Outerplane is a brand new 3D turn-based RPG by Smilegate. Widely regarded as the successor of Epic Seven and popular as the next big project of Smilegate, Outerplane has drawn thousands of eyeballs since the past year. The game has recently soft launched in Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines on 18th April, 2023. The storyline of the anime-stylized games takes place in a fictional world of Mirsha where both order and chaos can be found. We role-play as a lonely misguided adventurer named “K” who has lost his memories. Outerplane is currently available as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store with in-game microtransactions enabled.

Outerplane – Maxwell Character Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Maxwell Active and Passive Skills
  2. Maxwell Transcendence Effects
  3. Maxwell Gear Recommendations
  4. Maxwell Team Building and Synergies

In this character guide for Maxwell, we will be listing all of his active and passive abilities, Maxwell’s Transcendence bonuses, Gear recommendations, and teams/synergies.  

Maxwell Active and Passive Skills

Maxwell is a 3-Star Dark elemental hero that is classified as a Mage in-game. Maxwell is the only hero in Outerplane who has all 3 abilities that deal damage to all enemies. Hence, he possesses no single targeted ability in his arsenal. He is widely regarded as one of the best choices to pick from the Selective summons in the beginning due to his capability to clear waves of enemies extremely fast. The damage multipliers on his abilities are also nothing to be laughed at. He can increase his own Attack and does not require a pre-requisite buffer. Of course, he works the best with heroes like Valentine but can work sustainably well even alone. Maxwell is used in both PvE and PvP game modes, but his speciality comes in PvE content. Players can recruit Maxwell from both the Normal Recruit and Selective summons. 

Outerplane – Maxwell Character Guide

Here is a list of Maxwell’s skills: –

Ray of Destruction (Basic Ability)

Attacks all enemies and increases Attack for 2 turns. The damage dealt is inversely proportional to the number of targets. If it is the casters turn, gains 2 stacks of Revelation of Truth.

Mana Converter (Active Ability)

Attack all enemies and reduces the duration of buffs on each target that took damage by 1 turn. Obtains 3 stacks of Revelation of Truth if used during the caster’s turn.

Burst Skills

Level 1: Increases damage and gains 1 additional stack of Revelation of Truth

Level 2: Increases damage dealt

Level 3: Changes to Enhanced skill. Increases invulnerability duration by 1 turn.

Bless All Mages (Ultimate Ability)

Requires 5 stacks of Revelation of Truth to be used. Attacks all enemies. The damage dealt is inversely proportional to the number of targets. This attack penetrates 30% of Defense of all targets.

Chain Finish Effect: After attacking, recovers the Caster’s and the next Skill Chain caster’s Action points by 25.

Dual Attack Effect: After attacking, grants 2 stacks of Revelation of Truth.

Maxwell Transcendence Effects

Transcendence in Outerplane is one of those features that allows heroes to get stronger passively. They are given fixed bonus stats along with some special passives that help all allies. Sadly, they can be quite tough to obtain as they require a lot of fragments of the particular hero in order to transcend them. In total, each transcendence cost for hero fragments increases as you move up. Every hero can be transcended up to 6-Stars. Each phase of transcendence is marked by an increase in star value of the hero. Being a fragment collector, free-to-play players might struggle to increase the transcendence of heroes at the early game. 

Outerplane – Maxwell Character Guide

Here are the different Transcendence bonuses for Maxwell:

3-Star Transcendence: Burst Level 2 Unlocked

Stats upgraded by HP + 10%, Defense + 10%, and Attack + 10%.

4-Star Transcendence: Ally Team Critical Hit Chance + 3%

Stats upgraded by HP + 16%, Defense + 16%, and Attack + 16%.

5-Star Transcendence: Burst Level 3 Unlocked

Stats upgraded by HP + 22%, Defense + 22%, and Attack + 22%.

6-Star Transcendence: Ally Team Critical Hit Chance + 9%; Gains 25 Action Points upon entering a battle

Stats upgraded by HP + 30%, Defense + 30%, and Attack + 30%.

Maxwell Gear Recommendations

Maxwell is a pure breed damage dealer. He deals a ton of damage and needs to be built with your standard stats required such as Attack%, Critical Hit Rate%, and Critical Hit Damage%. Some players like to mess with his Speed as well so he can cycle faster and accumulate more stacks of Revelation of Truth. However, that will require a lot of good pieces of gear, not likely possible for a new player. The end goal should be to make him fast and deal tons of damage. Keep in mind that we do not include stats as they are fixed to the Gears. Let’s take a look at the gear recommendations for Maxwell:

Outerplane – Maxwell Character Guide

Attack Set (2/4 Set) – Increases Attack by 15%/25%

Destruction Set (2-Set) – When performing an action, increases Critical Hit Chance by 1% every time (stacks up to 10 times)

Maxwell Team Building and Synergies

Maxwell performs the best when he has some damage boosting heroes alongside in his team. Naturally, the names that come first to the mind are Valentine and Cindy. Maxwell reports doing some of the highest damage, regardless of the game mode. He falls of against bosses as he does not deal good single targeted damage. Maxwell needs to go first or be protected if he cannot go first as he is quite squishy. Hence, pairing him up with good defenders and healers such as Veronica, Saeran, Eva, and Tio is recommended. 

Outerplane – Maxwell Character Guide
Outerplane – Maxwell Character Guide

Here are some recommended team formations for Maxwell:

  1. Maxwell + Saeran + Valentine + Noa (Best Possible team)
  2. Maxwell + K + Eva + Noa (Great F2P team)
  3. Maxwell + Valentine + Snow + Saeran (Great Arena Team)

That is it from our side for everything you need to know regarding Maxwell in Outerplane! Get the best gameplay experience for Outerplane on your PC using BlueStacks.