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Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

  1. Postknight
  2. Oddmar
  3. Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys
  4. Knights of Pen and Paper 2
  5. Eternium
  6. Shadow Fight 3
  7. Epic Conquest
  8. The Elder Scrolls: Blades
  9. Evoland 2
  10. Crashlands

Offline games have been around for a very long time now. In fact, before the internet was invented, and when it wasn’t so readily available to everyone everywhere, offline games were the only kind of games available to us! Thinking back on older console classics such as Super Mario, Street Fighter, or countless others brings a sense of nostalgia about an era of gaming that has been long gone and may never come back. The internet revolutionized how video games were made, distributed, and played, and the integration of video games and the internet is one of the best things that could have ever happened to the gaming industry and video games as an art form in general. But, this integration has made us forget the type of gaming that used to be prevalent before the internet became a worldwide phenomenon. 

Offline games also come in handy in situations when you may not have access to the internet and have nothing else to do to pass the time, such as long airplane flights, or situations when your network may be down for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you may not even need to be in a sticky situation to enjoy offline games. Sometimes you want to shut off your mobile data and your WiFi and play your favorite video game for hours on end without any distractions. If that is the sort of gaming experience you’re looking for then this list is exactly for you.

In this article, we list the 10 best offline RPGs for Android for you to enjoy by yourself, without the internet, and without any distractions.

1.Postknight (Free)

The first game on our list of the best offline RPGs is Postknight, a 2017 release by Malaysian game developer Kurechii. The game is made up of small, bite-sized missions that are great for when you want to whittle away a little bit of your time but don’t want to play the game for long hours. The game is set in Kurestal, where the eponymous Postknight (a mixture of Postman and Knight) must deliver packages and letters to remote villages while battling various monsters. In the game, Postknight is sent to the village by the name of Pompon, where he must rescue the villagers who have dispersed in and around the village because of the fear that a dragon may attack, after which he must deliver their packages and letters to them.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

Postknight makes it extremely simple for players to move forward with the game since it heavily relies on its auto-play system. While this may sound like a drag to those who want to play the entire game by themselves with no help from the CPU, Postknight’s entire point is to give you a short and sweet gaming experience in which you don’t need to invest a lot of your time or energy. When playing the game, your character automatically begins running on the side-scroll panel and attacks an enemy that he faces. The only user input in the game is of 3 commands: charge, shield, and potion. The commands are pretty self-explanatory; pressing the charge button allows you to charge at enemies temporarily and cause extra damage to them, while the shield button lets you have higher defense momentarily. Both of these are great for when you face huge hordes of enemies, or bosses with incredibly high health whom it takes a longer time to beat. 

For the latter, the potions button is great since it allows you to increase your character’s health by a small amount, allowing you to fight enemies longer. The potions button comes in handy when you have almost beaten your opponent but are extremely low on health. Using the potions button strategically in this instance will allow you to have an extra boost right when you need it most, allowing you to kill bosses and large groups of villains. The three buttons mentioned above can be used as many times as you like, but each of them has a small cooldown period during which you cannot use that particular skill. This means that you will have to make use of these skills depending on the situation and circumstance. For example, if you are facing a large group of enemies who are relatively easy to beat, you can use the Charge button to get done with them quickly and move on to the next enemy, which will also give your other skills to cool down if you have used them previously.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

Each enemy you kill in Postknight provides you with some sort of loot or reward, and after each mission or “excursion” you are also rewarded with a treasure chest that contains three different rewards. This means that by the end of a few missions and after killing a handful of enemies, you will have enough loot to upgrade your character. Character upgrades in Postknight work are based on the amount of loot you have, and you can upgrade several things such as your character’s shield, his potions, as well as intangible elements such as speed, agility, strength, and intelligence. Postknight also has another interesting leveling up model, in which your character must woo the women in the various villages he services by providing them with gifts. After a while, once the women have taken to your character, they may provide him with gifts of their own, or show up at random with a health refilling booster which is extremely helpful during combat.

The game’s graphics are cartoonish and childlike, but they fit extremely well with the entire mood and vibe of the game. With great battle mechanics, a constantly unfolding story, and an engrossing soundtrack, Postknight is one of the best games to play offline.

