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Tacticool : Your Ultimate Weapon Guide

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We’re sure everyone will agree that a shooter game can never be complete without an elaborate weaponry system. For a game that relies mainly on weapons, a comprehensive armor and weapon system is a perfect addition. Interestingly, Tacticool will certainly not disappoint you in this aspect. This 5v5 Shooter game comes with an impressive weaponry system that makes the entire game even more engaging.  The goal in Tacticool is to win over your opposing team. There is a limited time frame given for the players and they just have to make the most out of it. The team with greater number of kills or higher score wins the match.

Tacticool : Your Ultimate Weapon Guide

As what the title of the game suggests, Tacticool is a game that will rely mostly on tactics. Players should come up with an effective strategy, adapt easily with the given map and learn how to take advantage of different terrain conditions. Teamwork is the fundamental key to win the game but of course, you can only make this possible if you arm yourself with best and most powerful weapons. Now, allow us to give you a comprehensive guide about Tacticool Weapon System.

Tacticool : Your Ultimate Weapon Guide

Pick or Edit Your Preferred Loadout

It is very interesting to note that Tacticool comes with this “Loadout” feature. Basically, it is a set of weapons you will carry on the battle. A standard Loadout is generally composed of three weapons; Primary, Secondary and Special. A player can switch from primary to secondary and vice versa anytime during the game. You can also pick a new loadout before respawning back to the game which literally gives you few seconds to decide.

Tacticool : Your Ultimate Weapon Guide

Primary is your main weapon in this game. The weapons here are categorized into five varieties which include SMG, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and Machine Guns. All weapons will vary based on their given attributes:

                        Damage – Amount of damage a weapon can inflict

                        Ammo – Ammo capacity before reloading

                        Fire Rate – The Frequency at which weapon can fire

                        Accuracy – The weapon’s capability to aim and shoot precisely

                        Range – Weapon’s area of coverage

                        Movement – Weapon’s speed

Secondary Weapons, on the other hand, are only categorized into two. A player can either pick a Pistol Gun or a melee weapon like knife or a machete. Special Weapons are the limited explosives and traps that you can use during the game. It includes grenades, smoke bombs, mine and C4 which you must learn to execute in a very timely manner to effectively inflict damage towards your opponents.

Tacticool : Your Ultimate Weapon Guide

Upon reaching Level 3, you can unlock a third Loadout. To edit your loadout, simply head over to the main menu by clicking the Home icon on the upper left corner of the game screen. Click or tap on the “Gear” tab and it will prompt you right away to the weapon shop. On the lower right corner, tap on the “Edit Loadout” button. This allows you to edit or customize your Loadout where you can select your desired weapon and assign them as your Primary, Secondary and Special. You also have the ability to select your desired Operator and add Special items for both Epic or Rare Operators.

Which Weapon Suits You Best?

Generally, there are five types of primary weapons in Tacticool and each comes with different attributes. When choosing the right weapon, it will actually depend on your level of expertise. If you are the type of gamer who attacks opponents during a skirmish without hesitation, you can settle with SMG or Machine Guns. If you are a long-ranged fighter, rifles will suit you best. Take note that each weapon comes with a unique set of attributes and each will have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Tacticool : Your Ultimate Weapon Guide

Primary Weapons

SMG – SMG is one of the base or default weapons you can acquire in the game. SMGs (Submachine gun) are weapons that shoot fast (higher fire rate) but inflict low damage (low damage rate). Using premium currency, you can unlock the Spider Elite and MPH Pro version which both come with higher attributes and special effects. They can increase the drop rate for each successful kill and they are capable of slowing victims down by 15%. Be mindful that these attributes will increase exponentially after every upgrade until you have reached the maximum level.

Shotgun – Shotguns will always be present in all shooter games and if you are an avid gamer, then you should already have an idea about the strengths and the weaknesses of this particular weapon. Shotgun comes with higher damage rate but with low ammo capacity and lower fire rate. It also comes with Elite and Pro version with similar effects as SMG. Shotgun undeniably creates bigger impact but requires a big level of mastery.

Assault Rifles – Assault Rifles are absolutely ideal for long-ranged combat. It suits well with maps that have a challenging terrain condition. You simply have to position your character on elevated areas for better vision and aiming and you can easily knockdown all incoming enemies. Assault Rifle comes with moderate damage rate but with high accuracy!

Sniper Rifles – Unlike the first three weapons, Sniper Rifles are not instantly obtainable. You can unlock the weapon from the shop by purchasing them via virtual currency and also by reaching certain level. Sniper Rifle, as what the term suggests, comes with higher accuracy and higher damage rate compare to Assault Rifle. However, this rifle has low ammo capacity. This weapon is very much ideal when you have managed to unlock the Zombie stage that comes with even more challenging obstacles.

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Machine Gun – Machine gun is the most powerful of them all. You can unlock the basic machine gun for 10k coins. It comes with high ammo capacity and high accuracy and moderate damage rate. Take note that all of these attributes will increase exponentially upon upgrade.

