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Standoff 2 Guide to Shooting, Learn How to Tap, Burst, Spray

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In this Standoff 2 guide, you will be learning about the 3 shooting techniques that you can use in the game to improve your aim and crush your enemies. A common mistake you see players making in the game is a lack of proper shooting technique. Most players think they can just hold the right mouse whenever they see an enemy and get a kill at some point before they run out of bullets. While this may potentially be the case for some scenarios, it doesn’t give you the full picture on how you SHOULD be shooting in different situations. Different scenarios call for different techniques. The 3 different shooting techniques are tapping, bursting, and spraying. This Standoff 2 guide is going to keep things crystal clear on when you should use each technique so that you know exactly what you NEED to do at all times while you’re playing the game.

Standoff 2 Guide to Shooting, Learn How to Tap, Burst, Spray

Then you can drastically advance your skills. So, which weapons are you currently using the most in Standoff 2? Different weapons in this game call for different styles of shooting. It’s important to identify the most common weapons you’re currently using and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of those weapons. Once you’ve figured that out, you can then discover which weapons are best for certain situations along with the best shooting techniques to really take advantage of those weapons. Take a few minutes and think about the weapons you like to use the most. Then take that into consideration as you go through the different shooting techniques.

Tap Shooting

Getting into the first shooting technique, what is tapping and when should you use it. For those who aren’t familiar with the terminology, tap firing is when you are tapping your mouse and shooting 1 bullet at a time. You fire a shot and then let your recoil reset before firing another shot. This ensures that every single bullet you shoot is 100% accurate. This may be confusing for players at first. Why would you tap firing when you can just hold the mouse and get more bullets off per second? The idea with tapping is going for high-quality shots and focusing on quality over quantity. For example, in long range engagements, it can be difficult to try to spray and control the recoil of your weapon. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Shooting, Learn How to Tap, Burst, Spray

Therefore, going for a high quantity of bullets fired isn’t helpful if you’re going to miss most of your shots. Instead, tap firing can actually help you hit your opponent more often than spraying in Standoff 2. With tap firing, there’s no recoil to control. Simply get your crosshair onto the enemy head, tap, and they’re dead. With pistols in particular, the term tapping takes a bit of a different definition. With pistols, your only option is to tap fire, but you want to keep in mind that you’re going for 100% accuracy. Many players try to spam click their mouse with pistols, and you end up having to deal with recoil. But, by slowing down your shots just a tad and waiting for the recoil reset, you’re guaranteeing accurate bullets. 

The reset time for pistols is quite fast, so you won’t really slow down your rate of fire all that much. What you’ll get is a massive accuracy boost. So make sure to take your time with pistols, as quality again trumps quantity. Tapping with the rifles is really going to shine in big maps where you’re going to get in long range fights. A long range fight is defined as any engagement where you’re 30 meters or more away from the enemy. It’s harder to spray and land your shots at these distances, so tapping will be much easier. Tap firing is also a way to practice your aim. In particular, tapping helps with your tracking and crosshair placement. When tapping, you want to focus on hitting headshots at all times and making sure each bullet counts and is hitting. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Shooting, Learn How to Tap, Burst, Spray

You can practice this by going into the training range or going into deathmatch and solely focusing on getting one-tap shots. It’s recommend going into the training and getting comfortable there before progressing to deathmatch. In deathmatch, this can definitely get a bit frustrating. As you’ll likely suffer some deaths when you could’ve gotten the kill with fully spraying. The long term effects of practicing tapping are much more important, though, so it’s recommended you stick with it and implement it into your training. That way you can pull it off when you need it in your actual competitive games. Remember, deathmatch doesn’t affect your  rank, but getting that long range tap clutch kill could be a difference maker in competitive. 

Burst Firing

Burst firing is when you fire 3-6 bullets and then stop. From there, you let the recoil reset before shooting another burst of 3-6 bullets. This method of shooting is essentially the best of both worlds in Standoff 2. With tapping, you really have to make sure you hit your shots. With bursts, you have a few extra bullets of forgiveness if you were to miss that first shot. It’s really the best balance between quality and quantity of your shots. The biggest advantage of burst firing is that it really helps players learn to control recoil. The initial few bullets for most weapons tend to be strictly vertical, making them the easiest to control. With these bursts, all you have to do is line up your crosshair, and pull down as you burst. If you can master burst firing, then you could eliminate players much quicker than usual. It’s recommended to use burst fire for more medium to long range encounters, meaning any range that is beyond 20 meters.

