Outerplane is a brand new 3D turn-based RPG set in the fantasized universe of Mirhsa continent and showcases some epic battles as the forces of good stand up against chaos. The game is still being actively developed by Smilegate Holdings, a Korean-based development group that are most famous for producing award-winning games such as Epic Seven and Lost Ark. Although, the game has still not released globally for the mass public to enjoy, players can play test Outerplane in a closed beta environment by signing up for one of their upcoming tests through their official forum website. Outerplane will be available as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store once it launches sometime in 2023.

Outerplane – Fast Progression Tips and Tricks

Outerplane contains a ton of strategic elements that make the game quite interesting and addictive to play. Coupled with the smooth animations, particle effects on all heroes, and a plethora of content, the game has already seen a solid fan following being built even before it has globally launched. Smilegate is known to produce massive large-scale games and it seems Outerplane will get the equal love from the developers even when they are competing with their own game Epic Seven as both are turn-based RPGs. The difference exists between the actual art style, characters, and the UI presentation of Outerplane. Outerplane also boasts a ton of Quality-of-Life features that outpace majority of the new similar games released nowadays. Some of them include 3X Battle Speed, Full Auto Mode, and Skip Tickets. Skip tickets has long been a controversial factor for grindy games as they tend to reduce the time taken to get resources greatly since players need not play the matches directly but just skip them instead. 

Outerplane – Fast Progression Tips and Tricks

In this article, we will be giving out some helpful tips and tricks for Outerplane. These tips are really geared towards helping new players achieve some fast progression. Note that all of the tips and tricks mentioned in this article are made in accordance to the game state as of the 2nd closed beta test of Outerplane. Further, this should not be confused with a beginner’s guide as we have kept it quite brief and to the point. We have prepared a separate beginners guide for Outerplane which players can read to get in-depth knowledge about the game’s different systems. Players can enjoy a lag-free and crash-free gaming experience for Outerplane on their PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse. 

Tip #1. Re-rolling to Get a Strong Start

Re-Rolling is one of the best methods to ensure you get a strong start in any game where you have to summon for different types of heroes or units. Gacha games have termed the process of re-rolling as creating multiple accounts, clearing the tutorial of the game, and reaching to the summoning part. Here, players can summon using all the resources they have obtained till the point to get a shot at getting their desired heroes that will help them make fast progression at the start of the game. Naturally, this process takes a lot of time in traditional gacha games but Outerplane has an innate infinite summoning banner that reduces the time taken of re-rolling for a specific hero. Players can simply complete the tutorial of the game and proceed to start their Infinite Recruitment. In this recruitment banner, players make 10 sets of summons each time and after the summons, they need to decide whether they want to keep the current set of 10 summons or proceed to make another set of summon. 

Outerplane – Fast Progression Tips and Tricks

Each set of 10 summons includes at maximum 1 3-Star hero. However, there are also additional reasons why players can re-roll for a better start. Players can collect the pre-registration rewards that amount to at least 20 summons and some random summoning tickets. These rewards will be available in your in-game mailbox. We recommend using your summoning currency on the current Rate-Up Recruitment banner that will feature a new hero. Try to get the featured 3-Star hero and if you are unable to get them, simply restart your progress and re-roll. Make sure to first do the summons on the Rate-Up recruitment banner and only proceed to summon on the Infinite Recruitment banner if you manage to get the featured hero from the rate-up banner. This will save you a lot of time and effort. 

Tip #2. Progress Through the Adventure Mode

Outerplane is an RPG where players are role-playing as the main character called “K” and they are tasked with saving the world. Quite cliché if you ask us. However, this does not mean that neglecting the adventure or the story mode is going to do you any good or justice as the game has different systems locked behind progression wall. Players need to complete the different adventure mode chapters to be able to unlock these game modes. Locked content always spells trouble as you are missing out on free resources and gameplay experiences. One of the best examples of the locked content are the Gear Dungeons and the Arena. Both of them are locked behind Chapter 3 and 4 of the Adventure mode, respectively.  

Outerplane – Fast Progression Tips and Tricks

Apart from unlocking more content for you, the adventure mode is also the core hub for obtaining more resources. For players who are not aware, Outerplane follows a 3-Star system where players need to fulfill certain conditions while clearing each stage in order to get more of the premium currency called Ether. Players are further rewarded according to the number of stars they have obtained throughout the chapter. These rewards include the likes of Basic Skill Manuals, Ether, and Expert’s Hammer. Ether can be used anywhere in the game from summoning to recharging more Gold/Stamina. 

