Legend of Emperor is, as its name implies, a game where you’ll get to live out your dream of ruling over your very own land as its Emperor. However, this title won’t come easily as you’ll first start as a trainee magistrate, and you will need to learn the ins and outs of managing your city before you’re eventually ready to don the mantle of Emperor. Unfortunately, due to its shoddy localization and poor translation, getting into this game can be more difficult than it should be, which is why we decided to work on this Legend of Emperor beginner’s guide.

Legend of Emperor Beginner’s Guide - How to Manage and Grow Your City Into a Sprawling Empire

In this article, you’ll find a few useful tidbits of information to keep in mind if you’re just starting your journey in Legend of Emperor. 

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Legend of Emperor Beginner’s Guide - How to Manage and Grow Your City Into a Sprawling Empire

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Your Retainers Are Key

In Legend of Emperor, you not only have to make important decisions constantly in order to enact policies and manage your cities, but you must also learn to delegate tasks to your retainers, which are essentially the enforcers of your will across your empire. These retainers can be tasked with a wide variety of functions, most of which revolve around assigning them to specific buildings to increase their yields, or assigning them to solve disputes among your townspeople. 

Legend of Emperor Beginner’s Guide - How to Manage and Grow Your City Into a Sprawling Empire

Depending on the task you give them, your retainers might be unavailable for quite a while, so keep it in mind whenever you’re planning out your strategy for the day. To assign a retainer to a building, you simply need to click on the building in question, and then on the green “+” button. If you have a retainer available and on standby, you’ll be given the option of choosing them.

Once you’ve assigned your retainers, you’ll see that the predicted yield of the building will increase correspondingly. Of course, the stats of the retainers that you assign to these specific tasks will affect their performance in each of these, which brings us to our next point.

Choosing the Right Retainers For the Job

Each retainer has four different stats, which govern their effectiveness at any given task. These stats are the following:

  • Military: Determines the power of soldiers during combat encounters.
  • Wisdom: Determines the amount of coins produced.
  • Politics: Determines the amount of grain produced.
  • Charm: Determines the amount of soldiers trained.

Legend of Emperor Beginner’s Guide - How to Manage and Grow Your City Into a Sprawling Empire

It goes without saying that, depending on your retainer’s attributes, you will want to assign them to different buildings. Moreover, if you want to improve their effectiveness at certain tasks, you can also upgrade your retainers by spending coins to level them up, or by upgrading their aptitudes in any of the four attributes via the use of specific items like scrolls, book EXP, or star classics. You can check every aspect of your retainers by pressing the “Retainer” button on the bottom bar of your screen at any time.

To obtain book EXP and increase the aptitude of your retainers, you could also send them to learn in the academy. This process takes several hours, and will yield a specific amount of resources. Furthermore, the number of seats available for learning are limited, and you’ll need to pay to unlock more slots. In this sense, you can only train one retainer at a time with this method.

How to Win Fights

Aside from developing your town, your adventures in Legend of Emperor will frequently take you to the battlefield, where you must participate in a variety of battles. For winning, you’ll not only advance through the story, but you’ll also get a ton of different rewards. In this sense, it’s always worth clearing the combat chapters, which you can find via the “Adventure” section in your main city screen.

Legend of Emperor Beginner’s Guide - How to Manage and Grow Your City Into a Sprawling Empire

The combat in this game is mostly automated, with your soldiers and the enemy attacking each other until one side is defeated. And as you continue to clear enemies, you’ll progress through the level, until you’ve cleared all the stages, after which the level will be considered completed, and you can proceed to the next. 

Legend of Emperor Beginner’s Guide - How to Manage and Grow Your City Into a Sprawling Empire

To maximize your odds of winning in combat, you’ll not only need to have enough soldiers, which are trained automatically in your city, but you’ll also need to keep your retainers in top shape. This is because the strength of your army is determined by the combined military stats of all your retainers. In this sense, the higher level your leaders, the better your strength in combat.

The “?” Button is Your Best Friend

Legend of Emperor can be a very cryptic game, and the poor translation does nothing to aid in this regard. Luckily, most menus have a little interrogation symbol on the top left corner. By clicking on it, you can get an idea of what each room and facility can be used for, which in turn will help to guide your efforts towards developing a prosperous city.

We strongly recommend making gratuitous use of this help icon if you’re just starting out, in order to find your bearings across town.

Legend of Emperor Beginner’s Guide - How to Manage and Grow Your City Into a Sprawling Empire

Legend of Emperor can be a bit confusing at the beginning. But by keeping your retainers trained and strong, and properly assigned to the correct buildings, you’ll maximize your production and make good strides towards creating a powerful empire.