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Star Trek Timelines on PC: How to Save and Use Chronitons

In Star Trek Timelines, there is no resource more precious than Chronitons. The equivalent of Energy from other mobile games, Chrons are necessary to engage in missions, space battles, and weekly events. They are, in other words, your gateway to new characters and all the items that are required to upgrade the latter.

Star Trek Timelines on PC: How to Save and Use Chronitons

The more Chronitons you generate on a daily basis, the further you can get in the game. However, it’s also important to spend this resource wisely. Provided that you don’t spend real currency on this resource, it will become very scarce, very quickly. As such, you’ll have to maximize your Chroniton gains and prioritize between different activities and characters at all times. In this article, we’re about to show you how.

Cadet Challenges: Mon, Wed, Fri

You start the game with a standardized Chroniton cap, but you can increase the latter by leveling your captain, as well as unlocking special bonuses from immortalized characters. With a cap of roughly 200 Chrons, it can take up to 17 hours to get a full recharge once your stores are empty. Of course, just over 200 Chrons per day is not nearly enough to do anything significant in this game.

Star Trek Timelines on PC: How to Save and Use Chronitons

One of the most reliable sources for additional Chronitons are the daily Cadet Challenges. These offer different rewards depending on the day of the week and will grant up to 150 Chrons each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday if you have unlocked the first Epic episode in the challenge titled “Ex Astris Scientia”. For crew suggestions that can help you complete and automate these challenges, check out our F2P guide to Star Trek Timelines.

Star Trek Timelines on PC: How to Save and Use Chronitons

One more thing. If you’ve been playing Star Trek Timelines for more than a week, then you already know that the game rewards you for watching ads in a number of ways. To give you just a couple of examples, you can double your rewards from a mission, spin the dabo wheel for free, or engage in an additional Cadet Challenge after you’ve used all 6 daily tickets. If you are storing Chronitons for a Galaxy Event, for instance, it’s a good idea to use ads only during Cadet Challenges. This way, you can double the number of Chrons you get during a day, although you’ll have to wait about 2 hours between two missions to ensure that the ad bonus is available.

Longer Voyages

Another great way to farm Chrons above your daily ration is to send out voyages with some of your best crew. Before this becomes an option, however, you need a Legendary ship (the type doesn’t matter) with a decent store of Antimatter and a good number of Epic+ crew. In fact, voyages can help you decide which crew you should level up next.

Star Trek Timelines on PC: How to Save and Use Chronitons

When you send out a voyage, you need to prioritize two of the six total stats. As you level up more characters, you’ll notice that some voyages are generally weaker because you’re missing characters with certain stats. Those should become your next priority.

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Once your voyages begin to consistently hit the 6-hour dilemma, you can count on a good 300+ Chrons per voyage. To maximize your gains, you should solve each dilemma as it occurs because these special events stop the time and progression of the voyage. Even if you don’t wake up in the middle of the night to solve the next dilemma, however, you can still complete two 6+ hour voyages per day. That’s a handsome 600+ Chrons.

High-Quality Gauntlet Boxes

The Gauntlet is a type of PvP competition that is particularly F2P-friendly. Although you still need to acquire a few characters that are great for this purpose (in other words, that have high stats listed in parentheses, next to their main stats), the good news is that you only need to level them in order to use them in a Gauntlet. Adding additional starts to a character never improves their Gauntlet stats, which means that a 1-star Mirror Jean-Luc Picard is just as strong as a 5-star one.

Star Trek Timelines on PC: How to Save and Use Chronitons

Once you have a decent set of characters for long-duration voyages, you might want to prioritize Gauntlet heroes up next. We discuss Gauntlet PvP at length in this article, but even if you don’t place in the top 10 of your group, you can still obtain high-quality loot boxes by achieving good streaks. These boxes will sometimes contain 20-30 Chronitons each.

The Replicator Function

In Star Trek Timelines, there are two major competing activities when it comes to spending your Chrons: gearing/leveling up characters and participating in weekly Galaxy or Hybrid events. How fast you progress in the game depends on your generation of Chronitons, but also on how well you balance these two activities.

If you’re saving for an important Galaxy event, for instance, it’s likely that you will need well over 6,000 Chrons to place in top 1,500 (and have a shot at the featured Legendary crew). If you spend no Chronitons whatsoever, this is still 2 weeks’ worth of farming, which means that you cannot level any characters during the course of these two weeks. One way to work around this is to use the Replicator Function, which will allow you to create items without obtaining their components (or using Chrons) for a limited number of times per day.

Star Trek Timelines on PC: How to Save and Use Chronitons

Whenever you come upon an item that would require 200+ Chrons to build, it’s a good idea to use the Replicator, even if you’re not preparing for an event and even though you’ll have to sacrifice other items or Replicator Rations to make this possible. Just remember that the Replicator eats a lot of Credits too, in addition to materials. You might find your cash reserves dwindling quickly if you use this feature often.

Prioritizing Your Use of Chrons

At all points during the game, you have to ask yourself: what is most worth my Chronitons right now? If you haven’t unlocked the right crew to 3-star all Cadet Challenges, then that should be your first priority. Otherwise, if you’re missing good crew on specific stats for stronger voyages, you might want to do that next. Finally, you’ll need some decent Gauntlet heroes as well, although these may be particularly difficult to obtain since only a few of the available characters have high Gauntlet stats.

Star Trek Timelines on PC: How to Save and Use Chronitons

Once you have a good selection of characters going and your voyages regularly hit 6+ hours, it’s time to consider whether or not the next Galaxy event is worth your Chrons. Featured crew and rewards for all weekly events are published on the Reddit forum for Star Trek Timelines at the beginning of each week. Are you interested in any of the rewards? If so, then it might be worth putting your crew on hold to take a shot at the event.

Star Trek Timelines on PC: How to Save and Use Chronitons

As a general rule, Galaxy or Hybrid events will take place once every couple of weeks, with Faction events (that require far fewer Chrons to succeed in) spread between them. This can give you some idea about when you should be upgrading crew and when you should be saving up Chronitons. Finally, remember that playing Star Trek Timelines on BlueStacks can save you a lot of time overall. It’s much easier to recall your voyage on time if the game is running in the background on your PC!

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