It’s important when you play Stormshot: Isle of Adventure that you are able to manage all of the different sectors in the game to increase your settlement’s efficiency. The most important sector in this game is the economy since it allows players to do almost everything they need to do. Having a bad economy is almost certain to bring the downfall of the player because they aren’t able to manage their other sectors such as their military might. This is why we’ll be sharing a short guide to help players manage their economy and resources. You can also Play Stormshot: Isle of Adventure in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - A Basic Guide to Economy & Resources

In our Beginner’s Guide, we mentioned how important it is for players to develop their economy so that they can produce the necessary resources they need to upgrade their settlement. The biggest turnoff that players experience when playing the game is not being able to do anything because they don’t have the resources to pay for them. For competitive players, it’s important that you’re able to maintain your economy to keep up with the top cut of people on the server.

Resource Buildings

Resource buildings are the backbone of your economy since they are the most basic source of resource production that you have in your settlement. Unfortunately, resource buildings aren’t appreciated that much during the early stages of the game because they don’t have a lot of yield as compared to other sources. However, it’s important to note that these resource buildings eventually become the major source of production in your settlement so it’s important to keep them upgraded and maxed out.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - A Basic Guide to Economy & Resources

Resource production buildings have multiple copies in one settlement and they produce a certain amount of resource every hour. While it’s not necessarily mandatory for players to claim these resources every so often, it’s important that they don’t allow them to reach the maximum capacity. Otherwise, you might be losing out on valuable resources that you might need when you start upgrading your settlement or you start training a huge number of troops.

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Gathered Resources

Gathered resources are different from your primary resources since they can’t be acquired from your resource production buildings. These resources can mostly be acquired by gathering them from clutter and trash around your settlement, completing campaign stages, or defeating enemies in the overworld. These resources are usually needed when upgrading your structures, so it’s unavoidable for players to farm large quantities of these at all times.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - A Basic Guide to Economy & Resources

Players often get frustrated once they clear out their settlement of debris, thinking that they won’t have any other way to get items like wood. However, there are many other ways to get it and the most reliable way is to send your troops out in the world. Gathered resources are always difficult to acquire so make sure that you have patience do to these tasks every day since it might prove to be a hassle if you only try to gather them only when you’re about to do a task. Play Stormshot: Isle of Adventure on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience

Inventory Resources

Inventory resources are like backup items that you have in your back that you can use to claim a specific amount of resources that you might need. Players should be active in using them whenever they have the need, not reserving it for “emergency purposes” that don’t really exist in this game. Remember that the best way to succeed in this game is to upgrade your settlement quickly after you start playing the game so that you’re able to create a stable economy that doesn’t require short-term solutions.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - A Basic Guide to Economy & Resources

These resources can be acquired by completing missions and defeating enemies around the map. They are always good to stack and will help you accelerate your progress during the early stages of the game. Just remember that you should only use these when you have an immediate need and should be claimed whenever you acquire them for no reason at all. The biggest mistake that beginners make is never using their inventory resources because they’re saving it up for something else.

Research and Development

Research is an important factor that players need to take into account when trying to stabilize their economy. Unlike the previous methods, this doesn’t offer a direct way of getting resources but instead focuses on improving all your other economic sources. In the research lab, players can upgrade resource production and resource acquisition, making it easier for them to fill their warehouses more without waiting for a long duration just to get the amount they need to upgrade their structures or train their troops.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - A Basic Guide to Economy & Resources

Players need to prioritize researching new tech in the economy branch since it allows them to improve their settlement. The military upgrades can wait until the middle stages of the game since there really isn’t any immediate threat that will require you to have a powerful army. Try to max out all of the economic techs and don’t skip any of them since they are all important towards improving your settlement. Don’t give your research lab any rest and keep it occupied as much as you can.

Military Campaigns

The final and best way to acquire resources in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure is to use your military to acquire resources from various nodes in the region. It’s a quick way to gather resources especially if you have a decent army to back you up. As we already mentioned, you can acquire gathered resources and basic resources when exploring the region and defeating enemies on the map. It’s a good idea to be proactive in sending out your troops to be able to supplement your settlement’s needs.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - A Basic Guide to Economy & Resources

There are two types of attacks in the overworld which are PvE and PvP. The PvE attacks involve using your troops to attack resource nodes or the undead, which is easier because they don’t retaliate back or have necessarily strong defenses. The PvP attacks are more difficult because players are designed to have powerful defensive capabilities with the chance that the player has a powerful army to defend them. Players can also choose to retaliate if you mess with the wrong person so choose your enemies wisely. Why wait? Play Stormshot: Isle of Adventure instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.