Secondary Weapons

The treatment for secondary weapons is not as special as the Primary weapons but they sure come extremely handy during battle. The first secondary weapon that you can acquire is pistol (Gluck 16 to be more specific). You can unlock the rest with the last weapon at Level 39. There are no Elite and Pro versions either.

If you are comfortable with melee combat, you can purchase the Kukri that comes with extremely high damage rate of 2000. Machete and Tomahawk Axe can be unlocked at levels 25 and 45 respectively. Check our tips below on how to unlock weapons faster.

Special Weapons

There are three types of Special weapons in the game; the projectiles, the placeables and the booster. Projectiles like Grenade, smoke bombs and RPG can create huge impact when released in a very timely manner. The right angle and perfect timing will result in carnage. Placeables like Mines and C4 on the other hand, should be used with great levels of expertise. You can also purchase an item called “Adrenaline” which can be used to dramatically increase your running speed and immunity to gas within a short period of time.


Operators are more than just skins. You start off the game with a Rookie but eventually, if you have collected enough Puzzle pieces, you can unlock other operators and you can actually match them effectively with certain type of weapons. Here are the samples of Common Operators in Tacticool and their special skills.

Hawk – 20% movement speed and aim speed

Jason- 60% Clip capacity and Reload speed

Boris – 20% Damage Rate

Thor – 25% Bullet Spread

Rick – 25% Fire Rate

Mishka – 60% Melee Damage Taken

As you see, you can take advantage of the Operator’s special skills to cover up the weaknesses of your weapons or to make them even more effective. Using Boris for an instance can help you increase the damage rate of SMG, thus making you quicker and stronger at the same time. You can also match Jason with weapons with low ammo capacity and reload speed. Uncommon, Epic and Rare Operators will have bigger effects and unique skills to offer. Some of which can be armed with two primary weapons per battle and others come with unique weapons that are specifically made for them.

Upgrade Weapons for Full Potential

To become more efficient in battle, upgrading your weapons is a must! In Tacticool, you will have the ability to upgrade individual weapons and unleash their full potential. To do so, you must earn enough virtual currency and improve the weapon’s respective attributes. There are two form of currencies in Tacticool:  Silver and Gold coins whereas Silver is the common currency you earn after each successful battle, Gold is considered premium. Both currencies can be earned from the game even without availing them from the in-game shop.

However, Tacticool is not as generous as the other games when it comes to rewards. So if you really want to play the game at a very serious level, you might be forced to buy their premium packages. They offer various Kits which gives you a bulk of virtual money and some special weapons. In fact, some weapons can only be purchased using real money.So if you are up for a serious competition, their premium items are absolutely worth a purchase!

Tacticool : Your Ultimate Weapon Guide

Infinite Ammunition and Switching Weapons

Another interesting element in this game is the ammunition. Unlike your typical Shooter game where ammunition plays a crucial role in winning, Tacticool made this part more manageable. The game features an infinite ammunition for all of its weapons. It means that you no longer need to worry about running out of ammo. It is definitely not the type of shooter game where you need to find any randomly distributed ammo boxes just to refill your gun.

Tacticool : Your Ultimate Weapon Guide

“Using Artillery Truck”

Timing however is very crucial. Weapons will vary depending on their reload capacity and it often takes few seconds before you can fully reload a gun which is good enough time for your opponent to take advantage of the situation. When you run out of ammo and find yourself in the middle of an intense shootout, you can always switch to your trusty secondary weapon. Simply click the Switch icon to use the secondary weapon. Pistols, for instance, have faster reload time but the damage rate is quite low. You can also take advantage of the artillery trucks which you can manually operate.

Tacticool : Your Ultimate Weapon Guide

 “Player using Machete as Weapon

Easily Unlock New Weapons with BlueStacks

Take note that weapons in Tacticool are not instantly obtainable. You can either unlock a new weapon by purchasing them from the in-game shop or by reaching certain level. Therefore you need to win a series of matches to elevate your account to another level. Some of you will find this process a little time consuming but you can easily isolate this issue by playing Tacticool using BlueStacks. To be more specific, you can take advantage of BlueStacks Multi-Instance feature which allows you to play the same game of different accounts simultaneously.

So how do BlueStacks Multi-Instance feature will help you unlock more weapons easily? By creating new instances, you can form your own squad and manage them using your very own strategy. This will also maximize your chances in winning. You can simply use your clone characters to support your main operator and boost him to become the “Valuable Player”. Achieving such rank allows you to earn bigger experiences and higher rewards. Therefore, you can expedite the process and reach a new level in no time. To top it all, it allows you to earn bigger currency and upgrade weapons to their maximum level without consuming much of your time.

Whether you are up for fun or you are the type of gamer who is up for serious competition, Tacticool is definitely a perfect action game for you. BlueStacks will absolutely give this game a new level of fun and excitement to explore. So if you think you have what it takes to become the next Tacticool champ, go ahead and play Tacticool on BlueStacks and witness what all this action-packed shooter game has to offer. Cheers!

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