PUBG Mobile has added a new map called Karakin, and it is very dry. So in this guide you will be given tips and tricks for the new Karakin map. Starting with the first tip: 

How to land faster

Usually, in other maps, you jump out of a plane at 800 meters but in Karakin you need to make that jump at around 350 meters. Then pull your joystick at an angle to reach the maximum diving speed, which is 234 kilometers per hour. If everything goes right you will land exactly at your marked location.


In Karakin map you also get an exclusive new weapon called PanzerFaust. It’s a one-time use rocket launcher that is extremely powerful and dangerous. Before you understand how to use the PanzerFaust, you need to know how powerful it is. The PanzerFaust will kill everyone under four meters of its explosive radius. Sometimes it can kill even up to five meters of its radius. At zero to two meters the enemy will obviously die. At four meters the enemy is most likely to die. If they didn’t die then the enemy will lose 90 percent of their health. At six meters the enemy will lose 60 to 90 percent of health depending on the explosion and where you hit. Eight meters and you deal 25 damage. 

PUBG Mobile Karakin Survival Guide: You'll Need More Than Tips and Tricks Here

These are just approximate values. The damage in-game one might deal can be more damage or less depending on the explosion and situation. Using the PanzerFaust is very simple but sometimes it could be difficult. You just need to aim really close to the enemy and hit mostly at the ground. Do not aim for the enemy because if they move you will miss your shot. So always aim really close to the enemy and fire. In close-range fights don’t be afraid of blowing yourself up because you only lose 25 HP with your own PanzerFaust explosion. Your enemies however will die immediately. Also, when you shoot the PanzerFaust at your teammates, they won’t die but they will lose 25 HP just like you. 

PUBG Mobile Karakin Survival Guide: You'll Need More Than Tips and Tricks Here

You can use it to shoot accurately up to 150 meters since it has three adjustment modes 60, 100, and 150 meters. All you have to do is aim at your enemy and mark the location which will tell you how far the target is. Then click on the adjust button and adjust according to the distance, then fire. The PanzerFaust is a really powerful weapon. It deals damage to targets within six meters of the impact point. So, when shooting at really far targets you have to be really accurate since you get only one shot. The PanzerFaust will spawn around on the Karakin map at really low rates. 

It seems to be more common in the hidden areas such as undergrounds and the few hidden buildings where you need to blast your way in to get inside. When it comes to undergrounds, the only way you can enter them is via a bunker. You also need to have a C4 or sticky bomb with you to break into those bunkers.


Here is a tip about bunkers and always remember this thing: the bunkers with a flag on them will have an underground route. This means you can enter them, but the bunkers with no flag will have no entrance to the underground. They are just bunkers which you can use to hide inside. 

Sticky Bombs

Moving on to the next Karakin exclusive thing, sticky bombs. These sticky bombs replace grenades on this map. Yes, you won’t find any grenades in Karakin, only Molotovs and flash grenades. Sticky bombs will deal damage to targets within four meters of the impact point. 

PUBG Mobile Karakin Survival Guide: You'll Need More Than Tips and Tricks Here

This sticky bomb damage will kill everyone under three meters of its impact point. If you’re 3.5 meters away, you will lose around 70 of your HP. At four meters you will lose 25 of your HP and at five meters away the sticky bomb will not deal any damage. Its effective range is only up to four meters.

Karakin Zones

The red zone, which is the purple zone in Karakin, is a bit different. In every other map of PUBG Mobile, the red zone means that bombs will drop from the air in open spaces. This means that to stay alive you need to run inside a building. That has gone for a toss in Karakin. The zone is now called the demolition zone which is purple and will destroy some of the buildings randomly. So, if you find yourself in a demolition zone on Karakin, it’s highly recommended that you get out of the buildings. This zone will only destroy buildings and if you’re inside one of them you will get killed immediately. Even your teammates won’t be able to revive you. If your building is not completely inside the demolition zone area, you should still get out from there. Hopefully, before it’s too late.

PUBG Mobile Karakin Survival Guide: You'll Need More Than Tips and Tricks Here

A tactical tip for Karakin would be to take advantage of high ground such as buildings and mountains. Use the high hills to your advantage. It’s harder for the enemies to hit you especially if you have rocks as your cover. Also, when doing a rotation or moving to the safe zone, travel from mountain to mountain. Never leave the high ground advantage that you have otherwise you will get stuck at low grounds. It is highly recommended that you to go from hill to hill even if it takes longer. The last thing is that there are few walls in Karakin which can easily be penetrated with gunshots. So be careful when you’re hiding behind those walls. You can also  destroy the entire walls with a PanzerFaust or a sticky bomb. 

