Revolve8 contains many unique features and some of these may seem “strange” even to RTS veterans. The deck system resembles a card game but the battles require careful execution of strategies – you need to master both if you want to succeed in the game. As always, we are here to help you: Below, you can find tips and tricks that will ease your journey in this strange and beautiful world.



Place Your Units According To Their Roles

As we mentioned in our Revolve8 review, every hero in the game can take on a different role. The classic tank-support-damage dealer setup also works here: Tanks are “meat shields” with the highest health points, support heroes can buff others, and damage dealers can deal high damage either to single or multiple enemies. These roles will determine where you should put them on the battlefield too. For example, placing a damage dealer right behind the tank will allow him/her to reach enemy towers without taking damage.



In addition, each hero class is effective against a different enemy type. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will allow you to counter enemy heroes and units easily. To help you remember, we have prepared a table that shows which unit counters which ones:


Support (ranged damage dealer and buffer) Group of minions
Tank Nothing – just a meat shield
Attacker (damage dealer) Any single target
Charger (melee damage dealer) Towers and buildings
Marksman (ranged damage dealer) Towers and buildings
Defender (tank/dd hybrid) Group of minions
Guard (tank/dd hybrid) Group of minions
All-rounder Rare and good against everything



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You can see which class a particular hero belongs to by checking his/her profile page. This table will give you lots of ideas to create different battle strategies: For example, placing a tank and a charger right behind him onto the battlefield will be the most effective way of dealing with enemy towers. Or, if your rival uses minion groups to attack you, placing a defender or guard will be the best counter. Revolve8 battles are quite dynamic and you should be able to create strategies on the go: Use the table above to get ideas.


Use The Hero Quests To See Them In Action

Revolve8 is a PvP game at heart but it still offers a single player game mode, via quests. You can either play “main quests” or “hero quests”. The latter will give you access to all the heroes in the game – even the ones you did not unlock. These are a series of easy missions that aim to teach you the basics of every hero, and they can be played right from the beginning.


If you want to try a particular hero and see how effective he/she really is, hero quests are the best way to do this. Plus, you will win a lot of gold for free. We believe that the “best” heroes in Revolve8 are the ones you are most comfortable with, so here is your chance to try them and plan the perfect deck in advance.



Create A Balanced Deck

Creating a deck of heroes will not be ideal: While they are the most important “cards” in a deck, they should be supported by other unit types. Revolve8 also contains “minions” and “buildings”, and each deck should have both of them. For example, the best way to stop a tank is to release lots of minions on his path, or you can stop a Charger with a well-placed building. They also have fewer ink costs, which means you can use them more often. This is a personal choice and you must decide according to your game style but we recommend filling half of the deck for heroes and the other half with minions/buildings. In this regard, here are a couple of pointers:

  • The best way to counter Attackers is using Card Squads
  • Red and Blue Ogres should be placed together – they have complementary abilities
  • Ray Beams can destroy even the best tanks but they should be placed as far as possible from the enemies
  • Blast Mortars cannot be targeted by enemy towers and deal heavy AOE damage. Place them as close as possible to the enemy base.




Like all good RTS games, Revolve8 awards being creative, so practicing a lot is the best way to become better at playing it. BlueStacks offers you the flexibility to do this without a worry: Create instances with our Multi-Instance tool, play matches on these instances without worrying about your League Score, and continue playing the game from your main account after you gain enough experience. This is the last tip we can give you: Using BlueStacks, you can play Revolve8  in a much-relaxed way and test lots of strategies without them affecting your ranking. If you see us in the game, say hello: We will be playing too!

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