Shop Titans may be all about making more money, but a basic prerequisite for every sale is that you put a product on your shelf. No stock, no purchases, no happiness. There are a few ways to obtain items in this game – including the marketplace and random NPCs looking to sell you their gear – but by far the most reliable is to order gear yourself.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Spend Your Resources Wisely

The gear you sell is basically crafted by NPCs from all around town, but for this to happen, you need to send them the right resources. And here’s the rub! Although your resources regen at a steady pace at all times, you still have to spend them wisely and prioritize certain items over others in order to increase your profits.

Below, we’ve put together all the information you need to better understand resources, their uses, and how to spend them correctly. We’ve also included a few tips about how to draw more customers to your store. After all, you’ll need more buyers to get rid of all the new stock.

Primary vs. Secondary vs. Special Resources

There are three main types of resources in Shop Titans, some of which are unlocked later in the game compared to others.

Primary Resources

These resources regen the fastest and are used in crafting almost everything in the game. More specifically, the primary resources are:

  • Iron – used to craft swords and daggers, rings and amulets, as well as all types of heavy armor.
  • Wood – used to craft shields, bows, staves, maces, axes, crossbows, and guns.
  • Leather – used to craft amulets and scrolls, as well as all types of light and medium armor.
  • Herbs – used to craft potions and herbal medicine.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Spend Your Resources Wisely

Secondary Resources

hese items recharge slower than their primary counterparts and are only unlocked later in the game when you place special bins for them in your shop. Secondary resources include:

  • Steel – used with Iron for higher-tier weapons and heavy armor.
  • Ironwood – used with Wood for higher-tier weapons and shields.
  • Fabric – used with Leather to craft higher-tier accessories, as well as light and medium armor.
  • Oil – used with Herbs to create higher-tier potions and medicine.

Special Resources

Also referred to as quest components, special resources do not regenerate on their own. Instead, you have to send your heroes on quests in specific locations to find them. Quest locations include:

  • Howling Woods – for Elven Wood, Iron Pine Cone, and Glow Shroom.
  • Aurora Caves – for Silver Dust, Webbed Wing, and Precious Gem.
  • Whispering Bog – for Living Root, Ruswyrm Scale, and Deep Pearl.
  • Barren Wastes – for White Sand, Bronze Fang, and Moon Crystal.
  • Sun God’s Tomb – for Evil Eye, Silk Scarab, and Star Metal.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Spend Your Resources Wisely

Barring first-tier items, most gear will require a combination of primary, secondary, and special resources. The better you manage these resources, the longer you are able to craft, and the more profit you can make.

How to Craft Efficiently

For the better part of the early game, you will have to manage with three crafting slots. As you level up, you’ll be able to add more, although this will cost you exorbitant amounts of gold. Regardless of how many slots you have, however, your main goal should always be to keep them all busy.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Spend Your Resources Wisely

This will seem simple, at first. For example, if you’re trying to obtain a new woodworking recipe, you might be tempted to keep crafting staves or bows to get to the required number. Yet there is a problem with this crafting pattern and it will almost always ruin your flow, especially when you’re making high-tier, costly gear. If you focus on a single type of item, you are very likely to run out of the necessary resources and delay your production.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Spend Your Resources Wisely

Instead, you should select one or two items (depending on your number of slots) for each main type of resource. For example, it might be a good idea to craft a bow, some heavy armor, and a potion. Keep an eye on your stock at all times and figure out which racks are particularly empty so that you can distribute your crafting slots accordingly.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Spend Your Resources Wisely

How to Prioritize Building Upgrades

Taking a stroll through town, you’ll notice that all of your suppliers and crafters have their own homes and a certain level. As we’ve already mentioned in our guide to characters, crafters are primarily leveled up through work. The more you use them, the more experience they obtain, while their max level is capped based on your level as a shopkeeper.

Suppliers, on the other hand, must be levelled manually through your guild. Both primary and secondary resources will be generated for all guild members based on the level of the building where they work. The Mine, for instance, will send you more Iron at a higher level, whereas the Steelworks will send more Steel.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Spend Your Resources Wisely

Ideally, your guild should focus on maintaining a balance between primary and secondary resource suppliers. Although secondary resources are more expensive and slower to regenerate, they are also used in smaller quantities. As such, you should keep these suppliers at a slightly lower level than your primary ones.

How to Get More Customers in Your Shop

Now that you have a steady supply of resources and a good crafting rhythm, you’ll need plenty of customers to take the new items off the shelves as quickly as possible. The number of customers that can be in your shop at any given time is determined by two factors – the size of the store and your stock.

Shop Titans on PC: How to Spend Your Resources Wisely

The size of the store can be increased by expanding with gold or gems, depending on whether you’re a P2W or F2P player. As for your stock, you can receive more customers based on the number of displays you have in your shop. Empty displays, however, do not count, so keep this in mind when you’re positioning different items across the store. What’s more, the total number of items for sale also affects the flow of clients. If you have more items, you are likely to receive more customers.

All in all, it’s important to become familiar with your resources and keep your crafting slots busy at all times with a diversity of products. Place as many displays in your shop as your current level of expansion allows and make sure that none of the racks, tables, or mannequins are empty. From here on out, business is a breeze.

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