Despite its initial confusing presentation, Legend of Emperor can actually be a pretty entertaining game. Once you get used to its odd mechanics, building your city, optimizing your production, upgrading your retainers, and advancing your career as the leader of your people can be very gratifying. However, keeping the city streets safe and creating a safe place for your vassals and loyal subjects to reside in can be quite difficult, which is why we created our Legend of Emperor beginner’s guide to help you get started on the right track.

The Top Legend of Emperor Tips and Tricks to Build Your Empire and Stomp Your Enemies

However, this time around, we wanted to share a few Legend of Emperor tips and tricks for developing your city efficiently, so that you can continue progressing at a good pace.

Maximize Your Production Early On to Obtain Maximum Benefits

In Legend of Emperor, your retainers are one of your greatest assets at your disposal since they can be assigned to a variety of buildings and places in order to increase their performance. And while we already mentioned this tip in our beginner’s guide, we’re putting it here once again since it’s just so important: Always remember to assign your retainers to your buildings, so that they can maximize your resource production as much as possible. This applies to your Granary (Grain), your Camp (Soldiers), and your Silver Mine (Coins), keeping in mind that some retainers are better for certain buildings than others, and this varies according to their stats.

The Top Legend of Emperor Tips and Tricks to Build Your Empire and Stomp Your Enemies

As a general rule of thumb, retainers with high wisdom are great for producing grain; retainers with high politics are great for producing coins, and retainers with high charm are best for recruiting soldiers. 

Another way to boost your production is by leveling your buildings by investing coins in them. Not only will each level boost the production of the building in question, but after reaching certain milestones, additional retainer slots will open up. In this manner, you can assign several retainers to one building, and dramatically boost its production.

Always Send Retainers to the Academy to Farm EXP and Books

While you can always upgrade your retainers and enhance their stats by investing gold in them, you can further enhance their aptitude with specific stats by using Book EXP items. These items are obtained through various means, such as by completing quests, or advancing through the main story missions. However, the most common way of getting these is through the Academy building.

The Top Legend of Emperor Tips and Tricks to Build Your Empire and Stomp Your Enemies

To use this building, you must first have available seats, of which there is only one by default, though you can unlock more by purchasing them. If you have a free slot, you can click on it, and then choose the retainer you wish to send out. The entire process takes three hours, after which your retainer will come back with some Boox EXP items, which you can then use via the retainer menu to enhance their aptitudes.

Try to keep your academy busy at all times so that you can secure your production of upgrade items.

Use the Beauty System to Create the Best Retainers

Despite arguably being some of the most objectifying systems in these types of games, the Beauty mechanic in Legend of Emperor is quite important for the development of your empire, particularly since it’s the way to create some of the best retainers, especially once you have a lot of affinity and ennoblement score with your maidens.

The Top Legend of Emperor Tips and Tricks to Build Your Empire and Stomp Your Enemies

In a nutshell, Legend of Emperor lets you “recruit” a wide variety of beauties to your estate, which will then move in with you and let you visit them whenever you want. Eventually, you can take your beauties on random dates a limited number of times per day. These dates have a low chance to produce an heir, which can then be cultivated until they grow up. Once they are old enough, they can then be used as regular retainers. However, the key to the Beauty system is that the stats of your heirs will vary according to the affinity of the mother, so you must spend significant time with her if you want to produce the best heirs and retainers. 

The Top Legend of Emperor Tips and Tricks to Build Your Empire and Stomp Your Enemies

The baby, in turn, can be cultivated from the moment they’re born and until they grow up. You can cultivate them several times once their cooldown has finished, which will increase their level and improve their stats. Their level cap, on the other hand, is determined by their inborn gift, which is also governed by your affinity with the mother. This gift can either be normal, smart, intelligent, wise, or gifted, corresponding to a level cap of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50, respectively. It goes without saying that the higher the level of the baby before they grow up, the better stats they will have once they mature into retainers.

Work Through the Daily Missions

Like with any other mobile game, Legend of Emperor has its own set of tasks that can be completed on a daily basis in order to score tons of useful rewards. You can find them via the “Quests” button on the main menu bar. Make sure to always complete these missions, even if it’s the only thing you do in the game for the day, as this ensures that you can maximize your progress by claiming the valuable upgrade materials and other resources from these tasks.

The Top Legend of Emperor Tips and Tricks to Build Your Empire and Stomp Your Enemies

Lean on the Main Story Missions to Progress Quickly

Similar to the daily missions, the main quests also consist of simple tasks that you must complete in order to receive rewards. However, aside from the completion prizes, the main story quests also give you insight on the game’s plot and narrative, as well as help to unlock other features. For this reason, the absolute best way to progress through the game itself is through these missions, though your dailies should always take priority. 

The Top Legend of Emperor Tips and Tricks to Build Your Empire and Stomp Your Enemies

If you ever feel lost and don’t know what to do—and trust us, this happens very often in Legend of Emperor—simply go over to the main quests and focus on these tasks.