Command and Conquer: Legions is a strategic RPG that also incorporates real-time building systems that can offer you creativity on how you want to develop your very own military base. The game has just been released globally and is already making waves of commotion among the SRPG community. Featuring a plethora of features to keep you entertained and engaged, step into the world of military warfare and take command of your very own army! Command and Conquer: Legions is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. 

Command and Conquer: Legions – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

Command and Conquer: Legions is a strategy-oriented RPG that sees you role-play as the commander of humanity’s last dawn as the evil CABAL organization has sent a cyborg force to eradicate all humans from Earth. Known as the “Third Tiberium War”, the war is all about collecting and harvesting the precious element of life called Tiberium. In this article, we will be sharing some of our personally observed tips and tricks to get the maximum amount of progression as a new player. We will also be sharing some tips for veterans of the genre who might be coming to Command and Conquer: Legions since it has been newly launched. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the meat of the article!

Tip #1. Increasing your Resource Production

Command and Conquer: Legions is a city-builder at its heart that prioritizes creating new buildings and deploying them on different parts of your base. Remember, your base is also going to be your city, where your people can freely travel. Having a steady economy and ensuring more resource production is going to directly bolster your ability to progress further in the game. You can also choose to upgrade the resource buildings further to increase their efficiency in terms of time and capacity.

Command and Conquer: Legions – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

The economy is going to be the backbone of your base in all essence, as you will require the resources produced from these buildings to train more soldiers for your army as well. Keep in mind that these buildings require a specific time to be constructed and upgraded. They will also require more resources to be built, especially as they are leveled up over time. However, all these sacrifices will be greatly beneficial in the long run. 

Tip #2. Always Have Troops Trained

This tip might seem unusual, but it’s quite effective and comes from community veterans who understand such strategic RTGS games properly. Usually, players would only train troops if they are looking to attack enemies or wage war against enemy alliances. However, your troops can actually save you a lot of time even when you are not attacking. Having a stock of troops trained and ready to go can significantly decrease your training time. Always make sure to start a pack of troops to train before exiting the game or when doing menial tasks. 

Command and Conquer: Legions – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

Tip #3. Focusing on Beginner Missions

Command and Conquer: Legions has implemented a great series of quests that are like a tutorial in other similar games but additionally, they also offer generous rewards upon completion. These beginner missions are some of the best ways to get your hands on some freebies quickly and easily. Naturally, they are not going to be the most efficient if you’re looking to re-roll for a specific Officer, but they are still handy for the general player base. 

Command and Conquer: Legions – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

In fact, players can start doing them from the moment they create their account due to how adaptable they are towards your progression. These missions will also ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the various systems that present in the game such as constructing different buildings, economy, military, and how to upgrade your buildings. 

Tip #4. Re-rolling for the Best Officers

Officers are the commanders of your army who will be alongside you and your troops in battles. They have a set of powerful passive and active abilities that can ensure you a quick and effective victory. Players can obtain different rarities and types of Officers by opening the different crates in the game – Golden Crate and Silver Crate. Golden crates are quite rare but new players are given some for free as part of the pre-registration rewards. Players can make use of this opportunity to re-roll multiple accounts at a time to summon a powerful Officer right from the beginning of their journey. This will ensure a streamlined progression.

Command and Conquer: Legions – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

Tip #5. Drones are your Best Friends!

Despite being a one-dimensional game, Command and Conquer: Legions offers a lot of exploration features with its open world map that also shares its world with other players and their own bases. You can view other player’s bases by zooming out of your own and swiping your fingers left and right. However, doing this every time can be quite tedious. The game has a great addition of Drones that can help you cover this aspect. Drones can not only scout areas near your base but also be sent to foreign areas that are covered by thick and dense fog. When you dispatch a drone in these areas, the fog will dissipate, revealing more bases and resources by providing vision to you.

Playing Command and Conquer: Legions on a bigger screen of your PC with BlueStacks without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay, is highly recommended.