Note: This game is currently not compatible with BlueStacks

In shooting games like PUBG New State, something that often goes unnoticed is the skill aspect. Skills are an important part of battle royale games and these skills are what is going to win you fights. Now, when you are playing a battle royale match, there are a lot of skills that have to work together. Your aim needs to work with your movement and both need to support the subskill of crosshair placement. Crosshair placement comes under aim as well but it is a lot more complex than just raw aim. Your raw skills as a player will improve as you play the game, but your foundations will be made with an understanding of the concept. 

PUBG: New State Aiming Guide - Four Levels of Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is when you move and keep your crosshair at an angle and at a height preemptively. These angles are mostly decided by where the enemy could approach from and where the enemy could be hiding. For example, when you enter a building that you think has enemies inside, you don’t just run inside. You move from angle to angle trying to clear as many places as possible. Your crosshair in those situations will automatically go to a place where you expect the enemy to be. In essence, that is exactly what crosshair placement is in a nutshell. In a game like PUBG: New State, even a skill like a crosshair placement has layers to it. 

This very skill is what makes the high-ranking players different from lower-ranked players. Just by moving their crosshair at an enemy’s head level beforehand means that the first shot fired will be much better placed. As a new player in PUBG: New State, a good step to start your crosshair placement would be to not let your crosshair float aimlessly. When moving around the map, most players almost let go of their crosshair and just concentrate on the moving part. Never do that if you don’t want to die as soon as you are spotted. When you are moving in the game, always make sure that your crosshair is aimed at head level. 

PUBG: New State Aiming Guide - Four Levels of Crosshair Placement

This alone will increase the chances of your shots being headshots. Another thing that you can do is keep placing your crosshair at corners, angles, and known hiding spots in the game. This is called pre aiming and is one of the subskills of aiming as a whole. By pre aiming what you’re essentially doing is making sure that you get a clean shot on the enemy as soon as they appear on the screen. Since crosshair placement has levels to it, this guide too will explain how to master this skill in levels.

Level 1: Headshot

Aiming at head level is one of the most basic aspects of crosshair placement as a whole. It is a must-learn skill inside of crosshair placement and doing this will allow your flick shots to be a lot cleaner. Another thing that you will gain by aiming at head level is recoil control. When your crosshair is already aimed at the head, all you need to do is drag your crosshair down to keep it at head level. 

PUBG: New State Aiming Guide - Four Levels of Crosshair Placement

Good crosshair placement also ties into good game senes as you need to be aware of what happening around you at all times. Learning to aim at head level is not easy for most players as it requires being in a constant state of alert. However, it is one of the best ways to get instant kills even from a handgun. 

Level 2: Pre Aiming

The next level of crosshair placement is pre aiming. As the term suggests, pre aiming is when you place your crosshair at the angle the enemy could approach from. In PUBG: New State this would be when you know there is an enemy near your location and they will be entering from a certain door. You move your crosshair to that door and wait for the enemy to walk in it. Pre aiming has a lot to do with understanding the enemy movement. If you know that there are enemies inside a building and they might peek from a window, moving your crosshair to that window is preemptive aiming. 

PUBG: New State Aiming Guide - Four Levels of Crosshair Placement

Snipers usually pre aim the most as it allows them to position themselves in a safe position. When you already know or have an inkling where the enemy might peek from, you can set yourself up for a safe kill shot. Another benefit of pre aiming is that you have some wiggle room to adjust your aim in case there are multiple enemies. You already have one point of entry or peek covered, moving your crosshair to another entry point is far easier. Since pre aiming also requires a lot of peeking, make sure that you prioritize your safety. Make sure you aren’t in a position where you can get yourself easily killed. 

You always want to be pre aiming a common angle or area where an enemy will most likely be swinging from. Pre aiming in its simplest form is placing your crosshair on a general area where you can expect the enemy to appear. Once the skill becomes second nature, you will find yourself getting way more kills which you didn’t expect to come your way.

Level 3: Pre Firing

The next level of crosshair placement in PUBG: New State is learning to pre-fire common angles and hiding spots. By doing this you will be able to defend yourself better and collect some easy kills in the process. Pre-firing is a concept that many players who have played battle royale games have heard about and understand on a basic level. Basically, if you know where an enemy player might be camping or hiding, you can pre-aim that spot and shoot and land a nice kill on an unsuspecting enemy. Let’s say you spot an enemy and know where they might come or peek from. 

PUBG: New State Aiming Guide - Four Levels of Crosshair Placement

So you proactively take the initiative to beat the enemy and you pre-aim the angle and send out pre-fire shots netting yourself a clean kill. This is the best example of using pre-firing to land yourself kills in areas where you know there is more than likely a 50% chance that an enemy will be there. The more you learn about the maps, the more you will learn the typical angles players will usually hold and the areas that players will like to hide. When you are looking to approach these areas, train yourself to pre-aim your crosshair on them and be ready to pre-fire and angle the closer you walk towards it.

Level 4: Isolation

The last level of crosshair placement is when you can isolate your fights and create a maximum advantage for yourself. Isolating your angles and controlling your exposure to enemy engagements is crucial if you want to survive till the end game in PUBG: New State. Isolating angles is a map positioning technique that involves limiting your exposure to angles that potential enemies can shoot at you from. Applying this technique to your own games also means avoiding exposing yourself to open areas of the map as much as possible. 

PUBG: New State Aiming Guide - Four Levels of Crosshair Placement

The goal of angle isolation is to limit your engagements to 1v1s in this game. It’s very important to try to not fight multiple people at the same time. When you start to master this technique of limiting your exposure while traversing the map, you will find yourself confidently taking more 1v1 gunfights. By doing this you will put enemy players at a disadvantage because of the way you are positioning yourself before you take the fight. Learning to isolate your angles will take constant practice as it is a skill that is developed over time.