When it comes to gacha games, it’s our long standing tradition to provide simple and straightforward tier lists for all our readers. Tales of Grimm is no exception as we just recently released our exclusive tier list for this game, where we named all the best heroes, as well as gave a few examples on which you should avoid. However, when it comes to finding the best characters in any given game, it’s good to not just blindly follow the tier lists that you find online, but to understand why the characters are in their respective tiers to begin with.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

As a game with around 100 different heroes to unlock, finding the best Tales of Grimm characters is somewhat difficult. However, there are certain common aspects in gacha games that, when present, shed some light on how the meta is going to be turning out, even in new games like Tales of Grimm. For instance, while there are frequently many good defensive options in these games, the meta almost always favors offensive approaches. Similarly, when it comes to grinding, characters that have great AoE skills are almost always considered top tier, since they usually do fairly well when farming.

With that being said, we suggest checking out our Tales of Grimm tier list if you want the quick and simple version of the best characters in this game. In this guide, however, we’re going to go a bit deeper and give a more detailed explanation of our top picks, as well as overviews of the heroes in question.

S Tier Characters

As mentioned in our tier list, this category corresponds to those characters that, on their own, can carry entire teams on their backs. These are the ones that you should aim for if you’re rerolling in Tales of Grimm, considering that their mere presence can essentially carry you through most of the story missions, as long as you keep them properly upgraded and outfitted with gear, that is.

  • Dark Queen (Myth, Warrior, Darkness)

Starting off strong with a character that could be the most powerful Warrior, if not the most powerful unit overall, in Tales of Grimm. Dark Queen has it all: AoE damage in droves, as well as a single-target nuke that can melt all but the strongest of enemies.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Her active skill affects all enemies, dealing moderate damage and has a 60% chance of marking them for death, decreasing their physical resistance by 20% for 2 turns. Additionally, this active skill deals 2% increased damage for each debuff on the targets. In other words, while Dark Queen shines brightly on her own, she’s even stronger when paired with allies that can debuff and cripple the enemy. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this character has a passive 40% chance on every basic attack of inflicting this mark as well.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Dark Queen is a character that simply gets better as you continue upgrading her, as her passive skill increases her ATK, HP, and critical rate. Moreover, her ultimate skill consists of an extremely powerful nuke against a single target that deals two hits for 230% base damage, with an additional corresponding to the target’s missing HP. In other words, the weaker the enemy, the harder this skill will hit.

Dark Queen should be among your highest priorities if you’re trying to reroll in Tales of Grimm—she’s just that good.

  • Prince Charm (Myth, Warrior, Light)

The valiant Prince Charming also makes an appearance in Tales of Grimm, though with a slightly different name, and with a kit that, just like Dark Queen, makes him into an absolute powerhouse of a Warrior. However, in contrast with Dark Queen, Prince Charm thrives both by himself, as well as in a team setting, since his skill set offers one important ability that can vastly increase his damage output when playing as part of a full squad.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

One of the most interesting aspects about Prince Charm is that he only has one skill, his ultimate, which deals 3 to 5 attacks to the enemy in front of him, for 45% damage each, and boosts his critical rate by 10%. However, this is small potatoes compared to what his three other passives give him.

His first passive is a standard stat boost, increasing his ATK by 20%, his HP by 10%, and his critical rate by 5%. However, this passive also lets him follow up whenever one of his allies attacks an enemy, inflicting an extra blow on the target for 60% damage each. This passive can activate up 5 times per round, for a whopping 300% extra damage.

His second passive continuously increases his damage output by giving him a 70% chance on every basic attack to gather a King’s Light stack, which increases his ATK by 1.6% each, and can stack up to 15 times. Furthermore, once at 15 stacks, Prince Charm can unleash an AoE attack that affects all enemies for 110% damage, dealing 5% extra damage to units inflicted with shock. The AoE component of this passive has a cooldown of only 1 turn, which makes this character into an absolute beast in terms of damage output.

Last but not least, his third and final passive makes him just a bit harder to take down, as Prince Charm can automatically remove all debuffs and control effects on himself whenever his HP drops below 50%. Furthermore, whenever he’s attacked, he gains a 5% damage reduction buff that lasts for the entire battle.

  • Yuri Schnee (Myth, Warrior, Water)

Players get a chance to try out Yuri Schnee early in the tutorial, when she arrives and absolutely decimates the enemy before us, using attacks that deal enormous amounts of damage. Luckily, she’s quite a straightforward character with a powerful kit that’s easy to understand and use.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Yuri Schnee is a water-type Mage that combines passive survivability with excellent damage output, both in single target and AoE scenarios. Her active skill deals a very decent 122% damage to up to 4 enemies in the opposite team; 2 in the middle row and 2 in the back row. Furthermore, whenever she uses this skill Yuri Schnee heals for 20% of the total damage dealt, which massively increases her survivability.

