The closer you get to Summoners War endgame content, the harder it gets to clear levels. Being able to easily farm Giant’s Keep Basement 10, as well as Dragon’s Lair Basement 10 will greatly contribute to all your line-ups’ strength. Farming these two should only become your goal after finishing the scenarios and the normal Tower of Ascension, however. While GB10 should naturally come first (since it’s easier to complete), DB10 drops those awesome Violent runes that will make your endgame.

Summoners War on PC – Rune Management for Endgame Content

In a previous guide, we tackled the basics of SW’s rune system. You can use that article to find out what each set does. You’ll also learn where you can get your favorite sets and whether it’s worth using them now or keeping them for the endgame. This time around, we’ll give you a comprehensive breakdown of the rune set-ups that can get you the stats you need to meet the minimum requirements for GB10 and DB10.

Getting Ready for Giant’s Keep Basement 10

Please note that Com2uS constantly updates current monsters and introduces new ones. This means that some line-ups might have better odds than the ones we indicate in these two sections. Still, the fact remains that these indications are the fastest, easiest way to get into the respective endgame dungeons and begin to farm them consistently.

Summoners War on PC – Rune Management for Endgame Content

Currently, the minimum requirements for GB10 are as follows:

  • Health Pool – above 15,000 for Wind Summons and over 17,000 for everyone else.
  • Accuracy Cap – 35% minimum on vital debuffers and CCers. The closer you get to the 45% limit, the better it is.
  • Speed Floor – 170 at the very least for your healers and support units.

You have no idea how easily achievable these are. Two Focus sets from Telain Forest get you up to 40% in a matter of minutes. Add any base stat to that and you’ll reach your cap before you even have the chance to break a sweat. Most characters’ base speed revolves around 100 and a swift set will sadly add only 25 to that. The rest you have to get from upgrading runes, which shouldn’t be that difficult. A 5-star, slot 2 speed rune gives you 29 speed at +12 and no less than 39 at +15. This will leave you with 10 or less speed to acquire from sub-stats, which is quite manageable.

Summoners War on PC – Rune Management for Endgame Content

The health is just as easy to get as the others. A 5-star health-percentage primary effect rune gives no less than 37% bonus HP at +12, and a stunning 51% at +15. If you still need a bit more to get to the desired numbers, a 5-star slot 5 stone adds a beautiful 16% HP at +12. Veromos will be one of the first early summons you get to reach these minimum reqs, since he requires a fairly straightforward composition.

Summoners War on PC – Rune Management for Endgame Content

Still, your other units shouldn’t be that far behind. All of these are essentially lowest-level stones that are incredibly easy to get and enhance. You needn’t struggle with the last levels of GB. Just go back to the scenario and get what you need from there with much less effort. Getting over that HP mark will be difficult with white runes, especially on wind summons like Shannon, so you’ll either have to settle for something in the lines of 85-90% success rate at around 12-13.5k HP or use higher grade stones.

Summoners War on PC – Rune Management for Endgame Content

Using Darion the Light Vagabond will turn these hard minimum requirements into soft ones, as his Knighthood passive reduces all damage on your allies by a significant 20%. With less damage comes better survivability. Also, there’s no valid reason to farm any level but the last one. Don’t even try, it’s a worth of your time. Get the stats and go for it.

Defeating Dragon’s Lair Basement 10

As is the case with GB10, nothing under DB10 is worth farming. The recommendations here are as follows:

  • Accuracy – 55% at the very least.
  • Speed – 180 if you’re going with Violent set-ups or 200 for Swift ones.
  • Defense – at least 700. Every missing point here will require additional HP to counter-balance.
  • Health Pool – over 18,000 for Water Summons and beyond 20,000 for everyone else.

Summoners War on PC – Rune Management for Endgame Content

If you’re running with Veromos (which you should absolutely do) HP and DEF shouldn’t be too difficult to get. The most straightforward way to get your accuracy is with the help of a Focus set. 20% from the latter and another 20 or so from the hero’s base stat means you only need to get approximately 15% ACC from secondary effects. By our calculations, you will have to gather around 40 speed from sub stats after getting set bonus. This shouldn’t be that hard to achieve.

Summoners War on PC – Rune Management for Endgame Content

By far, the easiest way to achieve these speed and accuracy goals is to constantly enhance those 5-star blue stones that have relevant secondary effects. Basically, you should keep any runes that have these secondary stats for your supports. Later on, when you’re actually trying to meet the requirements, you’ll be able to complement your set-up. Finally, there are third-party websites that can help you optimize your rune usage as much as possible, such as Summoner War Optimizer. Some of these can be quite useful, so don’t be afraid to give them a try.

Rune-ing Like a Pro

As you can readily tell, these guidelines for your rune management in the endgame are quite general and they assume you have no useful purple or legendary pieces. If you get any of the latter, your life will be made much, much easier.

Many people don’t initially see the use of lower-quality, high-grade stones, but, as we’ve shown, they are the key to unlocking the endgame content in Summoners War. Once you have everything you need, start pummeling those GB10s and DB10s for the best possible runes in SW and you’ll be steamrolling everyone with several Violent set-ups before you know it.

Summoners War on PC – Rune Management for Endgame Content

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