With over five million downloads, Postknight is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

2. Oddmar (Free)

Next on our list of the best offline RPGs for Android is Oddmar, a 2018 release by Mobge games. Oddmar is a game that routinely ranks with Gorogoa, The Banner Saga, and other niche games that are both visually stunning and deliver a highly fun gaming experience. Another thread that runs across all three of these games and others like them is the storyline. Oddmar appears and sounds like a basic, unassuming game, which to a great part it is, but the tale of Oddmar, as well as the evident labor put into the game by Mobge Ltd, the game’s creator, elevates the game above the level of another platformer.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

The game’s plot centers around Oddmar, a Viking warrior who has been tasked with bringing back his whole town when it mysteriously vanishes. Oddmar, a selfish oaf by nature, suddenly finds himself balancing enormous responsibilities, and he must fight through every enemy in his path to restore his community. This will also win him a spot in Valhalla, a magnificent hall of Norse mythology reserved for the best warriors. This is the game’s ultimate goal, and to assist Oddmar in finding his spot in Valhalla, the user must battle a slew of creatures.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

The game’s graphics have been praised by critics all around the world, with many hailing it as one of the best-looking platformers ever published on mobile. It’s simple to see why this is claimed. Every visual element in Oddmar appears to have a function, but the graphics are well-spaced, and the screen does not appear overcrowded. The cut sequences and sound acting are also really well done, and help to bring the game’s tale to life. The controls are really basic. To run, swipe your finger to the left side of the screen, and to leap, swipe up with your right. Tapping the right side of the screen will initiate an attack sequence while swiping down while in mid-air will cause Oddmar to conduct a damaging shield bash. The controls seem just as seamless on a controller as they do on screen, and considering how amazing the game is, don’t be shocked if you get dragged into Oddmar’s universe for a couple of hours every time you play. The game is available offline, meaning you don’t need a running internet connection to play Oddmar, allowing you to slay monsters and try to earn your place in Valhalla wherever you are.

With over a million downloads, Oddmar is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

3. Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys (Free)

Released by Adult Swim Games in 2016, Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys, also known as just Pocket Mortys, is a free-to-play RPG that draws heavily from Pokemon while infusing it with the contents of the wildly popular Adult Swim show, Rick and Morty. For those unfamiliar with the show, Rick and Morty is an animated SciFi show centered around the eponymous characters, Rick Sanchez, and his grandson Morty Smith. Rick is an eccentric scientist always on the lookout for a new adventure to get involved in, and he brings along with him his grandson, Morty, who is docile and abiding and goes along with Rick’s audacious and sometimes dangerous plans. The game makes use of the same character design and art style as the show, which is great for anyone who has been following the show for a while and would like to play the characters themselves.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

As mentioned, the game takes a lot of inspiration from Pokemon, in that the game is centered around collecting different Mortys from different dimensions and fighting wild Mortys to capture them. This plotline is taken from an episode in the show in which Rick and Morty travel through multiple dimensions and meet various versions of themselves, each slightly different from the other in some way. The game is set in the third-person POV, from an overhead perspective. The player moves around the overworld trying to catch wild Mortys by fighting them using their own Mortys. Whenever a wild Morty is found and the player engages him in battle, the screen changes from an overhead view to a turn-based combat view. Here, the player must select the moves that their Morty will make against the opponent Morty. Each time either Morty is hit, their HP gets reduced, and once the HP reduces to zero, that particular Morty faints and is unable to battle any further until it is revived. Securing hits also gains you experience points or EXP. Once a particular amount of EXP is gained you can upgrade your Morty to make him stronger and better in battle.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

The game is filled with various Mortys for you to collect, with the current number being over 300. You can combine Mortys, train them, and upgrade them in order to create your perfect deck of Mortys which will help you collect many more Mortys. The game also has a multiplayer mode if you would like to battle with your friends or trade your Mortys with theirs. It also features voice acting from Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the creators of the show, as well as several references, jokes, and gags that call back to the show and its various storylines, which is a treat for any fan of the show. The writing of the game is also similar to that of the show, meaning you get an authentic Rick and Morty experience, without any dilution or changes.