Her passive skill, just like with most characters, consists of a simple stat boost, increasing her ATK by 20%, her HP by 10%, and her critical rate by 5%. However, her second passive is more interesting as it also boosts her toughness. In a nutshell, whenever Yuri takes an action, she has a 40% chance of dispelling all non-control debuffs on herself, which means that most damaging status effects have a reduced effect on her.

Lastly, her ultimate skill lets her nuke the enemy with the lowest HP in the opposite team for 251% damage, with a 10% increased critical rate if the target in question is inflicted with the frozen status.

  • Mad Granny (Myth, Support, Darkness)

While the meta in these games tends to gravitate towards offensive approaches, there are some support characters that, due to their superior kits, can actually shine and carry their teams to victory, albeit indirectly. Mad Granny is one of these support heroes in Tales of Grimm that you’ll definitely want on your team, at least as the icing on the cake for when you’ve managed to recruit a few competent DPS heroes to the group.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Granny starts off strong with her active skill, which heals all allies for a respectable 72% of her ATK, but also applies a 10% ATK buff to the team for 2 rounds. This buff is enhanced for every darkness-type ally on the field, other than Granny.

While her active skill is about supporting her team, Mad Granny’s ult aims to cripple her foes by inflicting 92% damage to all enemies, and also inflicting them with a whole host of debuffs, which vary according to their rows. Specifically, the target immediately in front of her is inflicted with Healing Ban, which blocks all healing received. Next up, 1 random enemy in the front and middle rows are inflicted with Exhaustion, while 2 random enemies on the mid and back rows receive a Healing Decrease debuff. Finally, all enemies have a 45% of suffering from a Disorder debuff.

Lastly, Granny can passively dispel 1 random non-control debuff on 3 allies after every action. This combination of healing, buffing, debuffing, and dispelling negative effects makes Mad Granny into possibly the best support in the game as of launch.

A Tier Characters

Like their S Tier counterparts, the characters in this category can also be quite strong. However, they’re more team players and don’t quite have the carry potential of their superior counterparts. In this sense, it’s better to pair these heroes with others that can enhance their strengths and cover their weaknesses, so that they can unleash their true potential. Also, when properly used, these heroes can be just as strong as the ones in the S Tier.

  • Britney (Legend, Mage, Fire)

Barring the fact that you start the game with her, Britney is one of the most decent characters for AoE damage, who will serve you faithfully for a long time as long as you keep her upgraded. In fact, just by keeping her upgraded, she can single handedly carry you through chapter 1, and make rerolling in Tales of Grimm much easier, since you’ll never struggle to complete any of the stages in this chapter.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

This alone should be incentive enough to use and upgrade her. However, more specifically, Britney has excellent AoE capabilities with her Apple Bomb skill, which is powerful enough to one-shot most weaker enemies, clearing entire stages with just one move. This is compounded by the fact that this skill deals 20% extra damage to enemies with over 60% HP, and has a chance of inflicting a burning debuff on them.

Britney’s Apple Bomb skill meshes fantastically with her ultimate, as it targets the entire enemy team and eals 90% damage, but has a whopping 60% increased critical chance on enemies that are currently burning. Furthermore, this skill also deals 5% extra damage to the unit with the lowest HP, and if they have less than 10% HP remaining, it eliminates them outright, bypassing shields, defense, and other types of resistances.

  • Cindy (Myth, Mage, Water)

While you get a decent character like Britney for free, Cindy is in a whole other category, especially since she’s a Myth, which means that she’s quite difficult to get from the gacha. Regardless, her kit is very similar to that of Britney’s, except that she trades some damage for the ability to inflict debuffs. Similarly, her skills can also freeze enemies, which makes her a prime character to pair with Yuri Schnee. Other than that, she can actively and passively debuff the enemies with several different effects, including lowering their resistances, lowering their critical rates, lowering their speed, and inflicting the Slow Down condition.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Cindy combines great AoE damage with support and can keep the enemy locked down while also pelting them with freezing spells to slowly whittle down their HP. Also, we really can’t overstate how powerful she is when combined with Yuri Schnee.

  • Sharyar (Myth, Guardian, Fire)

The first tank on this list, which is also arguably the absolute best Guardian character in Tales of Grimm. The reason why he’s not higher in the tiers is because of the meta in most gacha games, which favors offense over defense. However, if you’re looking for a good tank to keep your team safe, you can’t go wrong with Sharyar.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Sharyar’s kit is not only limited to absorbing damage, however, as his active skill is actually a pretty beefy heal that restores the health of the entire team, with an intensity equal to 10% of his own max HP. Additionally, any overhealing with this skill is immediately converted into a barrier that increases the target’s resistances by 10% for 2 rounds.

