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Shop Titans: How to Make More Money Quickly

Every single action in Shop Titans either generates or costs money. As the owner of a small shop, your initial goal is to reach a point where each click generates as much value as possible for your store. This can mean researching new patterns, expanding your shop, making smart sales, sending heroes on quests, and more. Yet you have to be able to prioritize between these different tasks if you’re going to make more money… and fast.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Make More Money Quickly

In what follows, we’ve put together tips and tricks that the tutorial omits when you start a new game. Although you’ll still have to put in a lot of work to make the most of your store, the information you’ll find here will at least ensure that the time you spend on Shop Titans always works in your favor.

Surcharging, Discounts, and Small Talk

Shop Titans might mix together elements of RPG and other genres, but it all boils down to the way you interact with your customers. Every time a person walks through the door to your store, they will look around for some time and, if they find a suitable item, they will eventually make a purchase. The transaction is never automatic, however.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Make More Money Quickly

In other words, the customer tells you what they want to buy and exactly how much they would like to pay for it. This sum is usually determined by the type and quality of the item, rather than by the type of customer (with the exception of the King, of course). At this point, you can simply sell the gear or you can Surcharge the client for double the price. Surcharging is basically how you will make most of your money in Shop Titans, but it doesn’t come for free. Depending on the price of an item, Surcharging costs more or less of your shopkeeper’s Energy.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Make More Money Quickly

To replenish Energy, you can:

  • Make a sale. This will give you +1 Energy to begin with and additional Energy for each upgrade of the Counter.
  • Engage in small talk. There is a chance of approximately 66% that this action will give you 10% of your current energy, but in the other 33% of cases, you will lose 7% of your total energy. As such, it’s best to use this option and pair it with a discount when your energy is below 2/3. When your energy is high, you should first surcharge 1-2 clients and then small talk with other adventurers once your reserves are low again.
  • Make discounts. This is the most reliable way to gain energy, but the action halves the price of the item being sold. Whenever possible, you should offer discounts for items with a low base price. Ultimately, your aim is to gather enough energy to make outrageous surcharges on very high quality items.
  • Decorate your shop. Although this is not a sure-fire way to recharge your Energy, there is a chance that customers will interact with one of the decorations in your store and give you a small boost of energy.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Make More Money Quickly

The better you balance these options, the more money you will be able to make per click. Just remember that even though higher quality items take more energy to surcharge, they are worth the cost. You can always replenish your reserves with a series of discounts on cheap gear.

Baiting a King Purchase

Once every 1-2 days, the King will swing by your shop in his relentless attempt to promote the local economy. The reason you care about this event is because the King is willing to pay up to 5 times more than a usual customer for any item that he chooses. As such, you want him to choose the most expensive item you have in storage.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Make More Money Quickly

To get this to happen, you have to act quickly as soon as the King appears outside your shop. You can buy a green or better-quality item from the Market and apply a T2 (or lesser) enchant to it. Then, you can display this item on one of your racks, tables, or mannequins and lock all other items from your storage box. Unless some kind of unfortunate coincidence takes place and you finish a different item at the exact time when the King enters your store, this method should guarantee that the King picks your highest priced piece of gear.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Make More Money Quickly

Even at a small level, this can give your store a welcome infusion of gold. Unfortunately, the King doesn’t swing by too often, but when he does, you’d best make sure the bait is available and set. Another good way to obtain high-quality items at a bargain is to buy them from NPCs who pop into your shop with good deals. In fact, if you have the gold, you should always buy these items since they are very likely to sell at a profit.

Use the Market to Your Advantage

The Market is unlocked fairly early in the game and can be used to exchange items with other players. You can sell your gear on the market for either gold or diamonds, but convincing others to buy your products can be a tall order, especially for newbies.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Make More Money Quickly

As with all public auctions, the goal in Shop Titans is to buy things cheap and sell them at a profit. If you spend a lot of time on the game, it’s a good idea to watch the market like a hawk. Filter your searches for the most recently added items and perform this check every few minutes. Your goal is to find gear that was put up for way less than it’s worth, but remember: other players are likely trying to find the same thing.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Make More Money Quickly

To use the market to your advantage, you have to keep combing through tens of products on a regular basis. If you stumble upon an epic or better piece of gear, however, the effort will be well worth it. Especially if you can buy these items with gold, you’re very likely to turn a handsome profit by selling them for diamonds. Given their rarity, they are guaranteed to sell sooner or later.

There’s nothing like the feeling of selling an already outrageously priced item for double the cost in Shop Titans, but it takes a bit of preparation for this situation to take place. With the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned above, you are now on the right track to making more money with every click. Good fortune to you!

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