Grand Quest is a fantasy RPG where you build a team of heroes to defeat enemies and save the city from darkness or battle with the teams of other players. In games like these, having powerful characters is key to consistently winning battles and fortunately, the game provides plenty of ways for you to upgrade your current characters and summon more heroes to potentially get very strong ones. Upgrading characters requires plenty of resources and you can check out this guide to learn more about how to efficiently farm resources when you play Grand Quest. In this guide though, we’re going to look at the various ways you can strengthen your team of heroes as well as some tips and tricks you can take advantage of to deal more damage to enemies.

Table of Contents

  1. Level Up and Ascension
  2. Circuits
  3. Skill Upgrades
  4. Weapon Level Up
  5. Class Advantages

Level Up and Ascension

Levelling up increases the HP, ATK, and DEF attributes of your character which increases their total health, damage, and enemy damage resistance respectively. Increasing these values also increase the overall power of your character.

Mastering Combat: How to Win More Battles in Grand Quest

You only need to spend Mermaid’s Milk and Gold to level up characters. For every 10 levels, you will have to use Tears of the Sea instead of Mermaid’s Milk to continue levelling up. The cost increases as your character reaches higher levels. It is recommended to prioritize levelling up characters with the highest rarity. This is because high-rarity characters are less likely to be replaced easily compared to lower-rarity ones. You end up avoiding wasting your resources as a result.

Mastering Combat: How to Win More Battles in Grand Quest

Aside from levelling up, you can also ascend your characters. Ascension not only gives massive attribute bonuses to your character, but it also unlocks new features such as passive skills and circuits for further upgrades. To ascend a character, you need their “material”. Your character can be ascended up to six times.


Circuits are special items that you can embed into a character for attribute bonuses. The amount of benefits you get depend on the circuit itself as well as how many are embedded into the character.

Mastering Combat: How to Win More Battles in Grand Quest

Each character has a certain number of available circuit slots. The rarer your character is, the more slots they have. When selecting a circuit, you can change it to a vertical or horizontal orientation to make it fit into the available slots. After choosing the orientation, you must drag and drop the circuit to the desired slot. Each circuit has different attribute bonuses. For instance, some increase attack while some increase defense break.

Mastering Combat: How to Win More Battles in Grand Quest

You can also enhance circuits to improve their attribute bonuses through the “Enhance” tab. Enhancing a circuit requires a resource called Enchantment. You can also dismantle existing circuits in exchange for more Enchantment.

Mastering Combat: How to Win More Battles in Grand Quest

Circuits are mainly obtained from the Memory Dreamscape, which is one of the battles your characters can participate in to farm for circuits. The memory dreamscape has three difficulties with each difficulty having a progress bar. The progress bar can only be completely filled by completing a set number of battles consecutively and this depends on the difficulty.

  • Easy – 3 battles
  • Normal – 4 battles
  • Hard – 5 battles

The memory dreamscape requires you to assign a dream walker (main fighter), two dream helpers (support characters), and a dream caster, which totals to four heroes. You have the option to skip directly to the battle’s result by clicking on the “Rapid Combat” button.

Skill Upgrades

Skills are special attacks that are done by your character to deal significant damage to enemies. There are normal skills and ultimate skills which each can be upgraded to further strengthen your character.

Mastering Combat: How to Win More Battles in Grand Quest

You need to spend Skill Material and Gold to upgrade either the normal skill or ultimate skill. If you end up dissatisfied with the upgrades, you can reset the levels of the skills back to the first level by spending a reset prop. Resetting skills reimburses all of the resources that you spent in upgrading them.

Weapon Level Up

You can also upgrade a character’s own weapon to increase their power.

Mastering Combat: How to Win More Battles in Grand Quest

To do this, click on the “Weapon” button on the left side of the character screen. Levelling up the weapon requires Blazing Star Iron and Gold and doing so upgrades its HP, ATK, and DEF. When it reaches a certain level, you unlock promote attributes which are just extra attribute bonuses. Examples of promote attributes are +50 Defense Break, +10% Accuracy, and +15% Darkness DMG.

Class Advantages

One of the features of Grand Quest is class advantages which makes your character deal or receive more damage depending on the class of the enemy they are against.

Mastering Combat: How to Win More Battles in Grand Quest

When a class is strong against another class, then they have a “unilateral advantage” against that class. Unilateral advantage gives +10% Attacker Critical Rate, +30% DMG, and +30% Rage. Another advantage is called the mutual advantage which gives +8% Attacker Critical Rate, +20% DMG, and +20% Rage. Only the Ranger and Support classes have mutual advantage against one another while the rest have unilateral advantage against only one specific class.

The details of the class advantages are found below:

Class Name Strong Against Weak Against
Fighter Guardian Reaper
Guardian Reaper Fighter
Reaper Fighter Guardian
Ranger Support Support
Support Ranger Ranger

The class advantage is extremely useful so you must always pay attention to the classes of the enemies. If you can, switch your heroes with ones whose class is strong against the enemy class. However, you must also ensure that those heroes are strong enough (have high enough power) because otherwise, the class advantage won’t really help much.