Most action RPG games (ARPG) found on mobile devices include a PvP section. Phantom Chaser is no exception.

But in this ARPG, you have 2 things to consider for the arena if you have any intentions of winning.

The first being luck of the draw. What this means is that the game randomly picks your opponent from the current list showing on the left. Unfortunately, Phantom Chaser can match you against some very powerful opponents. The luck of the also draw depends on your current rank and points.


Phantom Chaser Arena


In this case, showing in the screen shot above, it’s rank 6,166 with 288 points. Of course, that’s not the greatest score in the universe!! On the upside, that particular season ends in 11 hours so the rewards can be gained.


So the problem is; how do you increase that score? That’s the second thing to consider. You have to get a good team put together. This happens to be the hard part of it because of the very long list of phantoms to choose from. And it’s not just the main team. You have to carefully select the mimic team too.


To help you with trying to select phantoms to use, the Encyclopedia comes into play. It has a complete list of all phantoms and all their skills. The Encyclopedia also allows you to try out a phantom to see how its skills will work. Do yourself a favor and try it out!!


Phantom Chaser Encyclopedia




Where do you get phantoms?

Once you’re sure you have selected a phantom to use on your arena team, you simply have to gain it and build it up as far as you can. In order to do this, you need to know where you can find the phantom in question. Use the Location button.


Phantom Chaser Location


In the above screen shot example, Xi is selected. When you click the Location button you’ll see places where you can gain this phantom. In this case, it’s empty. This means you can’t hunt or craft Xi. You can only gain her from Joy’s Shop. There are some other phantoms in this same situation. Otherwise, you can loot the phantom or its “memory” in the Adventure mode or craft it if it shows in the Misc. tab.


Phantom Chaser Craft


Click the phantom you want to craft and click the “?” icon to see where you can hunt its “memories”.


Phantom Chaser Adventure Mode


When hunting for a phantom and/or its memories in the Adventure mode, this is where the grind comes in. It might take a lot of tries to gain the phantom and/or its memories to craft with.



The Team Selector

When you’re managing your teams, you have several to choose from. There’s a team selector in the upper left of the team manager. Once you setup a team for the arena, it stays like that even if you switch to another team. Each time you enter the arena in Phantom Chaser, that team will always be there, as is, ready to play. This is one of the most sought after features in many ARPGs and Phantom Chaser delivered!!



The Team Types

In Phantom Chaser, there are several team types you can try out in the arena. Each has its pros and cons but each can be very effective.


The Rainbow Standard

The thing you want to avoid the most is having a single color team. As you should know by now, there’s a 3 type table in the game. This is red = STR, green = DEX, and blue = INT.

Yes, we see the color code comes out as RGB!! The rainbow standard means you’d want at least 1 of each type. In the order given, the 3 type table loops around itself in terms of which one is stronger. Red is stronger than green, green is stronger than blue, and blue is stronger than red. It’s like a game of Rock Paper Scissors (lizard and Spock too if you like!!). With the team like this, the opponent has no real chance to overpower your team because of the 3 type table. The other advantage to this setup is that the mimic type won’t matter much.


The Stone Cold Stunner team

Your aim with a team like this is to have as many disabling effects in all phantoms you can get. Said disabling effects include stun, knock down, daze / charm, sleep, disarm, petrify, and others. It does NOT include fear or knock up. Fear makes the opponent run far away which makes you chase it which wastes time and gets your team hit more by the other enemy phantoms while you’re chasing. One of the skill descriptions was nice enough to include that knock up also renders the target(s) invulnerable to attacks while they’re in the air. So that’s no good either!!


The Swing and a Miss team

The focus of this team is to have a high evasion repeatedly mostly on your main tank. If the mid and back phantoms gain from evasion boosts, that’s great!! The evasion boosts come from various skill effects and passives. They can also come from your mimics so do read the skill descriptions carefully so you’ll know which effects and passives are allowed while the phantom is being used as a mimic.


The Super Lethal team

Yes, there is a way to make an arena team impressively lethal. Here’s a free clue as to how to start to make this team!!


Phantom Chaser Grim Reaper


Mixed with a tank that can buy him the time to use his first skill, at least 1 target is dead for certain!! In comparison to Soulbringer, Grim Reaper’s skill is slower to get the job done but it doesn’t rely on the target having low Hit Points (HP). The fun part is that there’s nothing stopping you from having both on the same team!!


The Never Die team

This is a surprisingly effective team at wearing your opponents out. The trick to it is that even if 2 out of 3 of your team members do die, they resurrect anyway OR they just stand there taking more hits!! When a team member revives or simply was never removed from play, it means your opponent switches back to attacking it. The other trick is that this team uses 1 or 2 front line phantoms. One of the best mixes for this is using Death Knight, Dong, and Ming as your main team.

There are other team setups you can try. It’s just the above are recommended because they’re the most effective team setups the game has. Of course, if updates show up, this entire thing might change completely!!


The mimics

Of course your mimic team is highly important!!


Phantom Chaser Mina


Take the above screen shot of Mina as an example. Mina is a long ranged phantom. So why would you put her on a close range phantom as a mimic?!! Do note that auto mimic and auto skill are always on in the arena. It’s because her skills allow for attacking both, 1 by 1, the front and back lines. So her range won’t matter. Why would you put Sandman on a long ranged phantom such as Mina (examples only)? It’s because Sandman’s first, and only, skill applies to the entire party. Yes, there’re a whole variety of effects to work with but you also have to check the range of the phantom you want to use as a mimic too.

So now that you have the details to work with, it’s only a matter of getting the phantoms you want on your arena team. From there, it is luck of the draw so now’s a good time to pray to the RN Gods that your opponents don’t have monsters compared to your team!! Good luck!!

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