With over ten million downloads, Rick and Mortys: Pocket Mortys is rated 3.9 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

4. Knights of Pen and Paper 2 (Free)

For good reason, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is one of the most well-known Android role-playing games. Although it follows a fairly traditional RPG plot, it adds an extra layer of meta-commentary, opening up a slew of possibilities for the developers and, by extension, the players. In the game, you play as a role-player, which means that the character you control is playing a role-playing board game similar to Dungeons & Dragons. As you may expect, the Knights of Pen and Paper 2 are largely influenced by the original Dungeons and Dragons board game. This type of meta-narrative allows the players to have far more power over the game than would have been feasible if it had been a standard RPG. Not only can you control your own character and, in turn, their character in the board game they’re playing, but you can also control the board game’s dungeon master, enabling you to choose which fights you wish to engage in.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

In the game, you not only select your class, as you would in other RPGs, such as mage, healer, or warrior, but you also select your race (human, elf, or dwarf) and social group. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and there are various combinations to pick from, each of which will have a significant influence on how you play the game. You may also equip your chosen heroes with various weapons, which will alter their stats in various ways.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

The game’s meta-commentary also plays an important role in the plot that you are a part of. In the game, your character encounters the Paper Knight, a powerful character with Second Edition powers that you and your other characters, all of whom are First Edition, have never seen or heard of. The goal of the game is to locate the Disc of House Rules, which will deprive the Paper Knight of his special skills. Although the premise appears to be too simple to keep you engaged in the game, it is a lot of fun to play, especially when you consider the continual tongue-in-cheek conversations and the vintage, pixelated visuals.

With over a million downloads, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store

5. Eternium (Free)

Eternium has achieved considerable success, with a large fan following that continues to play the game and keep up with its upgrades ever since its first release in 2014 by Making Fun Inc. The controls are what distinguish Eternium from other hack and slash or action role-playing games. Users frequently complain, and properly so, that the controls for such games are cumbersome and imprecise, making the game exceedingly difficult to play. This is frequently followed by complaints about the lack of controller compatibility for the majority of such games. However, what sticks out most in Eternium and is frequently regarded as its best feature are the controls, which are so fluid and well-designed that one forgets playing the game with an additional controller is even an option.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

The game opens by allowing you to select a character class. There are three classes to choose from: Warrior, Mage, and Bounty Hunter. The character class you pick has a significant impact on your gameplay, including changes in basic attacks, abilities, passive attacks, and loot. As a result, it is advised to choose your character class carefully and to select a class that you believe would fit your playstyle. If you are a more aggressive player who prefers to move forward and attack foes without concern for defense, Warrior might just be the class for you. If, on the other hand, you are more defensively minded and also require healing when your character is low on health, Mage may be the perfect choice for you.

The game contains a plethora of adversaries, ranging from skeletal hordes in the beginning, who are relatively simple to defeat, to bigger, harder monsters as you approach closer to the climax. The game’s foes and antagonists also pay tribute to classics such as Diablo and Torchlight, with some enemies directly or indirectly influenced by Diablo and Torchlight. Eternium, like Diablo, lets you play with other players who may assist you on your missions and objectives and engaging with other players only enhances the richness of the game. When you first start playing the game, you will encounter three distinct planets, two of which are locked. These represent the three acts into which the narrative is split. The game’s graphics are realistic and harken back to medieval era castles and monsters inspired by retro games. The soundtrack only enhances the overall nostalgic feeling and helps build up the game’s atmosphere.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

The best part about Eternium is that it is free-to-play and doesn’t require an internet connection for you to play it, meaning you can play it anywhere and anytime. Since it doesn’t have a pay-to-win model, you also need not spend real money in order to complete levels in Eternium. The only way to move forward in this game is through hard work and putting in the hours.

With over ten million downloads, Eternium is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

6. Shadow Fight 3 (Free)

Nekki’s Shadow Fight 3 is a beautiful combination of stunning graphics and fantastic gameplay, and it is without a doubt one of the best action and fighting-based games available, especially one that can be played offline. Shadow Fight 3, like any other brawling and one-on-one combat-based game like Tekken, has a basic premise: you must kill your opponent before they kill you. The execution of this simple notion, however, is what distinguishes this game from the huge number of combat games now accessible on app stores. First, there are the visuals. It’s incredible to witness this degree of technical expertise and proficiency in game design, especially for a game that started as a Facebook flash game. Shadow Fight 3 is the third entry in the Shadow Fight series, published in 2017 with considerable anticipation following the success of Shadow Fight 2. The game is bright, colorful, and lifelike, with several character builds to pick from with each character having its own attitude and battle style.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

The game begins with the user selecting their character build, equipping weapons, and entering the game in search of blood. To advance in the game, you must defeat as many opponents as possible. This will gain you in-game cash, which can then be spent to enhance both your character’s distinctive skills and the weapons they utilize. While playing against an opponent, hitting strikes will increase your Shadow meter, which may then be utilized to unleash a deadly attack that will greatly reduce your opponent’s health.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

But it’s not like the game is without issues. The online PvP mode is exceedingly challenging, largely because you’re matched with opponents that are much out of your league, and landing even a single hit on such an opponent may be difficult. This, of course, has been done for players to pay real money to purchase in-game enhancements. However, you may avoid this by grinding through previous levels and collecting enough in-game currency to improve your character.

