and combat diversity as opposed to having multiple types of dolls. 

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

Once players enter the battle, they can choose to go towards any path that they want to and the dolls will follow their orders. Players will see an entire battle map divided into multiple squares. Each square represents 1 tile and each Doll takes up at least 1 tile of space on the map. This is where Neural Cloud’s tactical approach will trigger different uses of the dolls. Each tile has a special function associated with it to help the players. For example, the tile may read “Increases the user’s critical hit damage by 10%”. Hence, players would want to place their DPS dolls on such tiles instead of the Guard ones to maximize their damage output. The game does a good job in showcasing the layout of each stage and the enemies’ players will be fighting beforehand so you get enough time to prepare for the fight. Once the battle starts, players will fight the enemies in waves until all small minions are defeated, opening the area for a boss fight. Why wait? Play Neural Cloud instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

The battle is fought automatically without the need for manual intervention by the player. As common with these SRPGs, players can only control the usage of their ultimate abilities by dragging and dropping them. The time slows when players are dragging the ultimate ability for any Doll to help them place it more effectively and accurately. Players can also use the active skills of their Dolls by clicking on their icons at the bottom left-hand side of the corner. Each Doll will have 2 types of bars filling and decreasing – Green and Orange Bar. The Green bar represents the HP bar and your Doll will get defeated once this bar reaches 0. The Orange Bar represents the skill bar and players will be able to activate the doll’s ultimate ability once this bar reaches the maximum. After using the ability, it will go back to 0 and start filling again. After a repeat of multiple waves, players will get a choice of choosing 1 out of 3 buffs presented to them. Choose the buff carefully as this choice cannot be reverted back. The buff will be with the team permanently until the stage is finished.

Make your Dolls Stronger in Neural Cloud

The main aim for new players should be to empower their Dolls to their maximum potential according to their current ability. If you ever feel like you are stuck somewhere or not able to progress through the main story as a new player, strengthening your owned Dolls might be the best way to get out of that slump. In Neural Cloud, as the game is an SRPG and hero collector, naturally the higher rarity dolls will be having an advantage over the lower rarity dolls in terms of base stats and useful skillset. However, with the right mindset, players can make use of even the lowest rarity Dolls to their maximum. Early game, the rarity of your dolls do not matter as much as it matters in the mid-game and late game. Here are the different methods by which you can empower your Dolls to their maximum potential:

  • Level Up
  • Limit Break
  • Upgrading Rarity
  • Skill Up

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

Level Up – Levelling Up is one of the best ways to increase the base stats of your dolls. By base stats, we mean the Attack, Defense, Health, Speed, Critical Hit Rate, and Critical Hit Damage. Each Doll comes with its own base rarity. According to the current limit break status of the Doll, players can level the Doll to their maximum potential until hit by a level block. Of course, this level cap can be removed once players increase the limit break status of the dolls. The Dolls can be leveled up by taking them into battles where they gain battle experience. Players can also manually increase the levels of their dolls by feeding them with experience points. 

Limit Break – Limit Breaking refers to the process of increasing the base level cap of the Doll to increase its base stats further. Players can limit break their dolls by consuming certain resources found in different dungeons and memory fragment searches. Players can limit break these dolls up to a certain number of times to increase their level cap. 

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

Rarity – As mentioned before, every doll has a particular rarity attached to it. The higher the rarity, the higher the base stats and usability of skills. However, each Doll in the game can be increased up to 6-Stars regardless of their base rarity. This is different from the base rarity of the Dolls. Rarity is usually measured by the number of Stars the doll has. Even a 1-Star doll can be upgraded to 6-Stars by feeding their duplicates or fragments. It is more of a time-consuming and expensive process as players need to get immensely lucky to get duplicates of higher rarity dolls. However, the increase in base stats is quite valuable.

Skill Up – Every skill of every doll can be upgraded to provide more value to the skill and the doll itself. Skills are generally divided into 3 types for each doll in Neural Cloud – Passive Skill, Active Skill, and Ultimate Skill. Players can level them by feeding Skill Books to the Doll. The skills are upgraded at random and provide dolls with a higher base stat line and damage multipliers. Sometimes, skills can also increase the buff/debuff chance or healing amount, depending on the nature of the skill. Upgrading skills is also a time-consuming process, especially because the Skill Books are quite rare to get. 

Beginner Tips 

Take a look at some of our curated tips for beginners based on the recent closed beta of Neural Cloud:

  • Initially, the rewards reaped by players will be massive in terms of Primary Search tickets and Advanced search tickets. Players will be tempted to spend them immediately but we recommend waiting 1-2 weeks before spending them in case of a summoning event.
  • We advise players to focus on finishing the main story campaign as soon as possible to reap the rewards of story mode while unlocking other areas of the game as well.

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

  • Focus on completing your daily and weekly missions to get free resources on a permanent basis. Most of these tasks are quite easy to complete and are not challenging. Players can get free Primary Search tickets, Advanced Search tickets, quartz dust, digicoins, stamina, experience points, and more by completing these missions.
  • Spend your digicoins very wisely as they are rarer to obtain than Quartz Sand. Try to spend your Quartz Sand first in the market.
  • Always make use of the extra slots of dolls given to players when dispatching heroes in the battle. They will act as your safeguard option when things go wrong and some of your units die.

Neural Cloud Beginners Guide – Understanding the Different Systems

To play Neural Cloud on a bigger screen of your PC, it is highly recommended to use BlueStacks along with your keyboard and mouse. Play Neural Cloud on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.