Confused about how to play Refantasia: Charm and Conquer? The game involves a lot of mechanics that can indeed make it confusing for new players who are not familiar with the genre. The game involves different sectors that players need to manage. That’s why we’re looking to give players more information on the most important features that they need to learn. The first on our list are attributes, which is a primary game mechanic that requires an in-depth explanation for players to maximize. 

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer - A Guide to Attributes

Understanding how attributes work will help players manage their kingdom better. We previously mentioned how some basic game mechanics function in our Beginner’s Guide, so we recommend checking that out before moving on to the rest of this article so that you have a better idea about how the different functions work. Starting with how attributes work, we’ll be discussing their importance and how you can use this information to improve the state of your kingdom.


There are four main attributes in Refantasia: Charm and Conquer – Martial, Craft, Trade, and Charisma. The Kingdom Lord and his followers are the primary units that have attributes, with some of them specializing in a specific attribute while others generally like to have a balance of two or more of these values. Depending on which followers you have and how you upgraded them, the attributes that your kingdom has overall can affect both your military and economic agendas.

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer - A Guide to Attributes

Attributes are important because each of them affects a specific sector of the kingdom. We’ll be explaining each of them in detail. The most important thing to remember is that attributes increase whenever a follower is leveled up or a new follower joins the kingdom. It’s a good idea to recruit as many followers as you can quickly so that you can get the maximum value for each stat. All of the four attributes are important and none of them should be ignored in any way.


Martial is the attribute that affects your kingdom’s military prowess. Whenever you go to battle or participate in an adventure, your army will suffer a specific number of casualties up to the difference in martial prowess between you and the opposing army. The higher your martial value is, the fewer troops die at every battle. This is good because a player’s ultimate goal is to have a really big army that they can use to outnumber opponents and increase their chances of success in every battle.

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer - A Guide to Attributes

Followers whose main attribute belongs to martial often have the highest Might statistic. This is because they are the best units to bring into battle because they deal a lot of damage to the opponent. This information can be useful if you’re wandering the kingdom and trying to defeat a powerful boss. Follower combat is very straightforward with both units fighting using their might value. The Martial stat is usually only really useful when commanding a large army, so it doesn’t really affect unit combat all too much.


Craft is the attribute that affects Grain production. Grain or Food is the primary resource used to maintain and recruit soldiers. Each soldier consumes a certain amount of food from your kingdom when you recruit them, so even if you have a high amount of Charisma to recruit troops, you’ll never be able to maximize that value unless your food production is on the same level. This is one of the most underappreciated attributes that players regret not upgrading in the later stages of the game.

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer - A Guide to Attributes

Only a handful of followers specialize in the Crafting attribute, so we recommend upgrading them to a high level. It can be extremely hard to harvest crops in the later stages of the game so don’t sleep on this resource during the early game where you won’t spend as much food due to low values in troop production. Even though food isn’t the most-consumed resource in the early game, you’ll eventually reach a point in the game where you’ll need to ramp up your production.


Trade is the attribute that affects Gold production. Gold coins are the most important resource in the game because they are used for practically everything. From leveling up your followers to purchasing stuff that you may need, this resource will almost always be running out if you are very active in raising your kingdom’s level. Luckily, there are many followers in Refantasia: Charm and Conquer that specializes in the trade skill so you’ll be able to collect this resource fairly easily.

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer - A Guide to Attributes

Players need to max out their trade skill first above all other attributes because gold runs out easily in the game. Even though we emphasized that there needs to be a balance in terms of how you upgrade your attributes, it’s always a good idea to spend any extra or spare resources you have on leveling up followers that have really high trade values. This way, you’ll be able to continuously level up your followers and also increase the other attributes that they have.


Charisma is the attribute that affects Troop Production. Troops are a vital part of any Kingdom because the military is a huge factor that determines whether you’re successful or not at keeping threats at bay. The adventure feature is the most important application for having a large army and you’ll need to constantly have a good combination of martial prowess and troop count. These two attributes go hand-in-hand so you need to have them both at a really high level.

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer - A Guide to Attributes

A player’s goal is to have a really large army because every battle can really drain your troop count. There’s no way to recover lost troops aside from retraining new ones and it’s a good idea to have a large reserve in your kingdom. If you’re caught having little to no soldiers in your army, you may be placed in a terrible position strategically. Charisma is a very important attribute that almost every hero specializes in on Refantasia: Charm and Conquer.