It’s all the little things that make the professional PUBG Mobile players the best of the best. It’s not just about them fragging out, it’s about what they do that lets them frag out. So that’s what you will be seeing in this PUBG Mobile game guide. Have you ever tried to copy a play that a pro did, and for some reason it just didn’t work as well for you as it did for them? Chances are, it’s not just because of your aim that it didn’t work out for you. The truth is, there are tons of things that pros are constantly thinking about and doing while playing the game. It’s a lot more than just looking at their crosshair and shooting.

Going Silent

Going Silent is a technique used by many players in PUBG Mobile, especially when they are in a clutch situation. The goal with going silent is that you want to reset what your enemy knows, or thinks they know about your position. When you’re in a clutch, say it’s a 1v1 or a 1v2, information is key. The longer time that passes between your last known location to the enemy team, the harder it is going to be to predict where you are. Here’s an example for you. You’re in a 1v1, and the enemy spots you in an area. 3 seconds pass. 

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

At this point, the enemy is thinking, where could you possibly have gone within these 3 seconds. The answer is likely, not far. However, rather than going silent for 3 seconds, say you go silent for 15. The distance widens. Now instead of 15, say it was 30. When you go silent, basically what it does, is it makes your enemies question the information they have further. The longer you wait, the less valuable the information they had becomes, and this is why going silent is so strong. When you’re in a 1v1 situation, information is key, and that’s why going silent can be such a strong technique. 

Flash Out

Moving on, the second technique pros use in PUBG Mobile, is expecting flashes before they come. This isn’t always as big brain as you think, and you can absolutely do this too. If you’re ever wondering why some players seem to be able to dodge flashes so much easier than you can, you might be surprised that it’s not actually because of their reaction time. Something you hear a lot of lower rank players say is “I just don’t have the reaction time to dodge flashes”. 

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

In reality, if you’re relying strictly on reaction time, it can actually be very difficult to dodge flashes. The reason pros are good at dodging flashes is because oftentimes, they are expecting the flash, and preparing themselves for when it comes. The thing is, it’s a lot easier to react to something, when you know it’s coming. So you need to be prepared for incoming flashes. Now you can either prepare for flashes by getting ready to look away, or you can put a wall between you and where the flash will land, and peek off of the noise of the flash. 

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

Something you want to avoid is playing a one and done angle vs a flash. Optimally, you want to have a location you can fall back to, in case you do end up getting flashed. Using this technique, and being aware of where your enemy might throw flashes from, will help you prepare for their flashes. So when they do come, you don’t end up getting full blinded into oblivion.

Sitting and Spraying

The third technique pro’s use that you may not be familiar with, is actually crouch spraying to correct their recoil. Now on the surface to a lot of players, they may have heard that crouch spraying is a bad thing, and in some situations it is. Specifically at lower ranks in PUBG Mobile, a lot of players have a bad habit of crouching when shooting at enemy players. Oftentimes this can end up causing them to miss shots, or even get themselves killed. However, there are actually times in the game when crouching does happen to be an okay thing to do.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

The first bullets in the spray tend to go more or less in the same position as always. This is what we’re going to be focusing on. You see, with the spray in PUBG Mobile, the first 3 bullets can be fairly easily controlled by just pulling your mouse down slightly as you shoot. After those first 3 bullets, you’ll notice the shots actually tend to jump up a bit more. What you can actually do to counteract this, is if you crouch after those first 3 bullets, and perform the same amount of pull down you did for the first three, you can get all of your first 6 shots to land, in pretty much the same position.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

You’ll find this technique is especially useful when attempting to spray transfer onto multiple targets in PUBG Mobile. This is going to be the most optimal use of this tactic. However, because it does require you to crouch, which is oftentimes only a good decision, if you intend to commit to a spray. 

Angled Gunfights

Moving onto the 4th Technique Pro Players use in PUBGM. That’s going to be using off angles to get an advantage in gunfights. Now, a lot of you have probably heard of off angles. It’s still fairly uncommon to see players utilize them to their full effect. You see, the reason off angles are so good, is because enemies will rarely expect you to be playing them. For the simple reason that they are very dangerous positions to play. The advantage of an off angle is it likely won’t be pre-aimed. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t have any cover so it can be very dangerous to play.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

You can still use off angles. The biggest thing you need to keep in mind when using one though, is what are the dangers of you playing there, and what are the chances that you get punished. If you’re in a 1v1, off angles can sometimes be a really strong tactic. They can also be strong if you know the enemy has no flashes or intel, to punish you from playing an off angle. A really good way to shut down someone playing an off angle, is to flash them. If you know the enemy team has no flashes alive, there is a lot less you need to worry about. 

