Com2US’s latest venture Summoners War: Chronicles is an MMORPG of new age comprising monsters from the popular Summoners War franchise that was started by Com2US back in 2014 with the release of their first mobile game – Summoners War: Sky Arena. Currently, the franchise is loved by millions around the world and constitutes over 1000+ collectible monsters. Fans of games like Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact will find Summoners War: Chronicles quite similar to the 2 giants of the industry in terms of art style and exploration offered by the game and its vast fictional world. Summoners War: Chronicles will be available as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The game is slated to release globally sometime in October 2022 with no exact date being given by Com2US at the moment.

Summoners War: Chronicles – Make your Pets Stronger

Boasting more than 1 million pre-registrations already for the global version, Summoners War: Chronicles has already seen a successful launch in its home region of Korea. Players will be delighted to know that Summoners War: Chronicles has made cross-platform a key area of focus while developing the game. Players can even connect a controller to play the game as it supports controller involvement. Apart from its high-resolution graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, Summoners War: Chronicles also makes use of the latest rendering engine of Com2US to bring forward a beautiful, multi-colored, and vast fictional land. It’s still unclear whether Summoners War: Chronicles will support the inclusion of blockchain technology or not as Com2US’s “C2X” token was scheduled to be implemented for the game.

Summoners War: Chronicles – Make your Pets Stronger

In this guide for Summoners War: Chronicles, we will be explaining in detail all the ways to make your pet monster stronger, regardless of their rarity. We have tried our best in explaining each of the methods in detail. The different ways of making your pets stronger are as follows:

  • Leveling Up
  • Skill Up
  • Evolution
  • Awakening

Leveling Up

One of the best ways to increase the overall stats of your pets is to simply level them up. Leveling Up is a tried and tested process seen in almost every game of genre where players can take their monsters in battle and gain battle experience no matter if they win or lose. In MMORPG games like Summoners War: Chronicles, the grinding process can be quite tedious but rewarding once your monsters reach a certain level. This is because leveling up directly increases the base stats of your pet monsters. By base stats, we mean the following stats:

  • Attack
  • Health Points
  • Defense

Summoners War: Chronicles – Make your Pets Stronger

Players can increase the levels of their pet monsters by going to the “Pet” menu located at the top right-hand side. Once in the menu, select any pet and go to their settings on the left-hand side. Players will see 4 different methods to strengthen their heroes. The first one will be labeled as “Level”. Simply click on this option. Here, players will see the current level of their pet along with the maximum level it can achieve for now. Leveling up pets takes a different type of currency called Elixirs of Experience and Angelmons. The Elixirs of Experience come in 2 different types – Small and Large. Small Elixir of Experience grants 19,000 Experience while Large Elixir of experience grants 52000 Experience. Anglemon on the other hand is quite rare but supplies a ton of experience to the pet.

Angelmon’s come in different elements. Choosing the right element of Angelmon that matches the element of your pet gives an additional 50% increased experience. Players can enhance the level cap of the pet by awakening them. We will talk about that later.

Skill Up

Skill Up is the main method of enhancing the value of skills of any pet monster in the game. Each skill, majorly active but sometimes passive also, can be enhanced to give better effects, buffs, debuffs, damage amplification, and more. For example, a skill like Fairy’s healing ability can be skilled up to increase the amount of healing it provides or to reduce the cooldown of the skill. Hence, skilling up the abilities of your pets goes a long way in providing you with more strength in battles. Players can increase the levels of their skills in 2 ways – feeding their duplicate pet fragments or feeding a devilmon.

Summoners War: Chronicles – Make your Pets Stronger

Devilmons are one of the rarest currencies in the game and we recommend using them only on 5-Star pets and not 3-Star/4-Star pets. Once skilled up, the skilling process automatically puts 1 point in any of the pet’s skills. Players cannot reverse the process as of now to get back their resources. Hence, choose carefully where you want to invest your scarce resources.


Evolution is the best way to make any pet instantly stronger as it increases your base statline by manifolds which helps them in getting stronger faster. Evolution is essentially increasing the star value of your pet. For example, a 2-Star pet can be evolved to as much as 6-Star if players have enough resources.

Summoners War: Chronicles – Make your Pets Stronger

Players can access the Evolution menu by selecting any Pet and going to the 3rd option labeled “Evolution”. To evolve, players would need to feed either the pet fragment of the same pet or a rainbowmon of the specified star value. Now, Rainbowmons are also quite scarce. Especially the 4-Star or 5-Star rainbowmons. Evolving is extremely important as it increases the maximum level your pet can reach. The level cap is determined according to your pet’s current Star level. The maximum evolution any pet can achieve is 6-Star and the maximum level any pet can achieve is Level 60.


Awakening is another great method to increase the stats of your pets along with changing their appearance to give them a more beautiful look. Awakenings add more stats to your pets, relative to their classification. For example, a Knight pet will get more Health and Defense as you awaken them. At the 5th Awakening, the appearance of your pet changes to its awakened form. The Awakening level is directly proportional to the pet’s current star level. Hence, a 5-Star pet cannot achieve 6th awakening as their current star level is only 5. Awakenings are denoted by shiny stars on the pet.

Summoners War: Chronicles – Make your Pets Stronger

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