Tip #3. Feeling Stuck? Upgrade your Heroes!

If you ever feel like you’re getting roadblocked by getting defeated in battles, there’s a 99% chance it’s because of the actual strength of your heroes being low. Being a true RPG, Outerplane has all the systems in place for players to increase the strength of their heroes progressively in a step-by-step manner. One of the biggest boosts to your heroes is when they level up. This results in a massive base stat boost for all of their core attributes such as Attack, Health, and Defense. Naturally, this will also make them stronger and increase the value of the stats gained from their equipped gear. Coming to the gear, make sure to equip the correct heroes with the correct main stats and sub stats. For example, gearing a DPS type hero with Health% as main stat will only result in them performing poorly compared to gearing them with Attack% as main stat. You will get the hang of these aspects as you play through the game.

Outerplane – Fast Progression Tips and Tricks

Do not be disheartened if you pull a duplicate of any hero as Outerplane follows a shard-based upgrade system. Players are rewarded more if they pull duplicates since they will be able to upgrade the base grade of their hero by collecting 150 shards of the same hero. Sadly, a single duplicate only provides 50 shards as we speak. Hence, players will need 3 duplicates of any hero to be able to upgrade their base rarity.

Tip #4. Upgrade your Base!

The Base in Outerplane is an original feature that is hardly seen in other similar games. Not to devalue the objective of Base as it is by far one of the best ways of getting consistent amount of resources for all players alike. The Base is located at the main menu, right next to the Adventure mode icon. The tutorial does a poor job in explaining the actual functionality of the Base. Firstly, yes it will take a lot of time for players to actually unlock and upgrade all the components of the Base. The core resource for the Base being Antimatter that is only obtainable via the Antiparticle Generator as an AFK resource that recharges over time. However, players can further use this Antimatter to generator other core resources such as more Ether, Gold, EXP food, Crafting Materials, and more.

Outerplane – Fast Progression Tips and Tricks

Players can also upgrade their facilities to further drop more resources and increase their overall utility in the game. Players do this by going to the Manage Facilities option in the Base menu. One of the best ways of using your Antimatter is to unlock and upgrade the Supply Module in the Base as that will provide you with a consistent way of getting more Gold, Arena Tickets, and Dungeon tickets. 

Tip #5. Understanding the Roles of Heroes

Just like there are different classes in MMORPGS, there are different roles assigned to all heroes in Outerplane as well. Each hero excels in different types of game modes. There is no single best hero in the game but definitely a top hero for each role. The roles are divided into 5 categories according to the official in-game terminology: 

Outerplane – Fast Progression Tips and Tricks

  • Defender – Defenders are your core tanks or heroes that scale according to their Defense stat. They have naturally high Defense and HP stats to make them more suitable for being placed in the frontline and soak more incoming damage from enemies. Most team composition requires at least 1 Defender for extra damage mitigation, damage absorption, providing buffs, and more. Some of the Defenders can even deal a decent amount of damage.
  • Striker – Strikers are the core damage dealers that are tasked with doing damage while also expected to take some few hits back in return. Many players also like to call them as “Bruisers” due to their innate tenacity that they have. Many of the Strikers in Outerplane also specialize in dealing AOE-targeted damage to all enemies. 
  • Marksmen – Characters who have the highest base Attack stats in the game and are primarily called as “DPS” as alternative terms. Marksmen are used extensively to only deal damage to enemies. They have very low base stats in other departments such as Health and Defense. Some Marksmen’s can also be found with very high base Speeds that can help them move first and strike the enemies fast.
  • Mage – Mages are your typical magical damage dealers that excel with having multiple AOE-targeted and crowd controlling abilities. Many Mages in Outerplane can also act as a Main DPS for your team due to their high Attack ratings.
  • Healer – A healer is the core of any team composition as they not only allow their allies to live longer but also provide important core buffs to them. A team without healers will not be able to sustain the incoming damage from higher level enemies. 

Outerplane – Fast Progression Tips and Tricks

To Play Outerplane more efficiently and in an optimized manner, we highly recommend playing Outerplane on your PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.