State of Survival is a mobile strategy war game that has amassed a large following over the past year thanks to its simple yet engaging town building mechanics, coupled with its innovative and challenging RPG elements. In this game, you not only get to create and grow your very own settlement, but you also get to venture out to the world to battle the infected with your crew of daring heroes.

State of Survival Tips to Maximize Resource Farming

However, before you actually get to do anything of significance, you’ll need to develop your town and upgrade your Headquarters in order to unlock most of the features in the game. And to do that, you’re going to need as many resources as you can get your hands on. Luckily, there are many ways to generate resources in this game, which we’ve explained in detail in several guides. Today, however, we wanted to give you five more quick and handy tips to further improve your production.

Send several small groups instead of a single large army to gather

We’ve mentioned countless times how gathering from the map is one of the best ways to optimize your production in State of Survival.

Sure, while your production buildings labor tirelessly to generate supplies like food, wood, metal, and gas, you can expedite the process by venturing out to the map and gathering more of these goods yourself. Unfortunately, if you’re new to the game, you’re limited by your march capacity. In order words, you can only send one squad out to gather or fight from early on. As you progress, however, you’ll unlock more march slots, allowing you to send additional squads to do your bidding.

State of Survival Tips to Maximize Resource Farming

One awesome way to significantly speed up your gathering trips once you unlock additional march slots is to send smaller armies instead of multiple large ones. For instance, if you can gather 1,000,000 units of any resource with 1,000 soldiers, you could split them into two armies with 500 soldiers each, and gather the same amount of resources in half the time. This is particularly useful for the cases when you need a certain amount of resources for a specific upgrade, and don’t want to wait for the full duration of one gathering trip at max capacity.

Move to where the best gathering spots are

If you’re just starting out in State of Survival, you might notice that you’re closer to the edges of the map rather than the center. The outer parts of the map are where the weaker enemies roam, and where the lower level gathering spots are. As soon as you find your bearings and manage to grow a decent army, your best bet to continue growing is to relocate closer to the center. Not only will you find stronger monsters here, but you’ll also gain access to gathering spots of higher level, with more resources to collect. Gathering resources from these spots is also faster than normal, allowing you to further increase your production.

State of Survival Tips to Maximize Resource Farming

Practice diligence; always send out troops to gather

There’s no other way about it: If you want to progress quickly in State of Survival, you need to always be gathering from the world map. This process is completely free and takes only a few clicks. We know we’ve said this countless times, but it’s just THAT important.

State of Survival Tips to Maximize Resource Farming

Use BlueStacks to streamline gathering trips

However, we also know that it can be quite a chore to always be on top of your gathering trips and to constantly send out your troops, especially if you have multiple farm cities. Luckily, by playing State of Survival on PC with BlueStacks, you can create useful macros to streamline most of the game’s more repetitive tasks.

With the Macro Recorder, you can automate your gathering trips with the press of a button. By recording yourself doing the task manually once, you can use the resulting macro to streamline the process in every subsequent attempt. And the best part is that these macros are usable alongside both the Instance Manager and the Multi-Instance Sync tools. This means that, if you’re growing multiple cities for farming purposes, you can automate the gathering trips in all active instances by using both of these tools.

State of Survival Tips to Maximize Resource Farming

Imagine pressing one button and sending your armies in 4 or 5 different cities out to gather automatically. That’s the power you can enjoy by playing on BlueStacks.

Start pillaging when you’re strong enough

This is more of an advanced action that you should only consider when you’re strong enough, or when you have an alliance to watch your back when you’re offline.

As soon as you build a good offensive with lots of soldiers, you can consider raiding other players for their resources. This is much faster than actually gathering materials from the map, though it comes with a significant caveat: If you fall out of favor with the wrong crowd, you run the risk of entering into an all-out war against powerful alliances. If this happens, you better pray you have good backup from your friends, otherwise you may as well delete your account because you’re going to get deleted from the map faster than you can say “I surrender!”

State of Survival Tips to Maximize Resource Farming

If you’re just starting out, don’t even think about attacking someone else; you never know who you might anger. Unless you attack accounts that you know are abandoned. In these cases, feel free to turn them into your personal banks and attack them every day to collect their excess resources.

State of Survival Tips to Maximize Resource Farming

Above all else, optimizing your resource production in State of Survival is all about diligence and perseverance. As long as you complete your daily tasks, and constantly send out your troops to gather, you’ll always have enough resources to continue developing your town.