The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Summoners War

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Summoners War

About 4 years have passed since the release of Summoners War. The game has reached almost 90 million users and is known as one of the first games to use gacha mechanics. It offers vast content and contains some complex systems. But if you know what you’re doing, you can quickly reach the end-game phase and build an army of the most powerful monsters. Below, you can find all the information you need to get started in the world of Summoners War.



Gacha Mechanics: Gotta Collect Them All!

Summoners War has a very simple story. Our world is invaded by elemental monsters and the heroes who are known as “summoners” have the ability to control these monsters. In other words, they can summon monsters and fight against other monsters. Your goal is to build the perfect army for cleaning the world of monsters. This is where the gacha mechanics come into play: There are thousands of monsters you can collect in Summoners War. This is not an exaggeration – there are literally a total of 1,102 collectible monsters (or mons, in short).



Each of these monsters belongs to a different element class. Likewise, each one has a different rarity and a special ability. You can increase their level, make them stronger through runes, and even turn them into another monster. The monster rarity levels are determined by the stars they have. A monster can have between 1 and 6 stars. The 6-star ones are the rarest and most powerful ones. We have talked about the characteristics of the monsters and how they should be used in our Summoners War Monster guide.



You can store 50 monsters at a time (It is possible to increase this limit) Your goal is to complete the tasks in the game by setting up different monster teams. The map of Summoner Wars is quite large and there are at least 7 missions to complete in each area. These missions require you to fight against different types of enemies each time. You can find out more about this in our Battle Mechanics guide.



Leveling and Summoning

Every mission you complete successfully will award XP points and different items. You can use XP points to upgrade your own level. Sometimes, you get a new monster as a reward. But the main way to get new monsters is to summon them.



There are different types of summoning: If you use an unknown scroll, you get a monster between 1 and 3 stars. Using a mystical scroll allows you to get a 3 to 5-star monster. However, no matter what method you choose, an RNG (random number generator) decides what the result will be. So there is no guarantee you will get a certain monster.



Your main goal is to get as many monsters as possible and use them to create the most suitable set for each type of mission. For example, monsters with “leadership” skill can increase the resistance of all team members by 20%. You can get different buffs with different combinations.


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Battles use turn-based mechanics. You’ve seen this system in games like Idle Heroes before, but Summoners War is one of the first games to use it. Your monsters are progressing automatically on the map and fighting with the enemies. There are active skills they can use and because of the turn-based combat system, it is important to follow a strategy. When attacking, you should consider both the skills and the element classes: These two issues are of great importance in terms of buff and debuff management. We have prepared a separate guide for the battle system  – we recommend that you read it to learn more.




FODDER: Monsters that get sacrificed to level up other monsters.

DB1/GB1/NB1: These are abbreviations of dungeons and you will always see them on World chat. DB is Dragon’s Lair, GB is Giant’s Keep, and NB is Necropolis.

NAT1-5: This means how many stars a monster has. For example, NAT2 is a monster with 2 stars.

REP: The monster you get to borrow every day – see more info below.


The Difference of Summoners War

Compared to other gacha games, Summoners War may not seem to have any original features. But remember, one of the first games to use these features is Summoners War: So, it is the other games that copied this one! In addition, the game still has some unique and different features. For example:

You Can Build Your Own Private Island. In Summoners War, you have your own special magic island and you can construct lots of buildings on it. Each building has a different function: While some protect you from attacks, some of them will strengthen your monsters. Deciding which building to construct with limited resources is a game in itself. There are more than 20 buildings and decorations. You can even make your island bigger.



The Community Is “Serious”. Summoners War is one of the oldest mobile gacha games and has a loyal player base. We can say that almost every player is helpful to beginners. Players are really helping each other and there are mechanics that encourage this in the game too. For example, with the “mentoring” system, you can use a high-level player’s monster (REP) every day to complete a mission. This feature makes the battles very easy, especially at the beginning.



Pro-tip: Even if there are thousands of monsters, you can tell which ones are worth collecting thanks to player comments. Players can comment on every monster in the game and recommend personal tactics. You can learn a lot about a particular monster, just by reading these comments.



We’ve just started our adventure at Summoners War and we have a lot to tell. But to start, these are all the things you need to know. To learn more about the battle system, monsters, and fast leveling methods, we suggest you take a look at our other guides. There are thousands of monsters that we need to collect and a world to save: This will be a long but fun journey. Good luck!

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