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Star Trek Timelines – The Best Legendary Ships and How to Get Them

We’ve already mentioned in our guide to a great early game in Star Trek Timelines that ships aren’t too important for your progression in the game. We maintain this view in terms of gameplay… however, we are also Star Trek fans and we have to be honest here – there is no way we won’t strive to have the coolest damned fleet of ships in the galaxy.

Star Trek Timelines - The Best Legendary Ships and How to Get Them

Some players really want to roleplay in a famous Federation vessel, while others want to become serious contenders in the arena. At any rate, there comes a time in your playthrough of Star Trek Timelines that you begin to want a legendary ship. Badly.

The good news is that, even though you can pay to get your favorite ship faster, you don’t have to. It is more than possible to play Star Trek Timelines for free and still have plenty of fun, as well as obtain some of the best ships. In fact, if you play diligently for a couple of months, you’ll probably have too many to choose from!

Rest assured, though: we have you covered in case you can’t make up your own mind. The vessels we’ve included below are some of our favorites in the game so you might want to keep an eye out for their schematics at all times. Once we briefly go through these best ships and their features, we’ll also take a closer look at how you, too, can unlock them for free.

The Borg Cube

The 5-star legendary Borg Cube is pretty much the bane of the arena in Star Trek Timelines. People who have it and don’t mind using it are absolutely in love with it, while those who either don’t have it or prefer to use a different ship tend to hate its mechanical guts. Of course, it will be up to you to choose a side.

Star Trek Timelines - The Best Legendary Ships and How to Get Them

The reason why the Cube is so popular is because of its “Laser Cutter Beam”, which increases Attack by +1 and deals 350% damage. It basically cuts through most other ships like the proverbial knife through butter. The disadvantage (there is one, thank Roddenberry!) is that the Cube has very low Evasion compared to other top-tier ships. If you’re up against a Cube in the arena, this is the weakness you have to exploit.

The HMS Bounty

A gorgeous tier 5 Klingon K’Vort Bird-of-Prey, the HMS Bounty is another community favorite, though it is perhaps not as obnoxious as the Borg Cube. With decent stats in terms of Attack Power, Speed, and Accuracy, this ship relies on a few extraordinary cooldowns to defeat others.

Star Trek Timelines - The Best Legendary Ships and How to Get Them

Its “Tritium Intermix” adds +2 Attack and reflects 40% of the damage dealt by the attacker, while the “Dispersive Armor” adds +2 Evasion and grants Cloak. Naturally, the ship must be paired with adequate characters for maximum impact, but, when upgraded and properly manned, it can be devastating.

The ISS Enterprise NCC-1701

A favorite among die-hard fans of the series, as well as a beast inside the arena, the ISS Enterprise has great stats and a decent combination of defensive and offensive cooldowns. What truly makes this ship shine is its “Boarding” feature, which allows you to equip and take advantage of boarding crew.

Star Trek Timelines - The Best Legendary Ships and How to Get ThemPlay Star Trek Timelines on BlueStacks!

Thanks to its native high Attack stats and speed, the ISS Enterprise can blast a giant hole through the hull of any other ship… if properly manned. If you’ve gotten your hands on plenty of good crew members with the “Boarding” trait and high Attack bonuses, then this is definitely the best ship for you.


To put it broadly, the Prakesh is the Cardassian version of the ISS Enterprise. Although it does come with a lower Attack Power stat, it is ever-so-slightly faster to shoot and has significantly higher Accuracy. Like the Enterprise, however, the best part about the Prakesh is its use of “Boarding”.

Star Trek Timelines - The Best Legendary Ships and How to Get Them

Once you’ve built Prakesh, all you have to do is put together a great boarding crew. Some of your options include Third Remata’Klan (fully upgraded), Warship Chakotay, Scientist Degra, Commando Crusher, Kalifi Spock, Ardra, and many others.

D’Kora Krayton

Although you wouldn’t expect the Ferengi to have it in them, this tier 5 Marauder of the Ferengi Alliance can be a veritable powerhouse in the arena. Sure, you won’t see it as often as the ISS Enterprise when looking through leaderboards, but it has a steady presence and can be tremendously fun to play.

Star Trek Timelines - The Best Legendary Ships and How to Get Them

Its “Electromagnetic Pulse” is even better than the Cube’s most prominent offensive ability since it grants +2 Attack and deals 350% damage. Meanwhile, its “Cannibalize Auxiliary Vessel” offers some survivability with +2 Evasion and a 15% Hull repair.

Can You Actually Get These Ships… for Free?

Many a mobile game has tricked us into thinking that yes, we can play and be good for free. Most of the times, this is just a ploy to drag us in and reach for our wallets. But this is not the case with Star Trek Timelines. No one says that it doesn’t take a lot of time to build a good fleet without spending any real currency, but, ultimately, it is actually possible.

In terms of legendary ships, you have not one, but a few options to obtain them for free. These include:

The Dabo Wheel

By far the most consistent way to earn schematics for tier 5 ships, the Dabo Wheel can award as much as 450 schematics at a time. If you only log in and spin the wheel every day, you’re still likely to have several legendary ships by the end of two months.

Star Trek Timelines - The Best Legendary Ships and How to Get Them

Missions and Dilemmas

Not all missions or dilemmas reward you with schematics, but some do. Dilemmas, especially, can award as many as 600 at a time.

The Daily Rewards Calendar

Another great source of free schematics, this method only requires you to log in each day in order to obtain some of the best ships in the game.

Star Trek Timelines - The Best Legendary Ships and How to Get Them

Simple Scans

Although, to be fair, you’re only going to get 1-2 schematics at a time and only from some scans.

So there you have it – our selection of the best legendary ships in Star Trek Timelines and a couple of ways to earn them for free! You should make no illusions, though. While ships are amazing for roleplay, none of these will fare well without the right crew… and getting them, although possible, is an entirely different kettle of fish.

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