Optimal Range of Engagement

Basically what you need to understand for this, is that every weapon has a range in which it is most effective. In PUBG Mobile it is most obvious with Shotguns, but it applies to every weapon. You’ll see a lot of players ignore this and challenge angles that they just really shouldn’t be. A shotgun’s optimal range of engagement is 0-15 meters, but a gun like the M416 has an optimal range of engagement is more-so 15-45 meters. The reason for this is because the M416 actually outclasses the pump shotgun within 15 meters. Meaning the M416 is most optimally going to be used from a bit further of a distance. 

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

However, this is all relative to what is going on in the game. For example, if the enemy team has an AWM, your Optimal Range of Engagement, even with the M416, now becomes closer to 0-15 meters. The closer you get to the Operator, the easier they will be to punish. Now you’re seeing how dynamic this Technique can get. That’s why it’s important to consider what weapons you have, and what weapons your enemies have, and try to pick your engagements around that. It’s not like the M416 is bad within 15 meters, it’s just that that’s where almost every other gun excels.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

This seems like a fairly simple technique at the core, but a lot of players still will choose to challenge longer angles. That mostly just ends up being a really bad idea. By constantly thinking about what gun you have, and where you want to take your engagements, you can surely bring your game to the next level.

Jump Peekaboo

Moving onto technique number 6, which is jump peeking. Once again, this is something a lot of players know about, but still not a lot players do. The thing is, it’s incredibly common to see higher tier players jump peeking angles. They realize how valuable information is, and they know jump peeking is a fairly safe way to gather it. It can be incredibly tempting to peek out from cover and attempt to take a shot at an enemy who may be there. However, the reality is, sometimes it’s just a better idea to get the info and get out. 

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

Rather than planning to take a shot that you likely won’t even land, by just doing a quick jump peek, and then dipping back to play with your team, you can safely gather info, without risking your life. A safe way you can do this is by running forward, and as you hit the jump key, quickly strafe your mouse back, and hold the “A” and “S” key at the same time. You’ll safely strafe away from the corner, and grab the info you need for your team. By abusing this, you can make for some very safe peeks, while risking very little chance of dying.

Helping Hand

Switching perspectives to our 7th technique though, and this is something a LOT of players struggle with. It’s using your loot to help your teammates, instead of yourself. This is a trait that is a lot more common in support players, than it is in duelists. You can, and should be thinking about how your loot can benefit your teammates at pretty much all times. A lot of players are very selfish with their loot, but PUBG Mobile is a team game. If you only use your loot to help yourself, not only will you likely lose more games, but you’ll probably frustrate your teammates a bit. 

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

A good way to help your teammates for example is with smokes. If you see a player on your team pushed up in a position, smoking off a potential location they could get peeked from can help immensely. Even if you don’t have smokes, throwing a flash for a teammate who may be entering an area can be a massive help. Anyone is capable of thinking about how their loot can benefit themselves. It takes a really good player to also be able to constantly think about how their loot can help their team, and that’s what’s going to really separate a good player from a great player.

Team Peeking

Now to the last technique, and that is double peeking angles, with your teammates. This can be a harder tactic to coordinate at times, and this is why it’s a lot less common. PUBG Mobile a lot of the time, is just a game of numbers. If you get challenged by two people, at the exact same time, it’s going to be near impossible to win that gunfight. After all, you can only aim at one person at a time. To coordinate a double peek, what you’re going to want to do with your teammate is, call out to them exactly when you want to peek at the enemy. 

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

You can do this with a countdown, or just by making the callout that you’re peeking. It can be done even just by acknowledging when your teammate makes contact, and swing with them. To organize this, it is best to communicate beforehand that this is what you intend to do. When done correctly, a double peek can make it near impossible for the enemy to win the engagement. However, if done incorrectly you may just let the enemy isolate their encounters, and pick both of you off. So it’s very important you and your teammate are on the same page. 

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Guide: Elevate Your Game ProStyle

Double peeking is an incredibly strong technique specifically in 2v1 situations, as you are forcing one enemy to challenge two of you at the same time. It is even better, when the enemy is making a lot of noise, so you know exactly where they are.