Whenever you play PUBG Mobile battle royale matches, the one thing that is bound to happen is looting drops. Airdrops in the game are full of weapons and items that do give players a significant edge. Most of the time these air drops are full of items like level 3 vest and helmet plus some of the rarest weapons in the game. These weapons include AWM, AUG A3, MK-14, Groza, and M249. There was a time that you could get the DBS shotgun but not anymore. The way these airdrops work in the game needs to be explained.

As the game progresses, the safe zone keeps collapsing. Now, the airdrops in the early part of the game have weapons like AUG A3 most of the time. You can get other weapons as well, but usually it contains the AUG with the Ghillie Suit and some level 3 gear. The initial airdrops usually have weapons that use 5.56 ammunition like the AUG and M249. Then by the mid-game, you’ll start getting guns that use the 7.62 ammunition. These guns include Groza and MK-14 which are both quite powerful guns. So it is easy to see how looting them can give a player slightly better chances of winning

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: M249 LMG Compared with Groza

So, have you ever been in a situation where you have to choose between Groza over M249? Technically you could actually use both of them but you will run into some problems especially when spraying at certain distances. That is why you need to have a secondary weapon that is capable of handling mid to long range targets. Let’s start the comparison between Groza and M249 to figure out which one will be better for you.


The damage of these two weapons is completely different since they use different ammunition. The M249 uses 5.56 ammo and does 44 damage. That’s slightly higher than M4 and SCAR-L. The Groza uses 7.62 ammo and does 48 damage which is the same damage as an AKM.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: M249 LMG Compared with Groza

PUBG Mobile nerfed and reduced the performance of Groza in TDM because it’s too powerful. Even after the nerf reduced its damage players are still using Groza because it’s too damn powerful. That doesn’t make M249 a bad weapon. It uses 5.56 ammunition which is smaller when compared to the 7.62 ammo. You can save some space in your bag for some other utilities, or you could carry 40% extra ammo for M249.

Rate of Fire

Now moving on to the rate of fire. The M249 has a faster firing rate. The original rate of fire of Groza is 0.08 while the M249 has 0.75. That’s a big enough difference to create a perceivable gap in the game. Since M249 has a faster firing rate, is it better than Groza? Not exactly. If you take a look at DPS which stands for damage per second, the Groza has 600 while the M249 has 586 DPS. Even though that is really close, Groza does win in terms of damage output, and also it has high headshot damage just like AKM.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: M249 LMG Compared with Groza

With that being said, PUBG Mobile itself has issues when it comes to the rate of fire. The rate of fire changes depending on what FPS you’re playing on and in case of Groza, it shoots faster at medium frame rates. If the FPS is higher, then the rate of fire changes as well. If you’re playing in the low frame rate option then the gross firing rate will be slowed by about 20 and for every single frame drop, you get the firing rate will be reduced by another 4. For the M249 your firing rate will be slowed by 25 and for every single frame drop you get it will be reduced by another 4.7.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: M249 LMG Compared with Groza

This is really bad for both of the weapons but if you play in low FPS, then using Groza will give you better performance. In the medium frame rates, the Groza achieves the fastest rate of fire. For every single frame drop its firing rate will be reduced by 4%. The M249 rate of fire will be slowed by about 6.25 and for every single frame drop, it slows even further by 3.7. There is absolutely no doubt that the Groza is the go-to choice if you play in medium frame rates. Groza performs better at low, medium, high, and extreme frame rates. While the M249 performs better at ultra and 90 FPS.

Recoil Pattern

When it comes to recoil pattern, both of these weapons have different patterns. The M249 has a terrible horizontal recoil pattern. It would be really challenging to control the recoil especially when it starts moving horizontally. The first 10 bullets of M249 are easy to control but after 10 bullets the horizontal recoil starts to kick in. It could go either left or right randomly. This is why M249’s range is limited to 50 to 60 meters and most people prefer to use it with red dot. You could put a 3x and spray at 100 meters targets but you need to take down your target in the first 10 bullets. If you can’t then just stop firing after 10 bullets otherwise the horizontal recoil starts to increase.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: M249 LMG Compared with Groza

So try to always give a small gap between every 10-bullet spray to avoid getting that crazy amount of horizontal recoil. There is a small advantage you get with M249 which is that you don’t need any attachments other than a scope. Whereas Groza requires two attachments, an extended mag and a suppressor. The suppressor isn’t that necessary since it doesn’t affect anything in regards to recoil. The suppressor is there to eliminate the weapon sound and muzzle flash.

The Groza wins in terms of recoil control and stability of the weapon. This is because you can put a 3x on it and spray at mid-range targets without worrying about the recoil. Whereas with M249 you need to be careful about recoil. Since the weapon firing rate can be affected by FPS, the recoil will also change according to your FPS. Theoretically, the Groza is slightly stronger than the M249. The reason being that Groza offers higher damage and better recoil control and also better stability. These small things make it a better weapon than M249.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide: M249 LMG Compared with Groza

That doesn’t make the M249 a bad weapon either. It’s just 5% less powerful than Groza but most players who use M249 use it because of its bigger magazine size, which is 100 rounds. Sometimes it scares your opponents with its sound. Everyone will be able to recognize M249 by its loud sound, and they will be afraid to take a fight against you. If you prefer to have a bigger magazine and loud sound then M249 is your go-to choice. If not then the Groza is the best choice for you anyway.