The time to play Refantasia: Charm and Conquer is now! But wait. Are you looking to maximize your playthrough by understanding every important detail about the game that will help you secure a lead over the other players in the game? We’ve got you covered with these tips and tricks that we’ve specifically gathered to help players be able to play the game without missing out on the most important things that they should be doing when they’re looking to start out in the game.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Refantasia: Charm and Conquer

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer has proved to be quite the challenge for some players who thought they’d only be getting into this game for the “aesthetics” only to get hooked by the interactive gameplay. Even though there’s a lot that you need to do, BlueStacks is here to help you play the game by understanding the important details that you need to know. Check out our other guides about this game if you haven’t already so you can get the most out of your playthrough!

Maximize Collections!

Resource collection is done in court and Refantasia: Charm and Conquer has a special way of doing this feature as compared to other real-time strategy games. In this game, players can simply click to collect everything in the courtroom, but the difference in this game is that the number of times you can collect resources is capped by a certain limit. Luckily, each collection refreshes after only a minute so you can quickly collect resources if you are playing the game actively.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Refantasia: Charm and Conquer

The problem with this design is that players are forced to check the game every so often just to collect resources since the game doesn’t passively reward you with resources if you don’t manually collect them yourself. If you’re using the BlueStacks platform, your life becomes a lot easier because you can simply create a macro that allows you to auto-collect resources for you automatically. Otherwise, you’ll need to constantly log in because these resources are essential to your kingdom’s growth.

Use Elixirs

Elixirs are special potions that give your followers additional permanent attributes when consumed. Attributes are important for raising your kingdom’s power level. We’ve talked about that in detail in our Kingdom Power Guide, which you should take a look at if you’re looking to rank high on the server. Elixirs will play an important part in playing the game because they provide so much value when you use them that you’ll want to start farming them to improve your standing.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Refantasia: Charm and Conquer

Elixirs can be acquired by completing missions or by participating in events. We recommend that you do so if you’re trying to raise your Kingdom’s power level quickly. The biggest problem that you might face is trying to determine which followers you want to place these elixirs on so that you can maximize their effects. We always recommend putting it on the follower with the highest star level, focusing an elixir on the attribute that they specialize in to maximize its effects.

Utilize the Training Fields

The training fields can be found in the City. These are used to increase a follower’s talent EXP and duel EXP. These are different from your follower’s level, which is upgraded using Gold coins in the follower tab. By upgrading both talent and duel levels, you’ll be able to unlock abilities that are unique to those followers. However, it might take a while for your follower to get the necessary amount of experience just for a single level so it’s a good idea to start early.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Refantasia: Charm and Conquer

Another useful tip that we can recommend to players is to unlock as many slots in the training fields as possible. The first few are extremely cheap so it’s a good idea to buy at least 4 slots, but it’ll be good if you have one for each of your most important followers. Make sure that you collect the experience whenever it gets full and starts training a new unit once a slot frees up or re-train a follower that you’ve already placed inside to get all of the experience that you can for that character.

Check Your Inventory

There will be a lot of times when you won’t be able to do something because you’re lacking the resources to do so. If you already didn’t know, the game actually allows you to acquire token resources, which can be used to claim additional resources for your kingdom. These can be acquired in your inventory, so make sure that you regularly check your backpack to make sure that you know what you might have acquired from a mission or event that you’ve completed before.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Refantasia: Charm and Conquer

When claiming resources, there’s really no wrong way to do it because the game doesn’t cap out how many resources you can hold so you can claim every token in your backpack. The only exception is the Tier Seals, which allow you to claim a specific amount of resources according to your total production value. It’s a good idea to save these for when you’re at a higher level so that you will be able to maximize their value since you won’t really need that many resources in the early game anyway.

Complete Your Dailies

The game gives the players daily activities that they can complete by doing specific sets of actions. It might sound very time-consuming for players to do these every day, but if you’re serious about playing the game, the rewards that you can get here are extremely useful when you’re trying to pull ahead of the competition. Being able to reach 100% completion consistently will make sure that you get very good loot on a regular basis.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Refantasia: Charm and Conquer

Make sure to check your daily tasks so that you know what you need to do every day. Be familiar with what time the server resets in your country to be able to properly schedule when you’re going to play the game. The worst thing that can happen is trying to complete dailies when the server suddenly resets and your entire progress resets before you can claim it.