With over one hundred million downloads, Shadow Fight 3 has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

7. Epic Conquest (Free)

Next on our list is Gaco Games’ Epic Conquest, a 2017 traditional offline RPG with a lighthearted yet intricate and exciting story, and great combat mechanics. The game’s plotline revolves around the invasion of the world the game is set in by demons who found access to the world through a dimensional portal. Their invasion set about the destruction of many villages, and in order to combat these beasts, the various kingdoms of the land united to form the Alliance, whose main aim was to rid the world of these monsters through any means necessary. Although the invasion was stopped and most of the demons were killed, some survived and bred with humans, leading to the creation of half-human, half-demon beings known as Witches. These Witches pose a threat to the Alliance, and you must play the game as various protagonists and attempt to destroy any Witch that crosses your path in order to save the world and the populations of the various kingdoms.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

Epic Conquest allows you to play the game as four different protagonists, each with a different skill set and different advantages and weaknesses. Alaster, a Royal Knight, is one of the leading protagonists. He makes use of melee combat and is great at defending as well as countering enemy attacks. The next protagonist is Edna, who makes use of fire as her main weapon, given that she is a Flame Witch. Louisa is great for when you want to do damage to enemies from afar, as Louisa wields the bow and arrow and is one of the best archers around. Finally, you can play as Zerav, who uses a scythe to attack his enemies and collects their souls once he has killed them. As is evident from their style of attack, each protagonist suits a different play style, allowing users to have variety in the way they play the game, and also to find a protagonist who fits best with their style of combat. Each character also has a particular skill set as well as a heroic perk that allows them to do extra damage to their enemies in the game. The game has four difficulty levels for you to try out, meaning you can play through the game four times and earn rewards as per your difficulty level. The higher the difficulty level, the better the rewards you earn. The rewards come in the form of gear, and you can use these to enhance your character’s build, as well as to strengthen their various attributes.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

The game also has the Google Cloud Save feature, allowing you to save your progress on a particular device and then continue on a different device after logging in. The graphics may not be the best, but the game’s movement is incredibly smooth, especially the action and combat in the game. The various enemies attack in different ways, meaning you never know what to expect; you will have to find openings and attack enemies in a strategic manner if you want to win at this game.

With over five million downloads, Epic Conquest is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

8. The Elder Scrolls: Blades (Free)

According to both critics and players, Bethesda’s contribution to the world of mobile RPGs, Elder Scrolls: Blades, has done a fantastic job. The game is a spin-off set in the same universe as the rest of the Elder Scrolls series, with the time period preceding and after The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game is a first-person viewpoint RPG that can be played in landscape or portrait mode, with the latter making the game exceedingly easy to play with one hand. Unlike most big PC game conversions, Bethesda did not try to jam the PC version of the game into a mobile device; instead, Elder Scrolls: Blades was expressly designed for mobile devices, as seen by the combat style and overall design of the game. The game is linear rather than open-world, as have all previous PC/Console Elder Scrolls games. This is owing to the technological constraints of mobile devices, demonstrating that the game’s creators took every effort to make the game totally mobile-friendly.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

Combat is one-on-one, and the player engages in it via swiping, tapping, or using the on-screen dual-stick controls. If turn-based combat bores you and you want to play a game where you can battle opponents in real-time, this is the game for you. There is also a wide variety of weaponry available to the player, as well as a large number of unlocked characters to pick from. As previously said, the game is linear, therefore the player’s main goal is to get from point A to point B while killing anything in the route. While this may appear to be a simple game, it is highly engaging due to the seamless battle mechanics, the legendary Elder Scrolls music, and how amazing the game looks even on mobile devices. Another component of the game worth noticing that distinguishes it from its open-world console/PC predecessors is town construction. Rather than discovering settlements, in Elder Scrolls: Blades you create your own town using resources you’ve acquired. If you run out of materials, you can always use real money to purchase gems, the in-game currency, to complete your town construction project. Users have also loved the game’s Guilds and PvP features. The guilds may be used to communicate with other players, trade with them, or even battle them in the Arena for extra prizes.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

One genuine criticism of the game is that it encourages pay-to-win behavior. Many various things must be obtained during the game, most of which take a significant amount of time and work, but the game presents you with the simple option of purchasing your way out. The game’s attractiveness is diminished by the profusion of micro-transactions. Despite this, the game is enjoyable to play and contains unique elements that set it distinct not only from other RPGs but also from prior Elder Scrolls titles.

