Ragnarok Begins (West) is a brand-new MMORPG that features the iconic characters and world of Midgard from the Ragnarok video game series. Developed and published by Gravity Interactive INC, the game has seen a positive response from the community at large, averaging a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store. It features 6 different classes and jobs, multitude of playable PvE/PvP game modes, and much more. Ragnarok Begins (West) is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.  

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) – Tips and Tricks to Progress Efficiently as a Beginner

In this article for Ragnarok Begins (West), we will be sharing some incredible and helpful tips for beginners that might be coming to the game with the global launch. For those unaware, Ragnarok Begins (West) is an open-world MMORPG that features multiple crucial systems to advance through the game. Having an adequate understanding of the different in-game systems are crucial for an efficient progression. We will be listing some of our top curated tips that we personally experienced along with some generic tips shared by the veterans of the genre.

Tip #1. Choosing the Right Class

Ragnarok Begins (West) let’s you choose only 1 Class per account. This is done by completing the new player missions and reaching the point of 1st Job change. Players who have played MMORPGs before might understand the importance of being locked behind only 1 class, especially if it’s one you do not like. Hence, it’s quite imperative to research and weight the pros and cons of each class instead of mindlessly choosing 1 at the beginning of the game. For beginners, we would highly recommend choosing either the Swordsman or the Mage class, depending if you like to be at the heart of the fights soaking damage for your allies or simply at the back line dealing tons of damage.

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) – Tips and Tricks to Progress Efficiently as a Beginner

Tip #2. Understanding the Different Attributes

Attributes are the different stat distributions that are allocated to each class. Each of them functions as a separate Stat in themselves and can be upgraded to add to its values. Some classes have higher amounts of certain attributes to suit them in battles. For example, a Swordsman has high STR and DEX to fight and sustain damage. It’s important to learn about them in detail as you will be investing your precious attribute points in them to upgrade the stats.

There are 6 attributes in total and they are as follows:

  • VIT: Influences damage reduction and HP
  • STR: Influences physical damage and defense
  • AGI: Influences speed and physical defense
  • INT: Influences magic damage and defense and MP
  • DEX: Influences accuracy and casting speed
  • LUK: Influences critical hit and amplification rates

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) – Tips and Tricks to Progress Efficiently as a Beginner

Tip #3. Judicious Use of Stamina

Stamina in Ragnarok Begins (West) is the number denoted against Action Points on the top right-hand corner. Stamina is essentially the base currency you use to engage in different PvE oriented activities and to farm more loot. Stamina is primarily used to slay monsters in the environment, providing players with tons of EXP and Zeny gains. You can also get some rare quality items from the environment, depending on the type of monsters slain. Once you run out of stamina, your gains in terms of EXP, Zeny, and miscellaneous items will also be stopped. The maximum Stamina limit stands at 3000, and it can be refilled using Potions up to 3 times per day. The best-case use of Stamina stands to be AFK Farming the environment monsters.

Tip #4. The MiniMap is your Friend

Despite the massive world-view of Midgard, the developers at Ragnarok Begins (West) have beautifully differentiated the unique islands and cities of the world into multiple areas. You can view the different areas via the minimap located at the top right-hand side of the main menu. This minimap is going to be your biggest ally when it comes to solving puzzles, going to different places, and or simply following the side quests. 

Tip #5. Keeping Track of the Field Boss Spawn Timers

Ragnarok Begins (West) features a great system of Field Bosses that spawn at specific times of the day. These humongous giants offer a wide variety of rewards to the players who slay them, rewarding them with the likes of mythical weapons, armor, and much more! These Field Bosses can be slayed solo or in a party with shared rewards. Field Bosses are of different types, with each one possessing unique mechanics. Often, they are required to be slain in a team, consisting of multiple classes of characters. Keep in mind that these Field Bosses are server-wide spawns, meaning if they are slain in 1 channel, they will be removed from all the other channels. 

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) – Tips and Tricks to Progress Efficiently as a Beginner

Ragnarok Begins (West) is a very grindy and time-consuming game which requires to be played for a long duration of time continuously. This much usage can damage the smaller capacitive batteries of mobile devices. Playing Ragnarok Begins (West) on a bigger screen without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay is highly recommended.