Note: This game is currently not compatible with BlueStacks

When you’re playing a battle royale game, the one thing to keep in mind is having a game plan. A game plan is nothing more than a basic tier strategy in your head on how you’re going to navigate your way around the map. In PUBG New State that translates into deciding where you are going to land, what gun you are going to pick, and more. That is the basic idea but there is a lot more detail to this and any player who wants to climb rank in this should pay attention to it. 

PUBG: New State Game Sense Guide - Take the Best Decision Based on Information

When you take a bird’s eye view of a player making their way to win the game, you start to see certain patterns of decisions that take place. They start by marking a location on their mini-map which will be their landing point. Once they have landed, then the whole looting beings. Every player’s playstyle in the game will decide how they approach the game plan. But having one is necessary and if they don’t have one, then they’ll most likely lose. The reason for that are many but it boils down to being mentally prepared or having a mental image. This PUBG New State guide is going to give you a ton of information that you will be needed when you start playing this game. This information is important as it will go a long way into building your overall game sense. 

Making Decisions

When you are in a battle royale game, you are either a player who has an idea of what you’re doing or you don’t. If you don’t then you will just land at a random location and then try to find your footing in the match. That is not going to be a good position to be in when all around you there are enemies waiting to grab some kills. When you land on the map with an idea of where you want to land, how many players you might have to deal with, then the chances of you surviving increase by a long shot. The reason is that you are creating a mental image of what to expect when you’ll land. 

PUBG: New State Game Sense Guide - Take the Best Decision Based on Information

That means when you do land, you will take a certain path to find your loot. Chances are that this path that you will be taking is going to be on an area of the map that you know well. This means that you will be familiar with loot spawn rate, vehicle positions, and houses to go in. All of these tiny little decisions take place just from the moment you put a marker on your mini-map. These very decisions take you from landing to looting to shooting to winning or losing in PUBG New State. When you are playing the game, what affects these decisions the most is your playing style. 

Choosing a Play Style

When you’re playing a multiplayer shooter, you need to have a play style. This is very important as it lets you focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. It also lets you be aware of your role when you’re playing with a team. Now, in battle royale games a general umbrella that defines playing styles is either the passive or aggressive one. If you are a player that likes to pursue engagements and tends to push towards their targets then you will fall under the general umbrella of the aggressive playstyle. Players who have aggressive playstyle tend to define their drop location, weapons, throwable, and everything else based on that playstyle. 

PUBG: New State Game Sense Guide - Take the Best Decision Based on Information

Players who fall under the passive playing style tend to avoid finding engagements and instead prefer that engagements come to them. They usually will hold an area that they understand completely and focus on enemy players coming to them. Again, these are very broad strokes to define something so complex as playing style. Even though every player has a unique playing style, all of those fall under variations of a specific playing style. For example, every sniper player may have their own way of sniping and the type of guns they prefer. However, every sniper will have to play according to the rules of sniping. 

PUBG: New State Game Sense Guide - Take the Best Decision Based on Information

That means that they will have to play passively and from behind covers at all times. Since sniper rifles are slow to shoot and the effective range of those guns is long-range, sniper players have to stay away from their targets. They will usually hide their presence completely and try to wait from a safe distance. Players who have a more aggressive playstyle will tend to find their targets than let their targets find them. This basic switch in playing styles basically comes from the mindset for finding targets and taking charge of the situation. These players will usually pick a lot more throwables and use more throwables. 

They use weapons that have more effect in close-range combat and they will incorporate a lot more movement. To put it in more simple terms, you can either be an entry fragger or a sniper. You can’t be both at the same time. Choosing the play style that suits your strengths will help you focus on how to create advantages in an engagement. 

Game Knowledge

Now, all these decisions that are being taken by a player come from their knowledge of the game. The more you play PUBG New State, the more familiar you will get with the mechanics of the game. Understanding the game mechanics is what separates the high-ranking players from the ones that are stuck in the lower ranks. If a player does not understand what guns work best in what range or which areas of the map will have more traffic, they will be blindsided by their enemies. Something to keep in mind is that your knowledge of the game will always keep evolving as PUBG New State keeps changing with the updates. 

PUBG: New State Game Sense Guide - Take the Best Decision Based on Information

Game knowledge comprises many little components. For example, the sounds that you are listening to when players make any noise. Where the sound comes from to the intensity of the sound and the timing of it, all are part of your game knowledge. This keeps evolving with time but it is this game knowledge that decides how you will approach an engagement. Once you have spent enough hours with the game then you will also be able to predict where the enemy will approach from or where you should escape from when you might be losing a fight. Now, this game knowledge too is divided into two parts. 

The game knowledge is constant and the one that is changing. When you are inside a match, as the situation changes so does your game knowledge. You apply that knowledge to make a decision.

Gathering Information

When you are playing a battle royale game in PUBG: New State, you are not going to be alone. There will be multiple other players who want to kill you and win the game. All of these other players will spread all over the map and you will encounter some of them on your way to the end game. Now, since these players are also trying to win the game, they will be seeking out kills of their own. It will be of great importance that you remain aware of your surroundings and pay attention to what sounds are being made around you. If you hear a grenade blast coming from a certain direction, you will be able to tell where other players might be from your position. 

PUBG: New State Game Sense Guide - Take the Best Decision Based on Information

The same goes for when you hear shots being fired from a certain direction. By gathering information about your surroundings you will always be in a better position to take a fight. If you already have an idea where the enemy will approach from, you can keep an eye on that area and kill the enemy before they can even find your position. Winning this game is all about surviving till the end. To do that you need to play smart and make sure that you always have an upper hand.