While his first passive is pretty much the same principle as the one for most characters, boosting his HP by 20% and DEF by 10%, this one also increases his damage resistance by 1% for every 5% of HP he loses, making him even tankier as he takes damage. However, what truly makes him shine is his second passive, which targets the ally with the lowest HP in the back row, and grants Aid to them, redirecting all the damage they would take to Sharyar while reducing it to 65% of the original. This protective effect happens every round, at the beginning of the round.

However, Sharyar is not just a Guardian with no offensive potential; his ultimate is actually a pretty beefy AoE nuke that targets the middle and front rows, inflicting true damage equal to 15% of his max HP. This damage goes through DEF and resistances and has a 60% chance of inflicting burning.

As we said, if you’re looking for a tank in Tales of Grimm, you’d do well to try and roll for Sharyar.

  • Quickcut Pinno (Myth, Warrior, Fire)

Pinno is a great Warrior, excelling at weakening his foes, as well as dispatching them with crushing blows. His first skill is the prime example of his essence, dealing 182% damage to the enemy with the highest ATK, and stealing 10% of their ATK and DEF for 2 turns, strengthening Pinno in the process. Furthermore, this skill grants the Insight status to Pinno for 2 turns, which reduces damage taken by 20% whenever he suffers an attack that would exceed 30% of his max HP.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

His active skill alone is enough to make Pinno a good hero for targeting the weaker enemies. However, this offering is taken even further with his ultimate, which targets the 3 enemies with the lowest DEF, and inflicts 142% damage to them, with an additional  20% damage against Support units. This move also has a 60% chance to inflict burning.

To further cement this advantage, Pinno’s second passive skill increases his critical rate against burning targets by 10%, and he also deals 10% increased damage against enemies whose ATK is lower than his.

Pinno is a GREAT Warrior hero, ideal for targeting the weaker enemies in the enemy formation. However, he relies on several different conditions to unleash his full power, which is why he’s not in the S Tier.

B Tier Characters

The average guys and gals in Tales of Grimm, which will probably make up most of your team in the beginning. Keep in mind that this tier is not limited to Epics and Legends, which are the more common rarities, as there are also some Myth heroes that are quite average in terms of potential. Nevertheless, most of the characters in this tier will be Legends and Epics that you’ll want to replace as soon as you can.

  • Lil Prince (Myth, Warrior, Wind)

This character is an example of how even Myths can be considered “average” in relation to other characters.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Lil Prince’s biggest sin is the fact that his active skill is completely defensive in nature which, for a Warrior, is pretty much a waste. Regardless, he more than makes up for it with his ultimate, which inflicts a massive 330% damage over three hits on the enemy, with each hit having a 40% to produce a bleeding effect. This skill deals more hits depending on the number of Charge stacks on Lil Prince, which are produced by his second passive. Additionally, the final hit of his ultimate deals splash damage to 2 random enemies.

Lil Prince’s second passive makes him gather Charge stacks whenever he’s hit in combat, which can accumulate up to a maximum of 10 stacks. Each of these stacks boosts his damage resistance by 1%, as well as his critical rate and ATK by 3%. Additionally, these stacks are permanent and cannot be dispelled, and are only used up during his ultimate, in which he can use up to 6 stacks of Charge to deal 2 extra hits. 

Lil Prince is powerful, but his kit is a bit convoluted, which makes him into an unreliable unit. Still, he’s quite good to keep around if you have nothing to replace him with.

  • Rogue Jack (Legend, Warrior, Wind)

As expected from going down the tiers, the characters from here on out will belong to lesser rarity categories, and Rogue Jack is no exception. 

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Jack is renowned for one specific thing: Dealing burst damage to single targets, which is something he does with great effectiveness. His active skill has him jump to the back row to attack a random enemy twice. This skill ignores 20% of the target’s defense and prioritizes support-type enemies. Furthermore, his ultimate targets a random enemy in the middle or back row and deals a massive 261% damage attack that has a 50% chance of producing a bleeding effect. This offering is boosted by his second passive, which increases his critical damage by a big 30%.

Despite not offering a very compelling kit, Rogue Jack excels at dispatching weaker support units, which could actually come in handy in certain stages. Though overall, he’s a bit too unreliable to keep around, and he has no AoE to speak of, either.

  • Carabosse (Legend, Mage, Darkness)

This character has a pretty good offering, at least when it comes to PvP, but that is somewhat wasted in PvE. 

