Play Together is mostly a game about making your own fun; a game where you can enter a world of possibilities with many elements to interact with, as well as countless other players running around doing their own thing. In other words, this game is a sandbox with seemingly no objective, but with tons of content to explore and enjoy. From running errands for NPCs, participating in a variety of minigames, meeting and chatting with new people from around the globe, or customizing your own avatar and home with myriad clothing and accessories, and furniture and decorations, respectively, you have the ability to choose your own path in Play Together.

Play Together - The Best Tips and Tricks for Winning in the Game Party Mode

However, sandbox elements aside, Play Together has a very distinctive game mode called Game Party, which essentially consists of a gauntlet of minigames not unlike the ones in Fall Guys. These games are excellent for those who want a challenge, and for the times in which you want to participate in something a bit more exciting than running around and interacting with people. 

Game Party is unlocked pretty much as you start the game. In this sense, if you’re playing Play Together more for this aspect rather than the social elements, you’re more than free to do so. However, if you want the best results in this game mode, you’re much better off playing Play Together on PC with BlueStacks especially since our emulator not only gives you the best performance with this mobile game, but it also gives you superior controls using your mouse and keyboard.

Play Together - The Best Tips and Tricks for Winning in the Game Party Mode

In this article, we’re going to give you the best tips and tricks for winning in the Game Party mode in Playing Together. 

Let’s get started.

Play on PC to Get the Best Controls

The road to victory in Game Party starts with having the best tools for the job. And by tools, we mean installing Play Together on PC with BlueStacks. This is because, as we mentioned above, our Android emulator has tons of features that can help to improve your gameplay experience with this game.

Play Together - The Best Tips and Tricks for Winning in the Game Party Mode

When it comes to Game Party, you’ll need to perform jumps and movements with precision, something that can be quite difficult when playing on your phone. Not only are you more likely to mess up jumps and moves due to lag and slowdowns when playing on your phone, but the action of jumping and navigating through obstacles is also much more difficult when playing using touchscreen controls. With BlueStacks, you get not only the best and most stable performance at all times, but you can also execute all sorts of maneuvers using your mouse and keyboard, which in turn will make it much easier to defeat the competition. 

Check out our BlueStacks settings guide to learn more about how to configure your BlueStacks to get the best performance and controls in Play Together.

The Different Game Types

There are a variety of game types in the Game Party mode, which mostly play the same, but often have radically different objectives. Nevertheless, knowing what awaits you in each of the games is vitally important for your success as it’ll give you an idea of what you must do and how to win.

While there are lots of games in the Play Together Game Party, here are some of the most notable:

Play Together - The Best Tips and Tricks for Winning in the Game Party Mode

  1. Obstacle Race: One of the most common game types, where the objective is simply to navigate across a variety of different obstacles in order to reach the finishing line. If you don’t make the cut, or the time runs out, you’ll automatically lose and be taken to the results screen.
  2. Speed Race: Similar to the above, but with fewer obstacles. Your character often gets a massive speed boost in this game mode as well, which makes it more like a racing game rather than an obstacle course. The objective here is to, once again, reach the goal faster than the rest.
  3. Descend: Players start in a tower where the floors are made up of hexagon tiles. The idea is to walk on the tiles to find the false one that will drop you to the next floor. The players who reach the bottom first are the winners.
  4. Hot Potato: In this game, a player randomly gets a hot potato that will blow up after some time. The idea is to run towards other players and tag them to pass the hot potato onto them. To help the chosen players, those with the hot potato run slightly faster than the others.
  5. Rotating Logs: The players are placed on top of a platform with rotating logs, with a thinner spiky log spinning underneath. In this game, you must stay on top of the platform while avoiding the spiky logs. The game ends once the timer runs out, with the survivors moving onto the next round.

Play Together - The Best Tips and Tricks for Winning in the Game Party Mode

Tips for Winning Matches

Your strategy will obviously depend on the game you get. In this sense, here are some of the best tips for winning games in the Game Party mode.

For races such as Obstacle Race or Speed Race, where the idea is to reach a goal faster than the others, timing is always key. Most of the challenges from these game modes come from the fact that you can’t freely control your camera to get a better view of the obstacles. In this sense, you need to rely on proper timing to get over gaps, which are some of the most common hazards in these modes. Don’t jump too soon, and you’ll make it.

However, in the case of Speed Races, you may sometimes come across speed boost tiles that give you a burst in velocity when you run on them. The key to winning in these races is not only to avoid getting slowed down by obstacles, but also to use the boosts effectively, while also avoiding running over the blue speed decrease tiles.

In the Descend mode, the idea is to cover as much territory in the shortest time. A good strategy to quickly find the false tile is to use a sweeping system where you go either from row to row, or column to column. This pattern will ensure you don’t accidentally miss the false tile if run over it. If you’re playing on BlueStacks and can maneuver effectively, you could also use a zig-zag pattern to cover two rows or columns at the same time. Regardless of your method, always keep your eyes open to see if other players have found a hole nearby that you can use to avoid getting left behind.

Play Together - The Best Tips and Tricks for Winning in the Game Party Mode

For the Rotating Logs minigame, the key is to not get impatient. This game doesn’t really have any time constraints, and the only way to lose is by mistiming a jump and getting hit by the spiky logs. With that being said, to avoid accidentally bumping into the spiky logs while trying to jump over them, make sure to always jump in the opposite direction of where they are spinning.

Last, for the Hot Potato minigame, your worst enemy and best friend at the same time is the camera. Since you really can’t move your perspective, and are stuck with your character in the center of the screen at all times, it’s really hard to notice where the hot potato will come from. And since they’re always faster than you, you need to rely on keen reflexes to spot them and try luring it towards other players before they get you. On the flipside, you could use the camera to your advantage by camping on any of the bottom corners of the stage, which are a bit harder to see and which can keep you safe a bit better than other places.

Play Together - The Best Tips and Tricks for Winning in the Game Party Mode

Above all else, remember that when it comes to the Game Party mode in Play Together, absolutely no one is your friend. Other players are just obstacles that you need to overcome in order to take the victory. And since the winner gets the most rewards at the end, it’s in your best interests to always win. 

The faster you get into this shark mentality, the easier it’ll be to win your games. In this sense, remember that all characters have physical collisions, and that you can use your body to block other players’ paths, which will come in handy for knocking other players off obstacle courses and making them lose precious time. Just be careful and don’t fall in the process, otherwise you’ll be the one losing time.

Play Together - The Best Tips and Tricks for Winning in the Game Party Mode

And that’s all you need to know about winning in the Game Party mode in Play Together. These are just some of the most notable minigames in this game mode, which you’ll likely get in most matches. Feel free to share your own tips and tricks in the comments below!