If you want to become a better PUBG: Mobile player, it is essential that you learn everything there is to know about the current in-game weapons. Knowing which gun fits best in each situation will allow you to increase your odds of success and survival. The good news is that the developers over at Tencent Games have a pretty balanced armory going on.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Updated BlueStacks Weapon Guide for 2020

Given a level playing field and enough experience, you can stay alive with virtually anything that falls into your hands. But ideal conditions are a rare sight, so, with 2020 freshly upon us, a new weapon’s guide is warranted. After going through the best items in each category, we’ll offer some recommendations in terms of which guns work well together.

Sniper Rifles

These babies are the masters of long-distance engagements. Having a Sniper rifle as your secondary will give you better odds of surviving the mid-game, since many gunfights will likely include a fair amount of terrain between you and your opponents.

Out of the bunch, the AWM reigns supreme in terms of damage and range. You’ll basically kill anything if you manage to land one bullet. Careful, though: its recoil is quite wild. Furthermore, the weapon is an air drop, so your odds of stumbling upon one are quite small.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Updated BlueStacks Weapon Guide for 2020

As such, both the M24 and the Kar94K are viable seconds. They definitely don’t deliver the same amount of power, but two shots or a single head-shot will make quick work of anyone in your sights. Regardless of what you get, remember that the fire-rate on sniper rifles is incredibly low – basically, you only shoot one bullet at a time. If you’re exploring a building or going into any structure, switch from your Sniper to something that can handle close encounters.

DMRs and Assault Rifles

These are some of the most reliable, most frequently used weapons in PUBG Mobile. Several things to keep in mind when making your choices: DMRs usually have more damage and (much) more range than ARs, while the latter have the upper hand in terms of fire rate. From the DMR category, the MK14 and the SLR have the best range. The SLR is slightly better, as it has a bit more damage and it shoots faster.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Updated BlueStacks Weapon Guide for 2020

Everything else in the DMR category is pretty much usable with the exception of the VSS. The problem with the Vintorez is that it offers none of the range of a DMR and its damage is lamentable. You’re better off choosing any of the 10 assault rifles over it.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Updated BlueStacks Weapon Guide for 2020

Speaking of ARs, the Groza still reigns supreme. It has the most power, most range, lowest recoil and highest fire rate in its category. The Russian bullpup, much like the AWM, is quite rare, so don’t go looking for it unless you happen to be near an airdrop that’s easy to loot. Usually, these sites will be crawling with enemies, so you might want to hold back and wait a little.

In its absence, the M762, AKM, and MK47 will also be effective, with the observation that the first also has an exceptional fire rate, while the latter two… not so much. The remainder of 6 rifles offer roughly the same amount of damage, but there are minor differences between them in terms of recoil and range. If you like things that shoot fast, you’re better off looking for the SCAR-L, AUG, or M416.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Updated BlueStacks Weapon Guide for 2020

Shotguns vs. LMG vs. SMG

While shotguns and submachine guns should only be considered for short- and short-to-medium range encounters, the light machine guns (M249 and DP 28) are comparable in strength with some of the best assault rifles. When shooting at a distance, these two offer the most accuracy of the bunch. Conversely, the shotguns will only be effective when you’re so close you can smell your enemies, which is why most of them get left behind on drop sites.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Updated BlueStacks Weapon Guide for 2020

The good news about them is that the S686, S1897, and S12K will kill anybody if you manage to land your shot. The SMGs are somewhere in-between the two groups, since they have a bigger range than the scatter guns, but significantly less power than either. Their advantage lies in a superior fire-rate, which, if put to proper use, can save your hide. If we have a choice, we always skip on SMGs and shotguns in favor of everything else, but that’s just us.

What to Bring in Melee

Although not technically a melee weapon, the Crossbow can be really useful for endgame situations. It deals as much damage as an AWM, while also being as silent as a ninja. Beware, though: it takes a bit of experience and precision to harness its force. If you play PUBG Mobile on Bluestacks, though, you have all the tools to become a force to be reckoned with.

The Pan and Machete will both offer some additional armor when somebody shoots at you from behind, but don’t rely on them to keep you alive. They’re the go-to attack choice if you want to really troll somebody and annoy the heck out of them.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Updated BlueStacks Weapon Guide for 2020

All of the pistols have a really small range, so we don’t really rely on them for anything – we switch between our primary and secondary when either is out of bullets. The Sawed-Off will, however, blast anybody that’s harassing you in melee, while the R45 and the R1895 can help deal some massive damage to a high armor target. The problem is that all of them have a small fire rate, while the pistols that shoot fast have much less power.

Best Weapon Combos for PUBG Mobile

When you have your pick between a wide range of weapons, you need to start thinking of the current game state, as well as your needs. If you have something with good range and damage, it might be worth to supplement with a gun that has high fire rate and vice-versa. High-ranking players will often have two similar guns, though. You can also try such setups if you’re completely confident in your ability to be accurate at any range.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Updated BlueStacks Weapon Guide for 2020

So far, we were quite successful when pairing an AKM with the DP, the M416 with SCAR-L, or AKM plus M416. As you can see, there are a number of viable PUBGM guns in each category. All you have to do is try them all and decide on your favorites. In our experience, playing with something we like makes the game much more enjoyable.