Ragnarok Begins (West) is one of the newest MMORPGs to grace the market, being an officially licensed Ragnarok game. It stems the same nostalgic mystical world of Midgard that we love! Players can choose from 6 unique classes, each with their own set of spells and play style. It features a multitude of exploration-rich virtues such as a vast open-world, thorough questing system, AFK levelling systems, and tons of game modes to play through. Ragnarok Begins (West) is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.  

In this levelling guide for Ragnarok Begins (West), we will be listing all the different ways you can level up your character and increase your overall combat power (CP). We will only be sharing the most efficient ways to do so, avoiding the cumbersome one’s that consume a lot of time and yield as ineffective. Keep in mind that as the game is still fairly new, some of the system except the core one’s are subject to change. 

Questing System

The questing system is perhaps one of the trademarks of any MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that is available in majority of the titles. It provides a solid pathway for players to pave through and get progression. It’s also a great way to hand-hold players by advising them on what to do next, just like a mini tutorial. At the same time, main quests are the best way to indulge the player into the story and universe of the game. 

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) – Levelling Guide for Beginners

On the other hand, side quests are more resource oriented. They are not directly given to the player and not necessary as well. They are simply optional to choose. Keep in mind that each quest from Main and Side can provide you with tons of experience to level up your characters. While some Main quests can be taken up without any barriers, some do require for your base level to reach a certain point. Apart from experience, these quests also provide you with a ton of resourceful items and Gold.

Daily Quests

The Daily quests, as the name signifies, are those quests that reset on a daily basis. They are the best and most consistent way to get tons of resources, including Experience, on a daily basis without needing to spend anything but your time in completing the missions. Players can take up these quests on a daily basis from the Village board. The amount of Daily quests you can undertake can be increased according to your current base level.

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) – Levelling Guide for Beginners


Grinding in Dungeons is not only a fun experience for a lot of players but also a core game mode for MMORPGs like Ragnarok Begins (West). Players can explore the dungeons a certain number of times, using the resource known as Dungeon ticket. You simply need to talk to an NPC, who will further take you to the dungeon entrance while consuming your ticket. You can abandon the current dungeon exploration if you want but you won’t be able to get the resources. Dungeons have several different difficulty levels to grind through, and each of them offer a vast amount of resources scaling ascendingly according to the difficulty level. You can choose to play the dungeon either solo or in a party. In a party, the resources will be shared depending on each individual’s contribution. In a solo raid, you will get the entire bunch of resources but you must defeat the boss. 

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) – Levelling Guide for Beginners

Endless Tower

The Endless Tower is one of the best PvE oriented game mode in Ragnarok Begins (West). It offers a wide variety of combination of monsters that you can fight and grind through to get massive amount of Experience, Gold, and more items. Endless Tower is a content that resets every month and consists 30 floors. Players can take up a party to challenge the floors. As the floor level increases, so does the difficulty level and the rewards available to be obtained. 

Adventure Index

The Adventure Index is a great addition to Ragnarok Begins (West). It shows an overall and detailed view of the different buffs that are available for your account. Equip them for your account and it will be shared for all your characters instead of only 1. The way to get Experience from the Adventure Index is by completing the Achievements in it. While some can be difficult and time consuming, most are fairly easy to complete and provide a large sum of experience for you to gain levels faster.

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) – Levelling Guide for Beginners

Playing Ragnarok Begins (West) on a bigger screen without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay is highly recommended.