Earlier last week, we wrote a guide on our top 5 characters in Shadow Fight Arena, commenting in brief on what each of them can do and also why they earned a spot on our list. However, in an effort to expand upon our selection, we’ve been going one by one on each of our choices and went into detail on precisely what makes them so good. We’ve already covered Kate, Shang, Jack Bulwark, and Ironclad, and now we’re going for the final character in our list, Fireguard.

Shadow Fight Arena - Beginner’s Guide to Fireguard

Fireguard is an interesting fighter, not only because he has plenty of swift moves that can effectively keep the pressure on the enemy at all times, but also makes use of flame skills that keep burning the enemy and inflicting damage over time, adding an extra layer of pressure that no other character can provide. Furthermore, he gains shadow energy at a very fast rate thanks to one of his passives through which he can generate it passively without attacking. And even after death, he can still inflict massive damage on careless enemies, as Fireguard self-destructs when his HP drops to 0 thanks to his Countdown trait.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this character in Shadow Fight Arena, so let’s get started with our beginner’s guide to Fireguard.

Introduction to Fireguard

As we mentioned just now, Fireguard is all about swift attacks and combo’ing enemies to death, while also barbecuing them with his flame breath attack. In this regard, this character is very straightforward and easy to pick up and play with. However, as you continue ranking up, your enemies will learn to counter your attacks, so you’ll need to stop relying on slower and powerful moves, and start playing more intelligently.

Shadow Fight Arena - Beginner’s Guide to Fireguard

With that being said, here is a list of Fireguard’s basic moves:

  1. Neutral Attack: A series of three quick jabs with his sickles. Very fast and great for interrupting enemies.
  2. Forward Attack: Fireguard lunges forward and strikes with both sickles, followed by a powerful grab attack that flings the enemy to the opposite side.
  3. Back Attack: A fast spin towards the enemy ending with a single strike. Great for closing a little distance and striking an attacking enemy.
  4. Up Attack: Fireguard performs a long step forward before unleashing an uppercut with his sickle. This attack is not very strong, but covers a lot of distance and is very fast.
  5. Down Attack: A short-range sickle uppercut, useful for hitting thrown enemies before they get up.
  6. Special Attack: By holding down the attack button, Fireguard unleashes a heavy strike with one of his sickles, followed by a spín lunge that ends with two more powerful hits. This move covers a significant distance.
  7. Ranged Attack: One of Fireguard’s most important attacks. Unleashes a blaze of flames that deal minor damage, but continue burning and inflicting damage over time.

Shadow Fight Arena - Beginner’s Guide to Fireguard

Fireguard’s kicks are also quite fast and mesh nicely with his fast playstyle. Though they are not nearly as powerful as his sickle attacks, these kicks are versatile enough to be used as follow-ups, or as a way to close gaps while unleashing swift attacks. Fireguard’s special kick attack, in particular, which is performed by holding down the kick button, travels a long distance before ending with a strong frontal kick. 

Shadow Fight Arena - Beginner’s Guide to Fireguard

Proper use of Fireguard’s moves can often overwhelm newbies and keep veterans on their guard. However, keep in mind that most of Fireguard’s stronger moves have high recovery times and will leave him open to counter-attacks if blocked. Play smart and never rush to defeat your enemies. Patience is key.

Fireguard’s Specialty: Continuous Fire Damage

Beside his swift attacks and vast repertoire of moves, Fireguard is all about pressuring the enemy by whittling down their HP with his ranged attack, his titular fire breath. In fact, most of his talents revolve around either upgrading his flamethrower, or passively boosting other areas of his kit. 

Shadow Fight Arena - Beginner’s Guide to Fireguard

His shadow form is of particular importance, considering that Fireguard has a virtually limitless supply of shadow energy, courtesy of his Shadow Generator passive trait, with which he can slowly build up his reserves without actually attacking. This gives the more passive Fireguard players plenty of fuel to shift into shadow form and relying mostly on his shadow attacks, of which he has a total of four. 

Though we won’t go into detail about Fireguard’s shadow moves, since they’re all basically identical in that they only deal damage and the only difference is the direction from which the attack comes, we need to emphasize the sheer mixup potential of this character. By having four different shadow moves, your enemies will always be guessing from which direction you’ll be attacking. And considering how fast this character generates shadow energy, you’ll be relying on these moves fairly often.

Fireguard’s Talents

As we mentioned above, Fireguard’s talents can either boost his unique flamethrower skill, or can focus on other aspects of this character. Here’s a brief breakdown of all the talents you can learn:

Shadow Fight Arena - Beginner’s Guide to Fireguard

Level 2

  • Effective Generator: Increases the rate at which Fireguard passively generates shadow energy.
  • Raging Flames: Enemies set on fire burn for longer, increasing the damage taken from the flamethrower.

Level 4

  • Trial Countdown: Automatically activates the Countdown passive whenever Fireguard drops beneath 50% HP. During this period, Fireguard is invulnerable.
  • Earth on Fire: Flamethrower now sets the ground on fire, dealing damage to whoever steps on the area.

Level 6

  • Critical Mass: Increase the damage and radius of Countdown.
  • Shadow Flames: The continuous damage inflicted by the flamethrower also burns away the enemy’s shadow energy.

Level 8

  • Heating Engines: Increases Fireguard’s damage whenever he enters shadow form. This effect stacks and persists through rounds.
  • Effective Flamethrower: Lowers the cooldown on the flamethrower.

Level 10

  • Painful Burns: Deals bonus damage to enemies that are currently ablaze.
  • Reinforced Body: Renders Fireguard invulnerable whenever he enters shadow form.

With the exception of Reinforced Body and Heating Engines, we suggest focusing on upgrading Fireguard’s flamethrower ability, as this will yield the most benefits during combat. The latter talent we just mentioned, in particular, is quite important, as this character always has easy access to his shadow form. And since this effect stacks and persists through rounds, it means that this character only gets stronger as the fight progresses, making him a good option for turtling against passive opponents.