With over a million downloads, Elder Scrolls: Blades has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

9. Evoland 2 ($8.49)

Evoland II: A Slight Case Of Space Continuum Disorder is a role-playing adventure game developed by Playdigious that is a parody of video-game nostalgia. Evoland is not a single game, but rather a 20-hour-long collection of games that reference video-gaming classics. Essentially, you journey through time via an ever-changing game, with a distinct style, visual, and design at each point in time. The gameplay shifts from Mario-style bouncing up and down to a Gameboy adventure.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

What’s striking is how naturally we transition from one game to the next; the visuals for each game are magnificent, and the movement from one game to the next is so seamless and effortless that you don’t even notice the environment has changed. The game is jam-packed with humorous and unique allusions to each game it’s based on, from Zelda to Street Fighter. It’s a very diverse mix, with courtroom games, classic arcade quests, standard fighting games, puzzles, and rhythm rockers, and this mixture of games doesn’t feel overwhelming or forced; on the contrary, despite the differences between these games, they make a very exhilarating combination in Evoland II; one thing’s for certain, you won’t ever be distracted while cruising through these games.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

The visuals are the game’s most admirable feature; we glide between dimly lit landscapes to brilliant scenes, and it all feels quite natural. It’s a visual amusement park that you may enjoy thoroughly. The animation quality is fantastic, and it properly captures the tribute to vintage video games; whether it’s a 2D role-playing game, a card game, or a 3D battle game, no money is spared in creating the most delightful environment to play in. And, while Evoland II may appear to be simple at first, it grows increasingly difficult as you continue through the stages, consuming a significant amount of your time. Evoland II is one of the best games to play offline, whether it’s to relive the ecstasy you felt as a youngster when obsessively playing these games or to discover an amusing method to occupy yourself in the present.

With over one hundred thousand downloads, Evoland 2: A Slight Case Of Space Continuum Disorder is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

10. Crashlands ($6.99)

Crashlands by Butterscotch Shenanigans is a beautifully made crafting RPG. Crashlands, like most of Butterscotch Shenanigans’ games, is a vivid and inventive game that will keep you busy for a long time. The essential idea is that you, Flux Dabes, are a cosmic creature who also works as a trucker for the Bureau of Shipping, and you’re on your way to make a delivery when your spaceship is tampered with and wrecked by the antagonist, Hewgoodoko. Now that you’ve been stranded on the odd alien planet of Waonope, you must fix your ship and deliver the package on time, all while battling the menacing forces that stand in your way. The game also includes a cute robot sidekick named Juicebox who helps you on your journey and makes sure you get back safely to your home planet.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

With three vast continents and four diverse races, Waonope offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. The more strength you have, the deeper you may go in the game; you meet a variety of individuals, each with their own backstory — some are adversaries, while others are pals. When it comes to your foes, you may study and absorb their talents and use your crafting devices to improve your powers. You can also stun, put them on fire, and slow them down. Essentially, there’s no end to the amount of crafting and skill-based fighting you can do, and there’s no room for boredom. The RPG growth in Crashlands is not based on points; instead, it is focused on the completion of tasks. Completing tasks and quests gives you access to weaponry, tools, materials, and equipment.

Top 10 Offline RPGs For Android

Crashlands is distinguished by its varied mix of gaming genres, including crafting, exploration, adventure, and survival, to mention a few. This mix, along with the engrossing RPG elements, results in an unusual game. Crashlands has a robust crafting system, with up to 500 craftable objects available as you go through Waonope. You are given a crafting station from which you may construct practically anything, from basic tools to hazardous weaponry; to do so, you must collect a broad array of raw materials such as grass, dirt, and wood while exploring the planet. Essentially, you must gather these raw materials, disassemble them, and utilize them to create tools, weapons, furnishings, armory, and devices that will aid in your survival. To progress through the game, you must explore and endure many locales, complete hundreds of tasks, and craft constantly, which is what makes Crashlands an engrossing blend of crafting and role-playing features. 

With more than a hundred thousand downloads, Crashlands is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

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