G36C vs M416

If you have been playing on the Karakin map of PUBG Mobile then you might have noticed something with the weapon loot. More often than not you will be finding the G36C on this map. This 5.56 rifle is the weapon exclusive fto the Karakin map. That is not unusual for PUBG Mobile. Sanhok’s exclusive weapon is the QBZ, while Miramar has the Win94. That’s why in this guide you will also be getting familiar with the G36C. It will be pitted against the M416 which is the best 5.56 AR. The M416 and G36C are very similar weapons, and they have a lot of things in common. They both share the same amount of damage and the rate of fire is also identical between M416 and G36C. The bullet velocity is also the same, so the long range sprays should be identical with both weapons. So let’s compare these very similar guns.

Recoil and Control

Well, the first noticeable difference would be the recoil controlling and handling of the weapon. Most players would agree that the G36C has more consistent spray, and it’s more stable than the M416. Taking a look at the recoil pattern of M416 and G36C when shot at the same wall five times should give some findings. This test was done without any attachments. The first thing you’ll notice is that G36C’s recoil is almost in a straight line. The M416 however is kind of unstable and it goes left and right in an unpredictable way right after the first five bullets. The M416 has less vertical recoil while the G36C has less horizontal recoil.

PUBG Mobile Karakin Survival Guide: You'll Need More Than Tips and Tricks Here

This is important information because if your spray goes up almost in a straight line, it’s easier to control the recoil, since you just have to pull down your weapon in a straight line. When the spray tends to move randomly to the left and right direction then it’s going to be really hard to control the recoil. The G36C has a big advantage in long-range fights due to its low horizontal recoil. This means you can connect more of your shots with its amazing accuracy.

PUBG Mobile Karakin Survival Guide: You'll Need More Than Tips and Tricks Here

If you are wondering how good is G36C performance in close range, it performs as good as the M416. Some would say it is slightly better than the M416 since it has less horizontal recoil. There is absolutely no doubt that the G36C is a better weapon than the M416. The gun does everything that the M416 can do and in some situations, it does it even better. If you ever find the G36C then you should pick it.  The G36c can only be found in Karakin now whereas the M416 is available on every map. 


So which is the best grip for this weapon? Well, there is no such thing as the best grip because every grip in PUBG Mobile has its own purpose. Every player prefers different grips, so you need to go through all the grips to figure out which one will be better for you.

Starting with the Vertical Grip; It will reduce only the vertical recoil by about 15 percent on most weapons. Since the G36C has a slightly higher vertical recoil, using this grip will fix the problem. If you’re using this weapon for the very first time then it’s highly recommended that you use the vertical grip. This grip can be used in all situations from close to mid and long-range as well. 

PUBG Mobile Karakin Survival Guide: You'll Need More Than Tips and Tricks Here

Moving on to the Angled Grip, which reduces only the horizontal recoil by 15 percent. The G36C has almost no horizontal recoil but this grip also increases the ADS speed slightly. This grip can be used by any player, just be aware that you need to drag your gun down really quickly since G36C’s vertical recoil is very high. This grip can be used for all situations.

The Half Grip reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil. It also reduces the stability while firing which could be a problem for few players. Basically, it makes the weapon jump a lot more than usual while firing. With that said, it’s not a bad grip since it reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil. This grip too can also be used for almost all situations but the weapon will be less stable with this grip.

PUBG Mobile Karakin Survival Guide: You'll Need More Than Tips and Tricks Here

Moving on to the Thumb Grip, which opens up scope 30 percent faster. This grip gives you the ability to engage into a fight much faster while also reducing a small amount of recoil. The amount of recoil reduction is almost negligible. This grip is only suited for close combat fights. It helps you to attack faster.

Some players might say Light Grip is the best grip and some might say it’s the worst grip in PUBG Mobile. It reduces the recoil recovery and stability of the weapon while firing. It does reduce recoil but by a very little amount. Furthermore, it is mostly used with the red dot sights to spray up to 100 meters to get the best accuracy of the weapon. Vertical and angled grip are the most popular ones with this weapon but others are also good if you know how to use them properly.