There are many different pokemon to choose from in this MOBA, each with their own unique moves, stats, and passives skills. These pokemon, in turn, are divided into certain categories, which essentially represent their roles in every match. However, knowing which pokemon is the best in every category is not immediately apparent simply from looking at them at a glance, which is where this guide comes in.

Keep in mind that, when we refer to a pokemon as “the best in their category”, we’re not actually saying that they’re the strongest overall, but that they don’t require assistance in order to perform their roles. While there are pokemon like Zeraora who can jungle and gank easily, there are others like Absol who, while in the same category, are more team players since they can massively slow enemies and leave them open to attacks by teammates. In this guide, however, we’re focusing on the ones who can shine bright on their own, with minimal support from their team, with the exceptions of supportive roles like supporters and defenders, of course.

The Best All-Rounder

The role of all-rounder is apparent just from their name. These pokemon are not meant to excel particularly at either attacking or defending, but their balanced stats are supposed to make them very versatile units that can adapt to a variety of situations and complete many different roles. And for the most part, this is true.

However, there are some all-rounders that can absolutely stand on their own on most occasions, excelling at defending points, ganking enemies, 1v1s, and even at wiping entire enemy teams like a dedicated attacker could.

Pokémon Unite on PC - The Best Pokemon for Every Role

Two of these powerful all-rounders are Lucario, and Machamp. However, if we had to choose one, we’d have to go with Machamp. This is because, while Lucario is quite strong and an excellent chaser, Machamp is also great at pursuing and engaging, though he can also make himself immune to control effects for a short period. This invulnerability, coupled with his excellent damage output, particularly when he uses his Unite Move, makes Machamp into a veritable powerhouse that can pummel enemies as well as defend points against several players by himself.

The Best Attacker

In contrast to all-rounders, attackers are all about the offense, with none of the defense. As such, it’s not uncommon for these pokemon to waltz in, easily destroy their enemies, and run out in a matter of seconds. In this sense, most attackers are as deadly as they are fragile. However, there’s one combatant that stands out among the rest, Cinderace.

While the flaming bunny doesn’t really do much in the way of burst damage, his sustained DPS is second to none. This is in part due to his fantastic attack speed and basic attack damage, as well as his massive attack range and movement speed. Once this pokemon locks onto you and starts attacking, you’re either forced to 1v1 him, or be defeated while he chases you since you probably won’t be able to outrun him or his auto attacks. 

Pokémon Unite on PC - The Best Pokemon for Every Role

Cinderace is the type of pokemon that must be shut down quickly, or else he’ll just auto-attack your team to oblivion. Luckily, he requires some items as well as farming to unlock his potential. In this sense, if you manage to shut him down early on, you could get the upper hand.

The Best Defender

While the role of an attacker is to defeat the enemy team with their sheer damage output, the defenders exist to prevent that entirely. 

Though they don’t have much in the way of damage, defenders have tons of HP, defense, and special defense, which lets them tank tons of hits. Moreover, their skills are often designed for disrupting or controlling the enemy, which can then lead to fantastic setups as enemies can get picked off one by one if your defender is proactive and skilled enough.

Pokémon Unite on PC - The Best Pokemon for Every Role

Though there aren’t really any bad defenders, we would have to choose Snorlax as the best for this role. This is in part due to his great damage output early on, which can help to secure some eliminations and snowball the attackers to victory, as well as to his fantastic crowd control abilities that only get better as he levels up. His Heavy Slam + Block combo is the best way to catch stragglers as you can launch them into the air with the former, and then push them back into your team with the former.

The Best Supporter

Supporters in Pokemon Unite are a bit more complex, in that their effectiveness is mostly up to the player’s skills. This is because, while their skills can be quite useful, they can be used in several different ways to achieve different effects. For example, Mr. Mime’s barriers can be used for blocking enemies from escaping or from approaching, but they can also be used offensively to create a wall that he can slam enemies against using his Confusion skill, to deal massive damage.

Pokémon Unite on PC - The Best Pokemon for Every Role

Nevertheless, the best supporter is, not surprisingly, the one that can provide the best support to the team, which happens to be Eldegoss. This pokemon is the definition of a supporter, as most of his skills can either restore the team’s HP, shield them from harm, or give them a speed buff. Simply put, a team with Eldegoss is much more difficult to beat in teamfights, hands down.

The Best Speedster

As we mentioned in our jungler guide for Pokemon Unite, speedsters are meant to occupy the middle lane and farm off the wild pokemon during the first few minutes of the match. This is because they have strong, bursty skills, as well as great movement abilities that let them easily close gaps, gank lanes, and prey on weakened enemies. In this sense, farming for a few moments in the jungle at the beginning, they can unlock both of their skills, and then move onto lanes for ganking and facilitating eliminations.

The best speedster in the game is, without a doubt, Zeraora. This pokemon brings everything to the table: he’s fast, has massive damage output, and has fantastic movement skills. And later on in the match, he can learn Discharge, which is an AoE skill that continuously deals damage to nearby enemies. This damage is so high that it can greatly weaken, or outright eliminate most targets who stand in his way. Furthermore, while Zeraora can be quite fragile, he can sustain himself with his passive, which restores his HP with every third basic attack.

Pokémon Unite on PC - The Best Pokemon for Every Role

His unique kit and fantastic damage, coupled with his sustainability, make Zeraora one of the best pokemon in the game, to the point where he can replace attackers and carry the team to victory if left unchecked.

What are your suggestions for best pokemon in Pokemon Unite? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!