Space Troopers is a role-playing game that invites players on a thrilling cosmic journey to face powerful foes and solve galactic mysteries. As the leader of a squad of elite Space Troopers, players must defend the galaxy from dangerous aliens and hostile forces, with the fate of the universe hinging on strategic choices and tactical prowess.

A Beginner’s Guide to Space Troopers

The game offers a vast and expansive universe filled with different star systems, far-off planets, and enigmatic alien civilizations. Exploration leads to new opportunities and challenges, with heart-pounding combat requiring strategic troop deployment, cutting-edge weapons, and special abilities. Troopers can be upgraded and customized to improve their combat abilities, granting them new skills and gear to meet upcoming challenges.

As players guide their Space Troopers to victory, an intriguing plot unfolds. Players can unravel cosmic mysteries, encounter fascinating characters, and make choices that influence the story’s direction, making Space Troopers more than just an action game. It also boasts a deep and engaging storyline, accompanied by breathtaking visuals that vividly depict the vastness of space. From stunning star systems to vibrant alien worlds, the graphics and an epic soundtrack combine to create an immersive and engrossing gaming experience.

How to Play Space Troopers

A Beginner’s Guide to Space Troopers

Space Troopers is a real-time RPG where the player takes control of a heroine. You control your character using the direction input (which you can adjust via BlueStacks’ Advanced Keymapping system). The character moves freely in a 3D world, but so do the enemies.

In Space Troopers, you will be thrust into a hostile world in space, where you will need to lead your character and teammates to victory. This is easier said than done as the multiple missions you need to complete are filled with monsters. Don’t worry, though—Space Troopers starts of pretty easy, but the difficulty ramps up quickly!


A Beginner’s Guide to Space Troopers

The missions in Space Troopers are pretty straightforward, at least in the beginning. On the lefthand side of your screen, you’ll see white textboxes that inform you of your objectives. For instance, if you need to kill a certain number of monsters, you will need to take that many monsters down before progressing. Simple, right? If you thought taking down X number of monsters sounds like a cakewalk, just wait until you reach the next stage.

Later missions require strategy and the perfect team setup to beat. For instance, there are survival missions, where you and your AI-controlled comrades need to stay alive for X minutes. The number of creeps that spawn to take you out increases the closer the countdown timer reaches 0, so you need to master your movements ASAP.

Gold and Energy

A Beginner’s Guide to Space Troopers

The main way to enhance your heroes’ abilities and keep them capable in the late stage of Space Troopers is by upgrading them (more on this later). To do this, you will need to spend coins. Enemies drop coins when you kill them, so make sure you kill them by the tons to earn more for your efforts!

Like any good RPG, Space Troopers has you collect energy on the field. Energy is used to unleash your ultimate skill, which deals heavy damage to opponents or casts powerful supporting spells on you and your crew, depending on the type of skill.

Energy can be found everywhere on the map, including drops after killing enemies. So, keep your eyes peeled for those blueish orbs that can help you complete missions with ease.


A Beginner’s Guide to Space Troopers

At the start of Space Troopers, you control Jaques—a spunky girl who specializes in long-ranged, fire-based attacks. She can deliver quite a punch if you know how to manage her skills properly.

Upon reaching level 3, you’ll gain access to the Hero List in your main console. There, you can see the skills and stats of all available characters. For the newbies, you have control of Jacques and Boris for the time being.

Entering each character’s profile page will allow you to upgrade their stats and gear. It takes gold to upgrade your characters’ items and stats. This will allow you to increase their critical strike chances, HP, armor, etc. Basically, the more you progress in Space Troopers, the higher the level your heroes should be.

The more you play Space Troopers, the more heroes you unlock. You will want to mix and match your heroes to create a setup of complementary attackers, supporters, and tanks in order to sweep through your competition—of which, there is plenty.

Switching Between Heroes

A Beginner’s Guide to Space Troopers

In the midst of battle, you don’t just have control over a single hero from start to finish of each mission. By clicking on the hero’s icon on the righthand side of your screen, you gain control of that hero and all their abilities.

There’s a strategic aspect to this. For example, even though Jacques is an excellent long-ranged striker, you would also want to take advantage of Boris’ short-ranged specialties, including striking multiple opponents within a short radius in quick succession. This is just a taste of what Boris can do. 

This concludes our beginner’s guide for Space Troopers. To play Space Troopers on a bigger screen of your PC, it is highly recommended to use BlueStacks along with your keyboard and mouse.