The battle royale mode in Pixel Gun 3D is one of the most intense experiences we’ve ever had in a mobile shooter game. It’s also quite frustrating since the current playerbase consists of what could be world-class gamers that can noscope headshot us from across the map. Suffice to say, as players who just downloaded and are trying out this game for the first time, we’ve had a hard time adjusting to the speed and franticness of every match.

Pixel Gun 3D PC - Best Tips for Surviving in the Battle Royale Mode

However, after playing for a few rounds, we’ve managed to get several kills here and there by learning how the matches flow and how the weapons work in this game. To this end, we’ve compiled a few useful tips and tricks for Pixel Gun 3D that you may find useful as a beginner. If you’re just like us and have only recently started to play this mobile shooter game, be sure to keep these strategies in mind when playing the battle royale mode.

Choose the Best Landing Locations

First and foremost, it’s important to always choose the right landing locations that will give you an edge from the very beginning of the match. The faster you decide on a location, the sooner you’ll hit the ground and start searching for loot. However, your landing spot will depend on certain factors, including your play style.

Pixel Gun 3D PC - Best Tips for Surviving in the Battle Royale Mode

Do you prefer to go in guns blazing into every match, or do you like landing in more peaceful areas, take your time looting, and only engage the enemy on your own terms? Depending on your choice, keep these locations in mind:

  1. Mainland

If you like to land in popular zones to grab quick loot and start fighting as soon as you touch the ground, then consider landing in Main Airport or Quiet Village. These areas often have high traffic with good rewards, as well as plenty of fights.

However, if you want to take your time looting, we’ve found that the Blocka Cola Plant or the Mining Facility are both good spots that have decent loot, and barely any people actually land there. However, these locations are usually far from the circle, which means that you’ll have to move to safety as the match progresses.

  1. Small Isle

Everything goes on the Small Isle map. True to its name, this map is very cramped and most of its locations are only a short walk away from each other. There are no isolated areas in the map and you’re likely to run into a player or two no matter where you land. This map is only for the daredevils out there; we recommend avoiding it until you get used to the controls.

Pixel Gun 3D PC - Best Tips for Surviving in the Battle Royale Mode

Use the Threat and Treasure Indicators

Pixel Gun has indicators for both enemies and treasure chests, which appear in a ring around your character, indicating their general direction in relation to your current position. These indicators are very useful for spotting nearby players, either when they’re running around  or when they’re shooting at other players.

The threat indicators have different icons depending on what they’re picking up. You can either see footsteps that appear when a player is running nearby, or an explosion icon, which appears when a player is shooting nearby. You can also find a chest icon, which points towards nearby treasure chests.

Pixel Gun 3D PC - Best Tips for Surviving in the Battle Royale Mode

Pay attention to these indicators at all times as they will help to avoid ambushes. On the flipside, always try to walk slowly when you hear an enemy nearby. That way, you won’t pop up on his indicators. In these cases, it’s better to wait for him to walk by before ambushing him, rather than running around trying to pick a fight.

Keep Your Ears and Eyes Open

This goes for pretty much any battle royale game, but you can hear and see your enemies in Pixel Gun 3D far before they show up as threat indicators. So put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and keep your ears open for gunfire, footsteps, and other sounds that might point you towards a nearby threat.

Similarly, make sure to stop every now and then when you get to a safe spot, and scan the horizon for a few moments. The characters in this game are HUGE; you can see them sticking out like sore thumbs when they’re lumbering around the field. If you have a sniper rifle, you could even score a few kills from unsuspecting enemies. A good strategy here is to use boxes as bait for enemies. If you see them walking towards a box, wait until they stop to loot it before opening fire. Just remember to go for the head!

Pixel Gun 3D PC - Best Tips for Surviving in the Battle Royale Mode

Look for the Golden Chests

All of the loot in the battle royale mode comes from the boxes and chests that are scattered around the field. These chests come in several colors, which represent their quality and the rarity of the loot within. In ascending order of quality, these are the five colors of chests in the game:

  1. Brown: Offers the most common and weakest weapons.
  2. Blue: Has rare and uncommon weapons.
  3. Orange: Contain gadgets and other useful items.
  4. Golden: Have the strongest weapons you can find lying around the field.
  5. Purple: These only fall from airdrops and contain the rarest weapons in the game.

Pixel Gun 3D PC - Best Tips for Surviving in the Battle Royale Mode

The idea when choosing a landing spot is trying to look for an area with golden chests, as the weapons within will give you a big advantage over other players. You can even spot them from a distance since they glow real bright; it’s even possible to spot them while flying down from the plane.

Looting the golden chests is often an important key to success in the battle royale mode. Whenever possible, you should always try to look for them. Alternatively, they’re awesome bait for other players and you can wait until enemies start to loot them before attacking them to score an easy kill.


When it comes to surviving in this mode, it’s much better to pick everything up, even when you don’t need it. This is particularly important when it comes to health pickups and recovery items. In this sense, we’ve found that it’s often better to leave behind a weapon and take an extra medkit if it means depriving the enemy of the opportunity. The same goes for the items that instantly restore your health; don’t leave them lying around and give the enemy a chance to heal himself.

Pixel Gun 3D PC - Best Tips for Surviving in the Battle Royale Mode

The key to winning in Pixel Gun’s battle royale mode is to master the movements and the way weapons work. It’s going to be tough at first since the game is really fast-paced and you’ll die in seconds. But after you figure out how the enemy moves and how to properly use your guns, you’ll find yourself getting more kills, and possibly even winning a match or two. Just remember to play it on PC with BlueStacks if you want to enjoy the best controls and performance!