Standoff 2 Guide to Shooting, Learn How to Tap, Burst, Spray

Not only does burst firing help with your accuracy, but it also is a great technique to use with different movements and peeks in Standoff 2. For example, a common technique you can do to challenge a player is what we call jiggle peeking. With jiggle peeking, you’re going to be peeking out at an enemy for a brief moment to identify enemies before running back to cover. Repeat this quickly and consecutively, and you’ll be able to get information while making yourself a slippery target to hit. Now, to fully take advantage of this technique, you want to use burst firing. Peek out for that brief moment, and then fire a quick burst before backing away. You’ll only have a small window to take out the enemy, but the enemy will also be in the same situation. If you repeat this enough times and the enemy is just standing still, you’ll actually end up with an advantage during the fight. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Shooting, Learn How to Tap, Burst, Spray

You know exactly where the enemy is and can perfectly time your shots. While the enemy has to constantly be reacting to your jiggle peeks, which can throw their aim off. You could also perform strafe shooting, which is a fairly similar technique with bursting. If you are in a long range duel and both sides aren’t able to get the kill in the first few shots, then you’ll want to strafe to the side before shooting again. This keeps you mobile so that the enemy has to adjust their crosshair. It’s recommended to just strafe for a brief second before stopping and going in for another burst shot. Repeat this until the enemy is killed. Being able to move around while bursting is one of the strongest aspects of this shooting technique. 


Last but not least, you have spraying, which most of the players are probably familiar with. There’s more to spraying than meets the eye. Spraying is the most straight forward of these shooting techniques. You hold the mouse down and pray that some of your shots hit and the enemy gets eliminated. The issue with this thought process though is it’s taken too literally. Players will actually try to spray their magazine clips without ever stopping, just to try to take down one enemy. The problem with doing this is that most weapons, particularly rifles, have RNG in their recoil patterns. For example, if you were to spray the AKR  or FAMAS multiple times, you’ll notice the patterns change ever so slightly each time. The issue this causes is you can’t actually “control” the recoil if it’s random. The good news is that this randomness doesn’t occur until later in the spray. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Shooting, Learn How to Tap, Burst, Spray

After shooting the AKR and FAMAS, it was found that the RNG doesn’t occur until about the 10th bullet. This means you can control the spray much better within those bullets, and NOT try to spray further than that bullet number. If necessary, it was found that the RNG isn’t too bad, but still you should be stopping our spray by the 15th bullet at the very most. Otherwise, you risk having to deal with that randomness. Plus, if you aren’t able to kill someone within 15 bullets, you have to work on your aim more. With this in mind, spraying is going to actually be one of the most common ways that you’re going to fire your weapons. You get to fire as fast as possible and if you can control the recoil, you’ll still have high quality shots. It’s recommended spraying for short and medium ranges, anything within the 20-meter mark. Since enemies are closer, their body target will be bigger, and you’ll have an easier time landing your shots. 

You should be able to take them out within a few bullets. So no need to waste time trying to do tapping or burst firing at close ranges. Those techniques are meant more for trying to improve your accuracy in situations where it’s hard to control your aim with spraying. Spraying is also the best shooting technique when you’re facing multiple enemies at once. If you end up staring down at 2 or more players during your peek, you’ll want to try to spray one player and then transfer to the other. In particular, this is really good to do with the SMGs that don’t have much recoil to deal with when performing these transfers. It could also be done with the more powerful rifles. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Shooting, Learn How to Tap, Burst, Spray

In these situations, you don’t have time to stop shooting and let the recoil reset, or you’ll be dead, so spraying is 100%  the best option in those scenarios. While spraying is the most commonly known shooting technique, it’s important that you understand how to properly do it to ensure you get the most accurate bullets possible. If you stick to the ranges stated and don’t overspray until your clip is completely empty, you’ll find yourself in a pretty good spot.  Master the recoil within those first 11 bullets, and you’ll become insane with your sprays.

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