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

First off, her first skill isn’t very strong, but it can inflict the curse debuff on the targets, dealing extra damage after 2 turns. Her ultimate, in turn, inflict slightly better damage on the enemy team and triggers the curse on the ones who are currently suffering from it to deal extra damage. This ultimate also has a 20% chance of inflicting seal on the targets, preventing them from inflicting critical hits, and blocking their passive abilities, for 2 turns.

Overall, she has good utility but is quite lacking in any real damage. However, the seal effect could be awesome in PvP.

  • Bean Sage (Legend, Guardian, Wind)

A tank that has a bit of an identity crisis. On the one hand, his first skill is excellent, as it can deal damage to 3 enemies and apply for the fetter status on them, blocking their actions for a single turn. On the other hand, his ultimate deals middling damage to a single enemy, and slightly reduces their DEF, which is a bit of a letdown. His passives are nothing to write home about either, as he only has an automatic increase to his stats, and a simple 5% damage resistance buff at all times.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Overall, Bean Sage is your standard unremarkable tank, though you could certainly do worse than him.

C Tier Characters

The only purpose of the C Tier in our tier lists is to give readers an idea of what to avoid. And though it sometimes might be a bit difficult to explain why, these characters are the ones that you should never invest in, either because their kits are lackluster or don’t adhere to the current meta, or because their stats are just garbage compared to the rest, among other reasons.

  • Hookhand (Epic, Guardian, Water)

As an Epic hero, Hookhand only has three different skills—an active, an ultimate, and a passive—which inherently puts him at a disadvantage in relation to other units. Nevertheless, what’s there could be somewhat decent, in the fact that his ultimate deals some damage, and has a chance of inflicting extra damage to the targets. 

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Hookhand’s active skill increases his damage resistance by 10% and gives him a shield that reduces it by an extra 10%. In this sense, while he won’t be doing much in the way of damage, he’s at least somewhat resilient.

  • Madman Gatton (Epic, Warrior, Fire)

The only thing that Gatton has going for him is his active skill, which actually deals somewhat decent damage, albeit to a single target, and gives him a shield equal to 20% of the damage inflicted. This attack also has a chance of inflicting burning. His ultimate, on the other hand, is slightly stronger, gives Gatton a boost to his critical rate, and deals extra damage to burning targets… but it still only affects a single enemy.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

While his offering could be decent, Gatton doesn’t do much damage, even with his skills. This weakness, combined with his complete inability to do any AoE damage, makes him into a pretty bad pick overall.

  • Anne (Legend, Mage, Fire)

This character is very similar to Britney, albeit with a focus on debuffs instead of raw damage. Nevertheless, she can deal decent AoE damage, while also inflicting burning on the target and dealing increased damage to enemies afflicted with this status. In this sense, if properly upgraded, she could probably play the same role as Britney.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

With that being said, why is Anne in the C Tier and not the A Tier, like Britney? The answer is simple: Both Britney and Anne are unremarkable in terms of kit and damage output, though they are still quite competent, regardless. However, Britney is completely free, and you get her as soon as you start the game, while Anne requires summoning from the gacha. And when it comes to summoning characters, you could definitely do much better than Anne.

  • Thumbelina (Epic, Support, Water)

Last but not least, Thumbelina is a support character that, while providing some support in the form of healing, can’t do much else. Her damage is lackluster, her utility is non-existent, and her skills only heal small amounts of HP to the entire group, or decent HP to a single target. Her saving grace is that her team-wide heal can also place a Block Shield effect on a random ally, blocking a single instance of damage directed at them. Nevertheless, this seemingly useful shield can be bypassed with multi-hit skills, which are quite prevalent in the game.

Guide on the Best Tales of Grimm Characters - What to Look Out for and What to Avoid (Updated July 2022)

Overall, while Thumbelina is good as a healer, the role of support goes far beyond just restoring HP. And since she has no other skills other than a couple of healing spells, excluding her single shield, she ranks quite low as far as support units in Tales of Grimm go.

As always, our tier lists exist not to give a comprehensive breakdown of every single hero in any given gacha game, but to select certain standout characters for their stats and skill sets, and give you an idea of what to look for and what to avoid. And now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you can go ahead and either aims for some of the heroes that we’ve listed here or come up with your own tier lists.

Of course, the best characters in Tales of Grimm are often going to be the ones that are the hardest to unlock, which is why many gamers opt to reroll in order to get a good start. If you’re thinking of rerolling in this game, we strongly recommend playing Tales of Grimm on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player has a variety of tools and features that can help to significantly speed up your rerolling, as well as automate most of the grind in the game. 

With all that being said, feel free to share your suggestions and character recommendations in the comments below!