Ragnarok Origin: ROO is an open-world MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that presents a fantasy worldview of the famed IP Ragnarok. Players can take up multiple jobs and choose from a variety of classes to begin their adventure. The game is scheduled to launch on 28th February for select regions in Brazil and North America. Ragnarok Origin: ROO is available as a free-to-play game on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

In this guide for Ragnarok Origin: ROO, you will understand all about the different gameplay elements and game modes. As the game is not launched, all information is subject to change. We have gathered the data from the closed beta test that happened in Brazil a few months ago. Players can utilize the information for an enhanced worldview of the game as well as to get a head start once the game officially launches.  

Creating Your Character in Ragnarok Origin: ROO

The first thing that any player is required to do is create their unique virtual character. You will be presented with the character creation screen, where you can select the character’s gender, hair style, and eye design. Post that, comes the class selection screen. You can choose from any of the 6 mainstream classes: 

  • Swordsman
  • Mage
  • Acolyte
  • Thief
  • Merchant
  • Archer

After creating your character, you will start at the Rookie academy. Your journey begins by defining your nickname.

Understanding the Combat System of Ragnarok Origin: ROO

Ragnarok Origin: ROO follows a standard action combat system where players can cast their abilities at the tap of a button. Different buttons are designated for basic attacks, skills, and running. You can dodge incoming attacks by pressing the dodge button. The best way to get adjusted to the combat system is by simply playing the game. Tutorial missions will introduce you to the combat system, showing you how to use normal attacks and skills such as Play Dead and First Aid. Here are some core terminologies that you must understand as a new player:

Ragnarok Origin: ROO Beginner's Guide – Understand about the Different Gameplay Elements

Manual Combat – Use skills and basic attacks manually

Auto Combat – Automatically use all the skills you have configured in the settings    

Passive skills do not need to be defined anywhere and are always active. They generally add attributes and effects to your character.

Active skills are skills that must be used to take effect. Your active skills are assigned through the Skills window and can be set manually or in Automatic mode. 

Auto Mode – Combat has an “Auto” mode that seeks out enemies and uses skills set in the auto bar on its own. Attack skills are used after their cooldown, but buff skills are only used when their duration runs out, so they don’t waste time.

Different Gameplay Elements of Ragnarok Origin: ROO

It’s crucial to understand about the different gameplay elements and their usage in Ragnarok Origin: ROO. Check them out in brief:

  • Card System – There will be a quest available to unlock the Card System once you reach Base Level 23. You can add attributes and boost bonuses to your equipment by inserting cards into it in this system.
  • Clan System – As you progress through the game, the Clans system will be enabled. It offers the chance to be part of a large team of adventurers. Clan Resources, Activities and Instances will be available as soon as you join

Ragnarok Origin: ROO Beginner's Guide – Understand about the Different Gameplay Elements

  • Hats – During the tutorial the hat will be presented and you will be able to select your first hat. Each hat gives your character a different status, increasing the power of the hat.
  • Desire Function – The Desire function is ideal if you’re an adventurer who enjoys gathering fashion accessories. Using gacha tickets or Nyan, you can purchase fashion accessories such as hat props, costumes, and useful cards through this gacha system.
  • Wardrobe – You can view every piece of clothing that is available in the game in the wardrobe. You can also store any existing fashion accessories you may have here. You can try on costumes, hairstyles, hat accessories, face and back decorations, eye lenses, and even see your stats for advanced information.
  • Mounts – This is a quick introduction to the special mounts that you can use to speed up your travel speed from one location to another. You will receive a Poring mount for free initially. 
  • Pet System – The pet system will be unlocked once you complete the guide mission. Pets will be your companions as you explore the world of Ragnarok Origin. They provide useful buffs and can even help you in battles. 

Ragnarok Origin: ROO Beginner's Guide – Understand about the Different Gameplay Elements

  • Trading and Commerce – The trading system is so you can make purchases or sales for zenny or eden coins. You can buy, for example, monster cards, cooked food, crafted potions, and hat equipment blueprints.
  • Emblem System – The badge system is a system where you gain additional stats when you level up your badge. This system will be unlocked when you reach Base Level 27. Increasing the emblem level will increase the character’s power as well as base attributes (Attack, Magic Attack, and MAX HP).

Ragnarok Origin: ROO – All About the Arena Game Mode

Once a character reaches base level 40 or above, they can participate in the 3-on-3 team battle known as The Arena. The only times the Arena event is held are on Wednesdays from 8:25 to 9:00p.m. Members of the team do not have to belong to the same clan. You can participate in the battle as long as your team consists of three people. But, the system will automatically fill the empty slots for you until you have a full three-person team if you are unable to find a full three-person team.

Ragnarok Origin: ROO Beginner's Guide – Understand about the Different Gameplay Elements

Proceed to the upper right section of the city of Izlude after completing the Clan Banquet event. There is a Knight NPC there by the name of Arena Manager. Select the option to join the battle after speaking with the arena manager. After that, the system will send your character to the lobby, where you must wait to be paired with other players.  

After the player selection process is complete, you will enter the Arena battle phase. Each member of your team will have 5 lives, totaling 15 lives for the entire team. If a character dies, one life will be deducted and they will randomly respawn on the map. However, if any player reaches 5 kills, they will no longer be able to respawn and contribute to the battle.

Ragnarok Origin: ROO Beginner's Guide – Understand about the Different Gameplay Elements

If a team manages to eliminate all 15 lives of the opposing team first, they will be declared the winner. On the other hand, if a team reaches a total of 15 kills before eliminating the opposing team, they will be the losers. However, if the battle reaches the time limit and neither team has reached 15 kills, the team with the most lives remaining will be declared as the winner.

All you Need to Know About Instances in Ragnarok Origin: ROO

Instances account for the majority of the dungeon farming in Ragnarok Origin: ROO. Let’s check them out and know what they have to offer.

Alfheim – Alfheim is a solo dungeon that revolves around the player going through different stages with their pets. There is no entry limit, players can try to go through different stages of Alfheim at any time. You can also earn activity points by completing an Alfhiem stage. 

Endless Tower – Ragnarok Origin’s Endless Tower is a challenging dungeon where groups of players must climb through multiple floors filled with powerful monsters and bosses. The Endless Tower is unlocked at Lv. Base 55. You can locate the Endless Tower under the Events button on the top right of the screen.

Ragnarok Origin: ROO Beginner's Guide – Understand about the Different Gameplay Elements

Nightmare Temple – The Nightmare Temple unlocks when you reach Base level 90. You need a group of five Level 90 adventurers to challenge the Tower. You can have up to 2 Adventurers of the same Class in the group. Depending on your team composition, you will need DPS, Healer, and Tank. You can configure the difficulty level of the dungeon and the type of themed dungeon. The rewards can also be previewed beforehand for more clarity. 

Helheim Disorder – Helheim Disorder is a daily content that unlocks at Lv. Base 45. It is set in the same settings as the Sage’s Books of Memory. To enter the Helheim Disorder, the player must enter the Sage’s Chamber which is located in the lower left corner of Prontera. From there, head towards the Helheim Owl Altar which is on the left side of the room. You can enter Helheim Disorder instances from there. 

Playing Ragnarok Origin: ROO on a bigger screen of your PC with BlueStacks without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay is highly recommended.